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Unique beaches in the world: Five exclusive destinations to enjoy on the seashore


What are the most beautiful beaches in the world? These days at UNOde50, we have left everything behind and we have gone to enjoy our new pieces of jewelry on the seashore. With our latest campaign, Every Summer Has a Story, we bring our designs to the beach so you can find the perfect bracelets, rings and earrings for your next seaside vacations. Start getting your suitcase ready because your trip begins now.

Five unique beaches in the world


  • Cala Macarelleta. Menorca (Spain). As a handcrafted Made in Spain brand, we begin this route with one of the most irresistible beaches in our country. This small cove is located in a beautiful enclave of the island of Menorca. White sand, turquoise waters and magnificent rocks surrounded by a wild pine forest.


  • Anse Sur d’Argent, La Digue Island (Seychelles). A spectacular and incomparable destination within the paradisiacal archipelago of Seychelles. Guaranteed peace and quiet in an area that is hard to reach and where corals and tropical fish can be seen almost on the shore of the beach. The granite rocks contrast with the fine sand and crystal clear waters.


  • Cannon Beach, Oregon (United States). This area of the US coast retains its natural beauty thanks to the fact that it has become a protected area. Surrounded by mountains and stretching up to 10 miles long, it is perfect for long walks and enjoying the incredible image created by the rocks that emerge from the ocean.


  • Playa Bonita, Samaná (The Dominican Republic). On the Dominican coast is this beach which stands out for its simplicity: sand, clear water and palm trees. An ideal destination and with few tourists, perfect for resting with lots of peace and quiet.


  • Sarakiniko, Milos Island (Greece). The Greek islands are full of stunning beaches, but Milos Island is in this wonder of white volcanic rock that is known locally as “moon beach.” The shapes of the rocks that have been created for centuries by the effect of the water and wind make it an unforgettable coast.

This is our selection of unique beaches. Which beach will be the setting of your summer story? Whichever one it is, don’t miss out on our selection of pieces of summer jewelry that are featured in Every Summer Has a Story by UNOde50.

Unique festivals: the world’s most original music festivals


Music festival season has just begun and it’s time to choose which of today’s top musical events to attend. Without the limitations of geography or genre, we dive into the festival world to compile a list of the most unique events on the planet.

And while you pick your favorite concerts, visit this link to find ideas to help you choose the best festival looks, complete with jewelry.

International music festivals: 8 unique festivals that are not to be missed


Secret Solstice, Reykjavik, Iceland: This festival is another reason to visit one of the hottest tourist destinations at the moment. It’s held in June, during the longest days of the year, when the sun barely sets in Iceland, a unique feature that makes it unforgettable.

Boom Festival, Portugal: This event for free spirits features not only music, but an array of activities, performances, and workshops designed to connect with people and the environment and to let go under the full moon. A psychedelic adventure near Idanha-a-Nova Lake in Portugal.

Colours of Ostrava, Czech Republic: Curiously, this event is celebrated near the country’s old steel plants, a unique location in which to enjoy international groups of all musical styles.


Fuji Rock, Japan: This well-organized, 3-day festival where the Japanese let loose has been held since 1997. It is the perfect venue to enjoy live music from international and Japanese bands.

Tomorrowland, Boom, Belgium: An essential for lovers of electronica, this event—held since 2005 in a small town between Antwerp and Brussels—is where the world’s most famous DJs converge every summer.

Exit Festival, Novi Sad, Serbia: The Balkans’ most popular electronic music festival attracts hundreds of thousands of people from all over the globe. It was created with social responsibility in mind and a portion of the proceeds help support the area’s youth. A fun fact? It’s held at the Petrovaradin Fortress, Europe’s largest 17th century fortification.


Burning Man, Nevada, United States: Though not focused on music, this festival had to make the list because it’s one of the world’s most original events. Amazing and memorable experiences are in store in the middle of Nevada’s incredible Black Rock Desert.

Kazantip, Crimea, Ukraine: A true celebration of music that has become the world’s longest festival, Kazantip has its own philosophy: it is described as an independent (fictitious) republic on the Mediterranean with its own government led by a queen. Unique experiences are guaranteed!


All about pearls: a classic that keeps reinventing itself


Classic? Traditional? None of it! Pearls can be bespoke, different, and current. That’s why the pearl has become one of our favorite elements when designing our unique jewelry. Although UNOde50’s most iconic materials are silver and leather, we’ve incorporated crystal, gold, and pearl details in our creations for some time now.

They’ve become the focal point of some of our icons, like the “A Pearl of Wisdom” bracelet or the “Orión” cuff. Creations featuring pearls are some of our most sought-after pieces and we can no longer imagine our collections without them.

Yes, pearls also have a past

Although these days most pearls are man-made, their use in jewelry dates back thousands of years to the discovery of natural pearls created by oysters. Unlike crystals and stones, pearls do not need to be carved to show their splendor.


It may seem incredible but they have been used to adorn accessories since ancient times. Though it is thought that this method of use began in India, pearl remains have been found among the remnants of ancient civilizations, like the Phoenicians, Greeks, Hebrews, and Egyptians. In fact, it is believed that during her reign, Cleopatra possessed the two most valuable pearls in the world.

They have also been used for centuries in Europe, not only in the design of necklaces, earrings, and bracelets, but also in embroidery, embellished fabrics, handbags, and hats.

But let’s put the ancient past aside and move on to the 20th century, when the pearl became an iconic element of fashion and accessories. Designers like Coco Chanel made pearls a must-have and movie stars like Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, and Audrey Hepburn were steadfast devotees of the beads, both on and off screen.

Pearls today: IN or OUT?


Totally IN. These days pearls are still a trend that can be found in thousands of shapes and colors, in all kinds of jewelry and accessories, not to mention clothing and decor. Every year they reinvent themselves and adapt to the styles of the moment.

At UNOde50, we like to take risks by tweaking the traditional vibe of these gems and turning them into bold and daring designer pieces, with silver and leather details. Want to give them a try? Check out our selection of unique pearls!

We hit the beach with UNOde50’s latest collection: Ocean


The first rays of springtime sun, spring break, longer days… Summer is right around the corner and we’re eager to hit the beach. Ocean, our new collection, arrives just in time to bring us the warmth and color of the summer season.

Ocean Collection: positive energy in full color


Our latest pieces are inspired by waves, coral, and colorful shells. Long beaded necklaces, anklets, maxi rings, cuffs… the new collection features a variety of designer pieces that will transport you to the seashore.

Turquoise, coral, aquamarine, and pearl tones will envelop you in a cool and relaxing atmosphere. The leather and silver details, characteristic of UNOde50, add a bohemian touch to a casual and fun jewelry line.

Original charms are the key to this line, appearing on bracelets, necklaces and earrings. Surfboards, starfish, shells, positive messages… the energy of the sea and vacations have inspired our creative team, led by José Azulay, to design these pieces with unique details.

A sea of combinations


Ocean is a collection to wear the way you want. Combine it with a colorful frock or a white Ibizan sundress. It also works as a casual accessory with a dress shirt or office attire. It’s perfect to pair with a denim look or a bikini at the beach bar on your favorite beach. And all of the pieces work together to create unique jewelry sets.

This spring, discover Ocean: irresistible designs inspired by the seabed, as always, handcrafted in Spain.

UNOde50’s latest campaign is called #KEEPDANCING and it will make you move


Ready to discover our dance-inspired collections? We present UNOde50’s most rhythmic campaign, #KEEPDANCING, an amazing carousel of movements full of passion and emotion, quintessential elements in our jewelry.

Fresh and sassy choreography serves as a basis for showcasing our boldest designs. Four different dance styles represent our jewelry lines: Twist, Voguing, Ballet and Funk. And of course, there’s a nod to flamenco, as a reminder of the brand’s origins.

Captura de pantalla 2018-02-07 a las 18.30.25

The model, Amanda Wellsh, is placed in the hands of choreographer Johnny White, from Locked Creative. And occupying the dance floor are the dancers Abbey Taylor, Emma Atkins, Levi Mathews and Oliver Wheler.

Captura de pantalla 2018-02-07 a las 18.31.41

Then he arrives: the model, Guillaume Mace is Amanda’s co-star in this campaign, which closes with a series of unique photographs. They look directly into the camera and we are left spellbound by their jewelry. Do you feel the connection?


For #KEEPDANCING, José Manuel Ferrater, who is in charge of direction and photography, takes the baton. The team also includes the stylist, Alberto Murtra, and the hairdresser and makeup artist, Moncho Moreno.


Few things make us feel as free as music and dancing. Feel our passion and our beat with #KEEPDANCING. Don’t miss the latest campaign on our website.

Collage Vintage, Belen Hostalet… Who’s wearing UNOde50’s Genderless bracelets?


Unisex jewelry has always been part of UNOde50’s DNA and this season we have expanded our collection of Genderless bracelets.  One of the most popular models among influencers is the Tied bracelet, a bespoke, silver-clad piece.

Who wore our Genderless bracelets?

Want to know who’s opted for our unisex designs and also find style tips for wearing them? Here are the some of the best photos from influencers like Nina Urgell, Paula Ordovás and Sara Escudero.


Belén Hostalet: Who doesn’t want to experience an endless summer? We love Belén’s beachy look, where she pairs our unisex design with a white bikini and a crocheted top. We’ll take it for our next vacation!


Ninauc: Every day, Nina Urgell’s style seduces her more than 770k followers. Nina combines our jewelry with a white normcore t-shirt, a look she shares with her man and one that we all have in the closet.


Cup of Couple: UNOde50’s Amarrado bracelets have also appeared in the Instagram accounts of Mike Madrid and Gabriel García. Their minimalist style is very unique and always fun. Do you like it as much as we do?


Collage Vintage: Sara Escudero, known for her blog Collage Vintage, is one of the most-followed Spanish influencers. Sara wears our bracelet with her partner and photographer, Diego, in New York.


Biel Juste and Carlota Bruna: This influencer couple already rocked our Genderless line last year, and in 2018 they’re not to be outdone. We love their artistic photos that make a clear statement: all you need is a pair of jeans to wear them with style.


My Peep Toes: She and her partner, Enieto, have chosen the Amarrado unisex bracelet to wear with basic tones like black, blue, and beige. The denim fabric is also an important element of their style.

Discover the Tied bracelet and other unisex designs from our Genderless collection at our stores and on our website.

4 basic springtime looks to pair with UNOde50’s Jungle Collection


Spring is right around the corner and the first rays of sunshine remind us that we’ll be able to enjoy the latest trends in no time at all. If you’re already itching to debut brighter looks with more color, don’t miss the latest from UNOde50 for spring-summer 2018. Collections like Ice, Oasis and Jungle have arrived to refresh the new season with style and vibrant colors.

Today we focus on Jungle, our jewelry line inspired by nature, perfect to combine with simple looks and transform basic outfits into stylish ensembles bursting with personality. Keep reading to hear our suggestions.

4 styles from the latest season to wear with Jungle jewelry

1.Jeans + basic top + western jacket

771A6832 (1)

If you opt for essentials like jeans and a white t-shirt, add a special garment like a fringed jacket and some eye-catching jewelry to give your outfit a unique touch. The Jungle neckace and the Leaf bracelet are the perfect bespoke accessories to embellish this look.

2. Natural leather jacket + light colored top


Light and natural tones are springtime favorites. Combine this easy style with a fun necklace like Treassure Robber or the Jungle Party bracelet and you’ll transform this simple outfit into a perfect 10.

3. Casual shirt + casual white pants


A cotton, denim, or linen shirt in a solid tone is ideal to pair with a necklace like Little George. This bold piece of jewelry will capture everyone’s gaze and will transform comfortable attire into a stylish look.

4.Head-to-toe black + colorful crystals

771A7259 _retocada (1)

If you want your jewelry to dominate your style, black is your best friend, even in spring. For example, a black t-shirt with a black biker jacket will work with any of the jewelry from the Jungle collection. Swarovski crystals in green, pink, and orange tones add spring details to your outfit.

Those are our suggestions. How would you wear our new Jungle line?

New Genderless Bracelets: unisex designs to celebrate love without rules.


Unisex jewelry has been part of our history since inception, and now it’s stronger than ever. Why? Because at UNOde50, we believe in the unisex trend and we are expanding our Genderless collection to include new designer bracelets. Celebrate your love with our Genderless Pack.

Among the new unisex designs is the Genderless bracelet with our iconic silver-clad lock and leather strap in a choice of two colors: red or brown. If you’re looking for gift ideas, this special design could be the perfect Valentine’s Day surprise.


But the collection features more new items. The Amarrado bracelet is another of the designs that has just arrived in our stores. Silver-clad, stylish, and daring, it is a gift that’s sure to delight on the day of love.

Check out the rest of our unisex models on our website.

Genderless Pack: a different gift idea


Our Genderless bracelet pack is the perfect gift. Presented in an exclusive designer gift box, the pack consists of two identical bracelets in the sizes you choose, one for you and another for the special someone in your life.

You can choose the design you like best from the unisex collection and combine the silver and gold versions if you prefer. And best of all, when buying two pieces the pair comes at a Special Price.

On February 14 or any other day (love has no rules), surprise your special someone with a unique gift like UNOde50’s Genderless Pack.


New Jungle Collection: the latest from our spring jewelry line


Our Spring-Summer 2018 line continues to expand with the incorporation of new designs. This week it’s the turn of the Jungle Collection, a new range of jewelry inspired by the rainforest.


Plant and animal trends are reflected in these original designs featuring our iconic materials, leather and silver. Swarovski crystals in spring tones, like green and pink, add flashes of color to this intoxicating jewelry line.


Tropical inspiration

The nature and ecosystems of the Earth serve as the source of inspiration for our SS18 collection. While the North Pole and the desert inspire our Ice and Oasis lines, respectively, in Jungle we emulate tropical flora and fauna.


Tropical fronds, like those of the Adam’s Rib plant, for example, inspired designs for the “La Hoja” bracelet and the “Silvestre” earrings.


Jungle animals also feature in this collection. The monkey is the true star, appearing on playful pieces like the “Little George” earrings and the “Ladrón del tesoro” necklace.


Finally, the colors of the rainforest dominate the creations in this line with vibrant green and pink Swarovski crystals. In Jungle you’ll find unique pieces with luminous details, like the “Hojas” choker and bracelet.

Discover the complete collection and the latest spring creations at our stores and online.



2018 begins with the New Spring-Summer Collection from UNOde50


We begin the year with only one resolution: to seduce you with our New Spring-Summer Collection. Earth is our latest range of unique jewelry, with exclusive pieces that set the trends in designer jewelry.

Taking inspiration from nature, we have created lines like Ice and Oasis, featuring pieces that incorporate natural, new shapes and colors.

Ice: Refreshing jewelry that shimmers


In a matter of weeks, we will present the season preview of this line, inspired by the chilliest corners of the globe, where geometric shapes represent blocks of ice and frozen stalactites with iridescent blue Swarovski crystals, designed exclusively for UNOde50.

Oasis: original pearls with a touch of color

DESIERTO 2-1200-628

The oval shapes of this line, embellished with pearls and turquoise-toned gems, transport us to desert sand dunes. Long and short necklaces, colorful earrings, and XL rings beguile us with summery designs to illuminate the skin.

In this collection, as always, UNOde50 maintains its DNA by handcrafting all of its pieces in Spain and reflecting exclusivity in each design.

Discover the latest from UNOde50 and stay tuned to our social media and our blog for more news to come.