Trends and jewels: what’s on this spring


Spring is already here and in 2016, fashion prizes individuality above all else. Summer demands personality and we want to be all set to answer its call. We’ve put together the keys to this season and the best combinations for you. Because any trend can be a winner if combined with the perfect jewel.

 ‘Off The Shoulders’. Exposed shoulders have become the number one trend this spring. This sensual and feminine neckline leaves its most classic version behind and is reinterpreted with strategic crosses and straps. Combine it with different earrings like ‘Anemone’, open and with a raised pattern that evokes organic forms.


Denim. A regular every season, this year the novelty lies in the colours and cuts of the garments. From shirts, tops and waistcoats to maxi skirts, dungarees or dresses. The trend that continues to triumph is the total denim look, perfectly combinable with jewels in blue tones such as the ‘Knotted’ bracelet, with its crystal beads, silver and leather.


Pink Queen. Quartz pink is the colour of the year, which is why it deserves a total look. Whether in its most naive or daring version, it becomes the star of the season. To inject it with personality, nothing better than a golden detail such as the ‘Scales’ earrings.


Sparkle. The 80’s are back and they’re going to fill our wardrobes with paillettes. Adding sparkle to party or even beach dresses, sequins become the perfect escort on those summer nights this season. And we propose the ‘Wakame’ earrings to raise the tone of any eighties look.


Lace and lingerie go hand in hand this season. Show off a little bit of lingerie under your clothes, choose transparent fabrics or go risqué in the little details that show a second layer beneath the first. And since sensuality is the buzz word, the perfect necklace is called ‘Star-Bi’, in silver with two SWAROVSKI crystals in different tones.



White on white. A lack of colour becomes one of the best options this spring. Give it full protagonism and wear it cleanly and simply. And to give it force, wear the ‘Under the Sea’ necklace, an XXL piece with chains and SWAROVSKI crystal pearls.


‘Ruffles’, with a certain air of the flamenco world. In skirts, dresses and tops, frills flow elegantly to create romantic and sensual looks. Their movement will shine even brighter with the ‘Jupiter’ earrings, plated in gold in a timeless shape and unique design.


Maxi Stripes from head to toe. They are worn above all wide and horizontal; but also vertical, oblique and in more daring and colourful combinations that go beyond the sailor stripes. The perfect accessory? The ‘Star-Trick’ ring, with a unique design and SWAROVSKI crystal.