UNOde50: 20 years of rebellious designs


You don’t have a 20th Anniversary every day, and so it just must be celebrated. How? With a cake? With gifts? With a party? The answer is: all this and more. We still can’t reveal many of the details, but we can announce that we are preparing an event that will be on people’s lips, and we’ll be launching a capsule collection to revive the most significant moments from our past.

And the other thing we can talk about, and we will talk about in depth, is our history, the history of a brand that has dared to take risks and commit to being different. We have been breaking the mold for designs and materials for 20 years now, and committing to the know-how of handcrafted Made in Spain pieces. And we will continue along this line: active, youthful, urban and genuine. We welcome in our third decade, reviving the most iconic moments of our incredible history.


1997 – The padlock has been the brand’s emblem right from the start.


1998 – Our rule-breaking spirit breaks away from traditional jewelry by going for unisex designs.


1999 – We are seduce by the forbidden. We take risks.

daring spirit

2000 – We become a pioneer in men’s jewelry design.


2001 – We pay tribute to the old Spanish currency: the Peseta.


2002 – We are commited to quality handmade craftsmanship and attention to detail.


2003 – The brand was created by artists and has been always very close to the world of art.


2004 – This year we opened our first store in the center of Madrid.

2005 – Ibiza bracelet became the most iconic piece, a bold avant-garde design.


2006 – Red Color is the one that represents us from the very beginning.


2007 – We constantly experiment with new materials and combination such as the introduction of pearls.


2008 – This year starts our international journey with the opening of the first store in Lincoln Road in Miami.


2009 – We incorporate Swarovski crystals into our collection, a material that shares our passion for innovation and design.


2010 – We launch the first line of watches showing the versatility of the brand.


2011 – This year we celebrated our 15th Anniversary with a huge event in Madrid.

Fiesta UNO DE 50 (64) Laura, Eva y Claudia

2012 – We see the world in a different way. A crooked nail that forms a heart symbolizes ground-breaking and daring love.


2013 – This year we strengthened our commitment with Rett Syndrome research with this solidarity bracelet.


2014 – We launch the Gold Collection, our most iconic pieces are reinterpreted in gold.


2015 – #trendsetters We are going a step behind pioneering the trends with our collections.


2016 – Let’s celebrate the 20th Anniversary!