If you are already getting your closet ready for the new season, we will tell you which accessory cannot be left out of any of your looks: maxi-earrings. This year, XXL earrings are bursting onto the scene, becoming the season’s must-have. You will be able to find them in all shapes and styles, made with all kinds of materials like metal, pearls, leather and crystal.

When choosing them, it is important that you take into account your style and personality as well as the occasion when you will wear them, since they are an accessory with lots of strength and personality.

If you a person who usually goes for classics, get swept up in simple silver and gold XXL designs. If you like to be more daring instead, we recommend that you wear more geometric designs with a combination of materials.

5 options to wear UNOde50’s XXL earrings

SWAGY earrings: because silver and gold are in fashion, we are showing you these earrings characterized by their transgressive and original style, perfect for matching with a black evening gown and clutch.


I LIKE YOU DROP BY DROP earrings: within its many styles, the combination of leather with gold is gaining momentum in this type of accessory. Wear them at an event or on a special occasion.

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RIVE-TING earrings: A piece of jewelry with an independent style with which you will add a touch of personality to your outfits.


SUNRISE earrings: earrings with an original herringbone design, comfortable and elegant to wear with an updo or a braid.


ADVENTURE earrings: they stand out for their small details inspired by wheat, perfect for adding a casual as well as a more elegant touch to your looks. Their different shades add a happy and relaxed touch.


If you want to discover more products and get the season’s must-have , you can visit UNOde50 and choose the one that suits you better.