We present “Simply Rett,” UNOde50’s new charity bracelet


This month at UNOde50, we are launching a new charity bracelet, keeping our commitment to Rett Syndrome. For years we have collaborated with the research into this neurological disorder that mainly affects girls and causes a severe motor and intellectual disability from the first months of life.


The funds raised from the sale of this charity bracelet will be donated to the National Association My Princess Rett and will go towards researching Rett Syndrome. Currently, there are more than 300,000 cases worldwide affecting boys and girls, with a much higher percentage of girls. The disorder usually manifests during the second year of life, and in all cases before the age of four.

The motto “Silent Angels” has been popularized by the actress Julia Roberts, an ambassador for the cause, in reference to the children affected. Like the previous ones, this motto is expressed in child’s handwriting on this new charity bracelet together with angel hands that are open, as a symbol of hope.

There are already many familiar faces from our country who actively collaborate with this cause: Sara Baras, Dani Rovira, Eva González, Toni Acosta, Paco León, Cayetano Rivera, etc.

Our new “Simply Rett” charity bracelet is unisex in design and has two new red and black leather straps. You can get it now at all of our stores around the world and in our online store.