This New Year’s Eve, you wear the trousers.


A masculine cut and black tie

Self-assured and risqué, these are the women who decide a tuxedo is not just a male garment and have no qualms about wearing it on the most special occasions. Kate Moss, Cara Delevigne and one of our muses, Freha Beha, have all donned it. All showing off the handsome style, in which the accessories are mini jewels providing hints of femininity. Because, who said dresses are the only option for party looks?



Trousers are also carving a niche for themselves among defenders of the effortless look, as Erin Wasson has already proven to us. And the fact is that if there’s one thing this garment does, it’s to adapt to each and every style. In a Japanese cut or with boyfriend airs, the most daring combine them with XL jewels. A sophisticated look that exudes personality ensuring you become the belle of any ball.


Glam & glitter fever

The glitter trend, that even extends to hair,  climaxes on New Year’s Eve. The last party of the year deserves a look to do justice to the occasion. The it-girls lay claim to centre-stage with black pants paired with sequinned jackets and shirts. And the perfect touch is provided by the exclusive jewels that dazzle with their crystals.


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