A trip from the Earth to the Sky

You would probably have received today 345 mails, 28 calls and attended 4 meetings. Days go by with no notice and we see ourselves absorbed by a non-stop routine. This is why we would like to propose you a trip. A trip to the universe. From the Sky, with the mystery of stars and the power of the Moon, to the Earth, where different shapes, materials and colors show us a world full of inspiration.

new, unode50, inspiration

We would like to invite you to a trip from our telescope, which goes further of what you see. Because sometimes you just have to stop for two seconds and look around in order to discover the great mystery of life. That is what connects us to the cosmos, what shows us our destiny, and, in conclusion, our life. Today we would like to invite you to a trip that will start next Wednesday, July 15th….  Are you ready?

inspiration, unode50, new