Top 10 UNOde50 gift ideas for men


Finding the right gift isn’t easy—we know—especially for men. Whether it’s your father, your boyfriend, your cousin, or your son, choosing gifts for men is a complicated endeavor. Will he like it? Will he be excited about it? Will he wear it? Don’t despair! UNOde50 helps dispel your doubts with a list of 10 stellar gifts for men.

10 original gift ideas for UNOde50 men

  1. One of our latest watches is “Espérame.” Available in several colors to suit all the men in your life, this unique masculine timepiece may be the perfect gift.


  1. With its urban and modern spirit, “Colmillo blanco” is another line for this holiday season. The bracelet is a great gift in silver and leather.


  1. A leather belt is a first-rate idea that never fails. In brown leather, the “Ida y vuelta” model is an updated classic.


  1. Elegant, simple, and unique define our “Estás grillado” bracelet, an innovative, youthful, and trendy gift for men of all ages.


  1. Looking for a necklace? How about “Te apuntas?”? A chain with a very original pencil pendant that adds a distinctive touch to any basic look.



  1. “Melastic” is a piece with a lot of personality, a ring with a novel design that reflects the unique and timeless character of the brand.


  1. Black leather and silver is the perfect combination for any man, and the “1,2,3 UP” bracelet is one he’ll never take off.


  1. Usa la cabeza,” a key ring with a quirky flair, may be exactly what you need for the motorcycle lover in your life.


  1. Carilo” is a simple, easy-to-wear bracelet. With its red detailing, it’s ideal for the holiday season.


  1. Looking for a risk-free gift? You can’t go wrong with the “Quedamos?” silver-plated watch with a leather strap. Ideal for every man on your list.