The nightlife is being reinvented: discover the latest trends


The nightlife is being reinvented, moving into spaces hitherto reserved for other purposes in order to attract more diverse crowds.

If, during the construction of Frontón Madrid in the early 20th century, its creators had known that the jet set would be dancing at what would become a speakeasy, they would have been very surprised. What is today known as the Cha Chá Club is an example of a space designed for one purpose, then reconfigured as the kind of indispensible nighttime hotspot that is popping up in the world’s major capitals.

If we look back in time, we discover a church that was the hippest club in New York in the 90s, depicted so well in the movie Party Monster. The venue, initially called The Limelight—a beacon for the city’s underground scene—and later renamed Avalon, was an Episcopalian church where the Big Apple’s libertines congregated.


The story of The Limelight prompted many venues that didn’t necessarily specialize in live music to organize DJ sessions and concerts. At the editorial offices of El Imparcial, on calle Duque de Alba, there is a restaurant and a club that operates under the same name. The building was the editorial office of a newspaper and now is a gathering place for those who want to refuel before heading out on the streets of Madrid’s La Latina district or simply enjoy a drink in good company.

This is quintessential nightlife, but what is considered ‘nighttime’ has also shifted a few hours on the clock. What once started at 10 p.m. now takes place at daybreak, as exemplified by the morning clubs that host parties before work in both New York and London (and are looking to expand to places like Miami).


In lieu of alcohol, guests are treated to a hearty breakfast, though the real magic happens on the dance floor as partygoers surrender to the music and dance ‘til they drop. These types of events are held at Verboten, a club in Williamsburg (Brooklyn), three times a month between the hours of 6-10 a.m.

Dancing is also what Brunch in the Park has offered for years in Barcelona and Lisbon. At this event, clubgoers and their kids can enjoy typical nighttime activities outdoors starting at 1 p.m., a somewhat late brunch but with an excellent turnout in Barcelona, where it has been popular for several seasons.

New York City, USA - May 14, 2016: People chilling on rooftop party with Manhattan and Central Park view of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

The migration of conventional ‘nighttime’ is a global reality. With licensing becoming increasingly complicated and overcrowding on the rise, it was only a matter of time before DJs and concert organizers sought to arrange events at innovative locations and off-peak hours.

However, this new concept of a night on the town may complicate the process of getting ready. After years of going out after dark, it now seems that neon lights are on par with sunshine and many of us may be confused about what to wear. Nevertheless, since before Studio 54, gold has been a mainstay at major events, whether dancing in a renovated church or at a pre-work rave, the Gold Collection from UNOde50 will add that touch of sophistication and glamour to your ensemble that will make you shine even brighter.