#UnlockYourself: UNOde50’S most international campaign


Introducing our latest, most personal and mould-breaking campaign: #UnlockYourself.

Hong Kong provides the backdrop for this fable in which the protagonist explores her limits until she finds herself. Until she succeeds in freeing herself.

The fascinating yet oppressive atmosphere of Asia. The power of images to narrate the tale through juxtaposition. The city as a character. The secrets enclosed in a relationship fed on passion alone. Ingredients to build a tale submerged in the mind of its protagonist.


Who are we really? What feelings drive us? How can we overcome all that paralyses and blocks us? Questions UNOde50 attempts to answer in #Unlock Yourself.

A total campaign with a unique philosophy. And that’s just the beginning. Imagine what’s yet to come.

UNOde50 Manifest. Unlock Yourself


If you like it, take it. Leave if you feel trapped.
Freedom doesn´t need permission. Neither does pride.
Doubt your beliefs. Believe in your doubts.
Trust who you were and who you are.
Dress the person you´ll become
Choose your place. Set your own time.
Don´t run away. Ever.
Stop sometimes.
Always stare, freeze your smile.
Do it.
Unlock Yourself


The making-of of the most essentially UNOde50 campaign

Behind this Fashion Film lies the work of an unbeatable team.

The creator, Eugenio Recuenco has stamped his personal seal on a story exuding nocturnal, urban and dreamlike images. Working hand in hand with the cameraman, Gregorio Arroyo, they have created oblique shots with movement that convey provocation and daring.


Eric Dover, responsible for the art direction and capable of finding and reflecting incomparable scenes right in the centre of Hong Kong, joins the creative team.

And of course our model, Jennifer Pugh, one of the top models of the moment with a unique ability to act out the story, her work is complemented by that of two professionals in a class of their own: the hair and make-up director Moncho Moreno and the style manager Beñat Yanci.


All of them, together with the UNOde50 Image and Communication team, travelled to Hong Kong. The team worked non-stop over a number of days in which effort was the overriding motto, but fun and the feeling of doing something worthwhile were also present.

And in fact it was. This team has succeeded in producing the brand’s most personal and adult story. #Unlock Yourself. The result speaks for itself.