Valentine’s Day 2016


Lovers’ day is just around the corner and our design team has been inspired by some of history’s most iconic couples to name our new Valentine’s Day 2016 collection. Not all of them are taken from fairy tales nor do they have happy endings, but they are all worthy of mention.

Bonnie & Clyde


Young, wild and in love. That was Bonnie and Clyde, the most legendary criminal couple ever. They both adored risk so much that challenging the law was their only option. Their gangster adventure captivated the press, converting them into superstars of crime, loved and hated in equal measure. An adventure that ended with the most famous car chase in the United States and with the death of both in 1934, immortalised by Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway on the big screen.

Gala & Dalí


The story of Gala and Dalí is a tad unconventional. Because neither of them were conventional either. He fell in love with her free and hedonistic spirit, with that Gala who was already legendary in the world of the Surrealists. Love on first sight, Gala was his muse, model, friend and lover. An inspiration the genius transformed into the protagonist of the majority of his works, painting her over and over again from the very first day she entered his life.

Thelma & Lousie


Because friendship is also a form of love, Thelma and Louise is another of the stories chosen for this collection. If you’ve seen the film, you’ll know that there are few friends like these two. Thelma is trapped in a bad marriage and Louise wants adventure. What follows is a road trip in which both rebel against the established and stand up to male violence. A trip from which there is no return. And the thing is, it often takes two to make that leap.

Iman & Bowie


They met at a hairdresser’s, he filled her room with gardenias and since then they’ve never been apart. A real connection that the multi-faceted David Bowie defined as “love at first sight” and the cure to his addictions and pathological shyness. Yet, he was not the only one to be smitten by this Somalian model, famous for her fight for equality on the catwalks, Yves Saint Laurent described Imán as “the dream woman” and Michael Jackson made her Nefertiti in one of his video clips. Their aesthetic eccentricity rendered them one of the trendiest couples of the 90’s, that Bowie himself described as: “You may think a rock star married to a supermodel is one of the best things in the world. And it is. Ours is one of those loves that happen once in a million years”.