#UnlockYourself Episode 2: the new video of our most daring campaing

Hong Kong. Passion. Memories. Freedom. The story continues. #UnlockYourself, UNOde50’s boldest campaign ever now has a new video. The UNOde50 manifesto becomes reality again in episode 2, entitled “Liberation”. Don’t miss the next instalment in this incredible story.

We present our new collection of ground-breaking and daring jewelry, with a unique campaign in which living means risking it all to be yourself. “Trust in who you were and who you are. Always keep your look, and freeze those smiles. Wear red lipstick. Do it.” Unlock yourself.

We are proud of the spectacular crew we had behind the cameras: Eugenio Recuenco as the director, Gregorio Arroyo as the cameraman, Eric Dover as art director, Jennifer Pugh as the lead, Beñat Yanci in charge of styling and Moncho Moreno doing his magic with hair and makeup.