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The Drawing shall be in effect from 10/03/ 2017 to 10/04/2017, both inclusive


  1. Organizing company

The company ARS REI, S.L., whose registered offices are at Calle Guzmán el Bueno, nº 6 (Polígono Industrial Alcobendas), Madrid, Spain and is bearer of Spanish tax identification number (CIF) B-81926883 (hereinafter, “UNOde50”), is holding and managing a promotion (hereinafter, the “Drawing”), in which users visit UNOde50’s official Facebook page, “like” the post about the UNOde50 Drawing and respond to the post. The Drawing is directed at all visitors to and followers of UNOde50’s Facebook page in USA & CANADA who enter to participate in the Drawing in accordance with these terms and conditions (hereinafter, the “Participants”).


By participating in the Drawing, the Participants expressly accept and fully and unreservedly adhere to (1) each and every one of the terms and conditions in the version published and in force at the time they choose to participate in the Drawing and (2) the discretion of UNOde50 with regard to any questions arising from these terms and conditions. As such, the Participants must read the terms and conditions carefully and accept them before participating in the Drawing, being as the terms may have changed since they were last consulted. These terms and conditions are accepted and begin to apply from the moment the Participants like and send the proper response to the publication on the official UNOde50 Facebook page as stipulated herein.


The scope of the Drawing will be USA & CANADA, and participation is open to any follower of the official UNOde50 Facebook page who meets the requirements set forth in these terms and conditions. In the event of error, misunderstanding or conflict regarding the operation of any part of the Drawing, the decision by UNOde50 will be final and not subject to appeal.


  1. Lack of connection with Facebook

Facebook is not sponsoring, has not endorsed, is in no way administering and is not affiliated with this Drawing. Users are completely unaffiliated with Facebook and are aware that they are providing their information to UNOde50, not to Facebook.


  1. Participation requirements and limitations

The Drawing is open to any person (who resides in any territory of the European Union and is over 18 years of age) who:


  • Visits the UNOde50’s official Facebook page, responds to the UNOde50 post via the official Facebook page and meets all the requirements established in these terms and conditions.
  • Has a real user profile on Facebook.
  • Is a follower of UNOde50’s official Facebook page.
  • “Likes” the publication of the Drawing on Facebook.


Employees of the organizing company are excluded from and therefore may not participate in the Drawing.


Individuals who do not meet each and every one of the above conditions may not participate in the Drawing. If the winner does not meet the requirements of these terms and conditions, he or she will be excluded from the Drawing, will lose his or her right to the prize and will have no claim whatsoever against UNOde50.


  1. Dates of participation

The Drawing period will extend from 11:00am 10/03/2017 to 11:00am 10/04/2017  Participation may only take place during the forementioned dates and times. Any entries received after the end date of the Drawing and any that do not meet all the requested requirements or that UNOde50 does not deem proper will be considered null and void. In any case, UNOde50 reserves the right to suspend, postpone, cancel or modify the dates of participation in the Drawing without incurring in any liability to the Participants.


  1. Mechanism of the Drawing

The Drawing will take place on UNOde50’s official Facebook profile. UNOde50 will post an image announcing on the Drawing on its official Facebook profile and the following text:


***Charmed Bracelet Giveaway***

How does #LOVE#HEALTH and #LUCK rank in your life?

Leave your answer in our comment section below, like our post, and share for an opportunity to win an #UNOde50 charmed bracelet.

Two charmed winners will be announced tomorrow at 3:00pm eastern on 10/04/17



The Participants must “like” the post and post a comment on the publication of the Drawing with the name of the person they want to share the prize, after which they will automatically be entered in the Drawing. Each Participant may only participate once in the Drawing. Messages and/or comments against a natural or legal personal or that are pornographic, sexual, political, religious, racist, xenophobic, sexist or promote terrorism or that, in general, are in breach of law and public order will not be accepted.


After the deadline for participation has passed, UNOde50 will use a computer application to perform a random drawing among all Participants and will automatically select three (3) winners and two (2) runners-up, listed in numerical order. A jury of UNOde50 staff members will verify that each of the winners and/or runners-up selected by the computer application so as to detect and avoid any potential technical incidents. The decision by the jury that verifies selection of the winners will be final and will not be subject to appeal. The winners will be manually verified to ensure that they meet the terms and conditions of participation. If they prove ineligible, runners-up 1 and 2 will be verified in that order. If none of these individuals meets the requirements, another three participants will be selected at random, naming three (3) new runners-up in numerical order, so as to ensure there is a prizewinner.


Nevertheless, UNOde50 is not required to cover the position of the winner(s) or award the prize to more Participants if after selecting the aforementioned winner(s) and/or runners-up: (i) one of them freely refuses to accept the prize or does not comply with any or all of the requirements in these terms and conditions or (ii) if necessary, it is not possible to contact him/her/them because their personal data is false, incorrect or incomplete.


UNOde50 will post the names of the winner(s) on its official Facebook page (where these terms and conditions will also be available throughout the duration of the Drawing) on 10/04/2017. If the privacy settings of the winner(s) permit, a private message will also be sent to their Facebook profile indicating their prize and instructions for receiving it. If not, they will be asked publicly to contact UNOde50 by private message on Facebook within three (3) calendar days from the date of the post.


If no contact is established with a winner within three (3) calendar days from the first attempt at contact or if the winner refuses the prize, he or she will lose their right to claim it. If a winner does not contact UNOde50 within that time frame, he or she will be regarding as having refused to accept the prize.


  1. Prizes

In total, UNOde50 will give away a pack of two units of the Genderless bracelet. The prize(s) is/are personal and non-transferable. If a winner does not accept the prize for any reason, he or she will lose the right to receive it and may not exchange it for any other service or for its equivalent value in cash/credit. The prizes will not give rise to any consideration in favour of the winners of the Drawing. UNOde50 reserves the right to replace the prizes with others of similar characteristics. UNOde50 is not liable for any loss, damage, theft, delay or other circumstance attributable to a third party that may affect the sending of the prizes. UNOde50 is also not liable for the use of the prizes by the winners. The sale and/or commercialization of the prizes are prohibited.


The prizes will be sent by courier to the address provided by the winner, with the cost of shipping covered by UNOde50. The prize will be regarded as delivered when it is delivered to the postal address provided, regardless of the specific recipient. UNOde50 will be exempt from all liability from the moment of proper delivery of the prize in the terms described.


  1. Reservations and limitations

The Drawing is open and public and does not discriminate by sex or nationality. UNOde50 advocates for equality of opportunity and strict respect for the rules of good faith. As such, any fraudulent or abusive use of these terms and conditions will result in disqualification of the participant in the Drawing with no liability whatsoever for UNOde50 and no entitlement to damages by the disqualified person.


UNOde50 reserves the right to eliminate for justifiable grounds any participant who has defrauded, altered or rendered unusable the proper functioning and normal and rules-based operation of this Drawing as well as any participant who has manipulated the procedures of the Drawing. In such cases, UNOde50 likewise reserves the right to the exclude the Participant and/or winner or to not hand over the prize he or she may have won and to eliminate any Participant and/or winner who is suspected of committing an irregular act from the registry without giving notice thereof and even to take legal action against persons who carry out any act that may be regarded as manipulation and/or falsification of data regarding the terms and conditions of the promotion. Actions that are regarded as fraud include but are not limited to use of applications independent of the website, an abusive quantity of queries to the server and all behaviours that could be abusive and/or of malicious intent.


If requested by UNOde50, the winner must present an official identification document to verify the truthfulness of the identification data provided when participating in the Drawing.


UNOde50 shall be exempt from all liability in any of the following circumstances:


  • error in the data provided by the winning contestant that prevents identification of or communication with the winning contestant;
  • any loss, damage, theft or any other circumstance attributable to the courier service affecting delivery of the prizes or the prize itself;
  • a temporary lack of availability or continuity of operation of the services used to participate in the Drawing, defrauding of the utility that users attribute to said services and specifically but not limited to issues with access to the various pages and in sending responses for participation online or through telephone services enabled for this purpose and/or
  • delays, losses or damages for reasons not attributable to it.


The organizing company is exempt from all liability in any of the foregoing circumstances and from all liability for damages arising from enjoyment of the prize.


UNOde50 reserves the right to make changes and/or modifications that result in successful conclusion of the Drawing where there are justifiable grounds or reasons of force majeure that prevent its completion as described in these terms and conditions. UNOde50 reserves the right to postpone or extend the period of participation in the Drawing. UNOde50 reserves the right to withdraw, suspend or modify this Drawing and to modify the content of the terms and conditions at any time in the event of an unforeseen circumstance beyond its reasonable control, be it due to chance, force majeure or irregular activity by the Participants or a third party without UNOde50 becoming liable to Participants, prizewinners or third parties.


  1. Data protection

In compliance with the Spanish Data Protection Act (Spanish Basic Law 15/1999, of 13 December, LOPD) and its implementing regulations, UNOde50 hereby states that the data collected through the application will be processed by UNOde50, as the party responsible for the file, for the purpose of (i) managing your participation in the Drawing, (ii) delivering the prizes (specifically, we will use your Facebook user account and our official Facebook page to notify you if you are a winner in the Drawing), (iii) managing the advertising of the Drawing and its results online, which may include the name and image of the Participants and/or the winners, and (iv) sending advertising and retail information through online and offline communication channels. For more information about how we use your personal data, you may consult UNOde50’s privacy policy.


The Participants expressly authorize UNOde50 to use their personal data and Facebook user account for said communication channels and for the aforementioned purposes.


Because the UNOde50 group is organized into functional areas, the Participants also expressly consent to the transfer, exceptional in nature, of their data between the various companies in the group for fulfilment and completion of the purposes of the Drawing.


The data provided by the participants shall be kept confidential and will be compiled in an automated personal data file, whose ownership and responsibility belong to ARS REI, S.L., registered at Calle Guzmán el Bueno, nº 6 (Polígono Industrial Alcobendas), 28108 Madrid.


A Participant may exercise his or her rights of access, rectification, cancellation and objection at any time by writing to ARS REI, S.L., Calle Guzmán el Bueno, 6, 28108 Alcobendas, Madrid, including a photocopy of his or her passport or national identification number and indicating the right he or she would like to exercise.


  1. Applicable legislation and competent jurisdiction

Participation in this promotion implies full acceptance of these terms and conditions and express waiver of the jurisdiction that may correspond to the Participants, provided that current regulations do not otherwise specify the governing legislation and jurisdiction for the relations between UNOde50 and the Participants in the Drawing, who accept Spanish legislation and the courts and tribunals of the city of Madrid as competent to resolve any claim. If any provision of these terms and conditions is declared fully or partially null or ineffective, this shall apply solely to said provision or the portion thereof that is null or ineffective. The remaining terms and conditions shall remain unaltered as if said provision did not exist, unless, because it is an essential part of these terms and conditions, it were to affect them in a comprehensive manner.


The prizes will be subject to current income tax legislation. The legislation currently in force will also apply to the remaining mechanisms of the Drawing.



© 2017 ARS REI, S.L. All rights reserved.