Valentine’s Day 2017: this year it’s time for a brave gift


Flowers or chocolates? No, thanks. Love is too precious to continue celebrating Valentine’s Day with the same old gifts. The classics are a safe bet for February 14 but they minimize the surprise factor. Because UNOde50 is brave and creative with our jewelry and our campaigns, we suggest a Genderless Valentine’s Day (no gender, no rules) that celebrates a love that transcends convention and prejudice and encourages us to share it.

In keeping with the idea of love without rules, we present 5 unique options that you can share with your partner on a day of love without limits. Enjoy them.


5 brave gifts to share this Valentine’s Day

1. A symbol of love to share:


Our Genderless collection of unisex bracelets is designed by José Azulay, creative director of UNOde50, to be shared as a couple and to symbolize love without barriers. All of the designs that comprise the collection come in a special case so you can present your gift in the best way possible. Dare to celebrate a love without rules with our jewelry.


2. A magical dinner at home, without stepping into the kitchen:


With the help of your smartphone and many apps you can order what you want from practically any restaurant in your area. Serve your favorite restaurant dishes on the dining table and relax in a romantic setting. This dinner may become your most intimate date yet. To make the evening truly unique, add a special piece of jewelry from our Valentine’s Day collection.


3. Travel back in time to your favorite moment:


Whether you’ve been together for a few months or 25 years, happy memories always create a bond. Why not recreate your first date, a special trip, or simply a fun and exciting night that the two of you will remember forever? It’s as easy as booking a table at the restaurant where you sipped your first cocktails together, repeating that trip to Rome, or getting two tickets to see Bruce Springsteen again.


4. The handmade reigns:


Relax, we’re not talking about cutting hearts out of red construction paper. The idea is to create something for your partner that is made by you especially for her. It could be a photo shoot with your analogue camera, a funny audio recording of her favorite song, or an amazing brunch prepared by you.


5. Forget conventions with a “Yes to everything” day:

biel y carlota-2

What does “Yes to everything” mean? On this day your partner makes the rules and you can’t say no. If skydiving is on the menu but you’re afraid of heights, you’ll have to overcome your fears. If she wants to stay in and watch a movie but you’re dying to go out, you have to accept it. Or if she asks for a set of UNOde50 New Collection jewelry, you’ll have to head to our store without hesitation. The word “NO” is off limits for one day.

Valentine’s Day can be modern, fun, and brave. We suggest you be creative and reinvent the occasion according to your own rules. Do you have any other suggestions about how to celebrate the day of love? Share them with us!