UNOde50 New Concept Store—SOHO STUDIO


UNOde50 is getting a makeover! Along with the brand’s new logo, UNOde50 has taken the next step forward with the creation of new store concepts that came to life at the SoHo Studio. With its Spanish roots as inspiration, the SoHo Studio is a modern take on the classic UNOde50 you know and love.


What makes the UNOde50 SoHo Studio so special is the fact that this is the brands first ever concept store globally and it offers an elevated one of a kind UNOde50 consumer experience. Located on 123 Prince Street, in the heart of SoHo, the SoHo Studio is the perfect addition to the UNOde50 family. The SoHo Studio is our second boutique in Manhattan, joining the Westfield World Trade Center and the 28 UNOde50 boutiques across North America.


“We are very excited about the opening in the New York City” said Jose Azulay, President and Creative Director. “The new concept store will embrace the brand in a new era and offer a unique consumer experience that cannot be found at any of our other stores. It will merge consumer connection with the Spanish origins, artisanal nature and creative lifestyle of UNOde50.”


On October 17th, UNOde50’s SoHo Studio opened its doors to the public for the first time. The SoHo Studio features a vast selection of men’s and women’s jewelry and watches, along with select limited edition pieces. With all pieces made with only high-quality materials—including leather, pearls, and crystals—paired with UNOde50’s unique hand-crafted designs, makes the SoHo Studio a one-stop-shop for jewelery whenever you’re in town. As the cherry on top, UNOde50’s SoHo Studio offers a curated collection of stunning exclusive pieces available only at the SoHo Studio.


Join us on November 4th to celebrate the Grand Opening of UNOde50’s SoHo Studio!