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Ground-breaking performances and styling, here are today’s most daring female singers


For years, 90s female rockers changed the direction of the industry with their grunge looks, readily voicing their protests. And with the entry of the new millennium, extravagance became an essential for all music divas (both at their concerts and in the way they interpret fashion).

With the passing of time, the visual universe of these artists has turned much more complex and enigmatic. Female singers from new (and not so new) generations are taking music and fashion to the next level. A good example of this is Lady Gaga, who has wisely blurred the borders separating the arts of music and fashion like no-one else. Many other women have followed in her footsteps, making their personalities their hottest talent for captivating their extensive armies of fans. We’d like to present some of these ladies who are revolutionizing today’s scene.

fka 4

FKA Twigs

Londoner FKA Twigs is bold, both in her singing style and how she dances and dresses. She was one of the first to revive the baby hairstyle so characteristic of Cholas and now the best brands are fighting for her to don their designs. On the stage—with choreographies reminiscent of classical ballet—she opts for a sporty look. When she steps down from the stage, however, she dazzles photographers, like she did with her Alexander McQueen haute couture gown festooned with feathers.


Charli XCX

The 90s brought great joy to fashion lovers, with teenagers mixing up fluorescent furry jackets and platform shoes, chignons and cyber-style glasses. Now Charli XCX has decided to jumble together all these trends and make them the mainstay of her style (with no complexities). Furthermore, since she moved to the PC Music label, her music has just grown even bolder, a true woman of the times.

soko 2


French Soko often threatens to leave the music industry, but it must be hard to deny her zest for singing, especially when it’s a true passion. Now, more focused on her career as an actress, she is making more appearances on the red carpet and she’s showed us that there’s absolutely nothing she doesn’t dare to try: from dresses off an antiquarian’s racks to shoes that look like museum pieces, she showcases garments as unique as she is.

st vincent

St. Vincent

Annie Clark—also known as St. Vincent—has made her huge eyes into her best weapon for seduction. The guitarist has a no-holds-barred attitude when taking to the stage, but leaves almost nothing to chance. With her svelte long legs, she flaunts mini-dresses bedecked with shine, adapts her guitars so they rub against her chest and has even worn a prosthetic to distort her jaw (and with none less than David Byrne at her side). Naturally, St. Vincent belongs to this generation of female musicians who carve out their niches and play up their power.

PJ Harvey

The English virtuoso of music from the late 90s continues launching songs nonstop and touring the world. This woman, one of the pioneers to take to the stage alone with a single instrument, has also risked the most radical looks. And coming up on 50 years old is not stopping her from carrying on. With a maturity that absolutely fits her, she showcases tiaras, headdresses and outfits that march to the beat of her music. Few artists can boast of having reinvented themselves with so much style and, for this, we applaud her.

These women have taken the ideas of the most avant-garde designers onto the stage behind their microphones with great success. Far from conforming to the prefabricated image that is often dully repeated among other pop stars—almost like it were a formula—these women have known how to claim and craft their own identities, above and beyond any standard established in the music industry.

Values like individuality, charisma and creativity are some of the words that best define them, and also what you’ll find in the designs of our Be Unic line. If you deeply value the importance of being true to yourself and are searching for something to finish your look in the most striking way possible, at UNOde50 we can help you get it, with this collection replete with handcrafted artistry and bohemian spirit.

Daria Werbowy rocks


A hypnotic, almost feline gaze and a body that oozes naturalness. A free and adventurous attitude, with a rocker soul and tomboy airs. We are talking about Daria Werbowy, one of the best-known faces of the fashion world. Polish by birth and Canadian by adoption, at the age of 32 she is still one of the key figures at any event.

She was first catapulted to fame by Marc Jacobs in the year 2000, she starred in her first campaign for Prada in 2003 and she became the youngest ambassador for Lancôme, at the tender age of just 22. Since then her endless legs rarely rest between catwalks, editorials and campaigns.

Yet, she herself says she doesn’t take it too seriously and that is probably what makes her so irresistible. Even Karl Lagerfeld, after adopting her as his fetish model, baptised her “The Divine”. And he couldn’t have defined her better: everyone wants Daria. And we do too. Which is why we are sharing her most iconic looks along with a shopping excursion for accessories so that you can adapt them to your style.



A LBD is an essential in any wardrobe. Whether it has a boho, sophisticated or sober touch, the little black dress is the perfect look if you get the accessories right. And nobody better than Daria to prove this, combining it with a long necklace.

Boho Chic


Jeans are one of Daria’s fetish garments, and we are accustomed to seeing her in her relaxed fit. This time around, she has transformed an afterwork look by combining them with silver and suede accessories. The key? Join the multi trend in bracelets and rings. A must!

Total White


We rarely see Daria dressed in white, but when she does, she chooses a single colour look. On this occasion, the protagonists are her gold accessories: maxi necklace and mini earrings, an infallible combination.

Effortless Cool


This is one of our favourite Daria looks. To wear jeans with a basic white tee and do so with style is almost mission impossible if the right accessories are not chosen. Nothing better than gold and its combination with leather to brighten up the simplest of styles.

Night Glam


But Daria’s wardrobe is not just about boho airs or rocker looks, she also knows exactly how to add her personal touch to party nights out. On this occasion, she was the centre of attention in a sequined and transparent dress, yet following one of this season’s trends: wearing two different earrings.

Erin Wasson, that girl


Model, designer, businesswoman, muse and best friend of Alexander Wang. Yes, we are talking about Erin Wasson, even if she is one of the few people from the fashion world who don’t require any introduction.

Her rocker and urban style are the symbols of her most characteristic identity. But that rebel, bad-girl image has not dimmed the sex-appeal of the Southern belles. Because Erin is an American girl in every sense of the word, as capable of wearing torn jeans as anyone else, or giving a streetwear twist to a party dress for a Sunday trip to the flea market. Perhaps that’s why some call her the queen of effortless cool or easy wear, a mantle all of her own that functions independently of labels and is always completed with the best accessories. And the fact is that they are one of her great loves, so much so that she has even created her own line of jewelry.

That’s why we’ve chosen her as our style icon, as who better than Erin Wasson to inspire us, with her innate ability to make EVERYTHING she wears look fresh and spontaneous. So don’t miss out on this gallery, in which we’ll show you her best looks this year along with a shopping trip for accessories that she herself would choose.

London Fashion Week SS16


The London fashion week is one of the most awaited dates in the fashion world. And Erin is one of its unmissable faces, particularly when accompanying Alexander Wang. For this occasion, she opted for a total black look in which the protagonists were silver accessories, echoing one of the season’s strongest trends: sporting two different earrings.


 Levi’s Store Times Square, NY


This is one of our favourite looks. Not only because we love Erin’s long grunge hairstyle, but also because she is one of the few celebs capable of wearing jeans with a basic top while oozing all the glamour in the world. Of course it’s not just a question of attitude, you also have to be able to choose the right accessories to highlight the simplest of styles. And, to do so, there’s nothing better than gold and its combination with different textures such as leather or crystals.


Vanity Fair Oscar Party, L.A.


Dressed by Alexis Mabille, Erin was the star of the Vanity Fair party on the occasion of this year’s Oscars. As usual, the Texan managed to add her personal touch to the haute couture with a messy hairstyle and a silver choker.


Re: Denim by David Jones, Sidney


Jeans can be your perfect ally for a nocturnal look if you combine them with a lace top and gold accessories, as we saw Erin Wasson on her last appearance in Australia. Once again, excess was the key, particularly to adorn her hands with different bracelet models.


Alice + Olivia, Montauk, NY


Jeans and shirts are star garments in Erin Wasson’s wardrobe, though sometimes she leaves her boho and rocker air at home to inject her outfit with a more eighties touch. Which is why at the Alice + Olivia clothes store event in Montauk (the coolest beach in New York), Erin chose a vintage inspired shirt and cap that she complemented with minimalist pieces in silver.



Alchemist Shop, Miami


White is one of the musts in Erin’s looks and, this summer, she didn’t hesitate to choose it for the Alchemist Shop opening in Miami. A very relaxed outfit that Wasson complemented perfectly with different accessories.


Christopher Kane x Mytheresa, L.A.


Erin Wasson lives between New York and Los Angeles, so not only does she know exactly how to be the sidewalk queen but also how to wear the comfiest of summer outfits. This time, she once again surprised us with this boho-chic style we love so much, with accessories in leather and gold. And yes, it does seem that Erin has become a steadfast fan of wearing odd earrings and mixing textures, which she also demonstrated at the Christopher Kane event in L.A.


So, what about you, which of these looks would you choose?