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10 indispensable jewelry items you need to own before 40


Just as our wardrobes all include skinny jeans, a white shirt and a little black dress, so our jewelry box should also feature some essential basics. Here is the indispensable jewelry that every woman should own before turning 40. And after 40? All you have to do then is enjoy them to the max and try out the latest trends.

10 essential jewelry basics

A fine gold necklace: a versatile piece that never goes out of fashion and you can always carry with you.


Large party earrings: it’s easy to achieve a party look if you go for a simple black dress, an elegant updo and some fabulous large earrings.


A smart silver bracelet: a basic look can transform into something much more special if you add a beautifully designed bracelet.



An original choker: original jewelry is the perfect finishing touch. A choker can update a white shirt or classic basic jumper.

10 jewelry items you need to own before 40

A statement ring: key to any jewelry box but wear it alone to avoid accessory overload.10 jewelry items you need to own before 40

Small silver earrings: silver studs are another item of jewelry that goes with anything. If in doubt, opt for these.

10 jewelry items you need to own before 40

One or more leather bracelets: in the summer or when you feel like wearing a more casual style, leather or leather and silver bracelets add the perfect bohemian touch.

10 jewelry items you need to own before 40

A modern pearl necklace: pearls are timeless so don’t hesitate to wear them. If you prefer a modern look, go for a non-classic version.

10 jewelry items you need to own before 40

Gold rings: another basic which works at any time of day in any season.

10 jewelry items you need to own before 40

Colorful bracelet: perfect for injecting some life into muted outfits, wearing with jeans and adding something new to simple summer styles.

10 jewelry items you need to own before 40

How many of these basics do you have in your jewelry box? If you’d like to discover these and much more, visit and update your collection of basics.

Genderless by UNOde50, a new campaign that goes beyond gender


Love knows no boundaries; it follows no rules; it understands nothing of gender and has no prejudice. For that reason we have created Genderless by UNOde50, a new campaign to enjoy Valentine’s Day without limits.

Ditch gender labels and break with tradition!

At UNOde50 we have always identified with the concept of unisex, and we have created jewelry that is not limited to one specific gender. This has been one of the hallmarks of our brand right from the beginning. We show this through the main materials we use, silver and leather, and also through many of our designs, created to be worn by people, without making a distinction between men and women.

With Genderless, we encourage you to reaffirm your personality, by breaking with established rules and following our brand philosophy: be true to yourself.

The Genderless by UNOde50 collection

How about a unisex Valentine’s Day? Discover our latest creation: a new bracelet designed by José Azulay, our new creative director, together with our design team. This exclusive silver and leather piece, with a touch of red, the firm’s most emblematic color, goes beyond gender and classification.

We are UNO. This new piece can only be bought in pack of two, so you can share it with your partner and celebrate genderless love.

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Furthermore, the collection also includes some of our most iconic unisex pieces of jewelry, such as our “Zen”, “Semillas” and “Estás Grillado” bracelets.  And if you choose the same items of jewelry from this range for you and for your partner, you’ll get 20% off the final price.

Finally, you may discover the complete range of Genderless by UNOde50 jewelry in store and on our webpage. And make our bracelets the symbol of your love without rules and without prejudice.

5 fashion week looks to rock with UNOde50 jewelry


International fashion week season is drawing to a close and the time has come to compile the best looks from Milan, Paris, London and New York starring UNOde50.

The most glamorous front-row guests give us their interpretations of how to rock our designs. Let yourself be seduced by the daring combinations and latest looks that will inspire you when donning your own UNOde50 jewelry.


Street Style: UNOde50 jewelry globetrots to fashion week

A trendy-glam look in the heart of London



British blogger, Whitney Valverde of WhitneysWonderland, opted for this look to attend the third day of London’s Fashion Week. On-trend attire like flared trousers and a top with ruffled sleeves combine flawlessly with the “Toronado” necklace, a uniquely stylish piece for the bold and confident woman.


Grunge denim takes over Paris


Despite knowing that in Paris they dress to the nines for fashion week, Zoé—author of the blog, Les Babioles de Zoé—opted for a more casual ensemble: head to toe denim with edgy accessories like the silver “Yei-Yei” necklace with Swarovski crystals, a fedora, and a hobo bag, a must-have for this fall-winter season.


A daring, metallic ensemble to shine like a star


New York Fashion Week requires dressing to perfection and the Italian model, Marta Festa, does just that in sheer and metallic fabrics with embroidered details and an unforgettable hairstyle. She rocks the choker trend with the “Lizza” and adds a dash of the rebellious with the “Toronado,” one of UNOde50’s most popular designs for the new season.



Contrasts with print animal 


Leopard print has that je ne sais quoi that makes it stylish season after season. When paired with sneakers and torn jeans, it’s the perfect combination to sport with the “Chapa-rron” and “Cascaditabracelets chosen by Marie, from the blog Marieandmood.


A look inspired by UNOde50’s Gold Collection


For her trip to the front row at London’s Fashion Week, German Nina-Victoria Suess, from, chose pieces from our Gold Collection. What do you wear with the “Eslabón” necklace and the “B-12” bracelet? An oversized coat in warm hues, a blush pink blouse, and an Asian-inspired embroidered kimono: three must-haves for winter 2016.

Inspiration is served! Take note of the latest trends and create your own look with UNOde50 jewelry. Got something in mind?

20 years of rebel pieces in a single jewelry collection


UNOde50 celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2016. A period of time that shows we’re not just a passing trend, replete with unique designs and ground-breaking jewelry. During this time we’ve always remained true to our style, and kept our handcrafted Made in Spain creation process.

Two decades of history merits a celebration that is out of this world, right?

We started in June with an incredible birthday party. An original and exclusive event, with an amazing guest list and a stunning venue. However, the best is yet to come and we can finally present you with our most personal project of the year: the 20th Anniversary Capsule Collection.

This collection is a homage to the brand’s history, re-creating several of our most iconic designs: 20 pieces—one for each year—through which our design team has narrated the key milestones when UNOde50 has revolutionized the world of jewelry.


Discover the 20th Anniversary Collection:


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The padlock has been the brand’s emblem right from the start. It represents a symbol of protection, and highlights the unique and artistic character of our pieces.


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Art and culture are part of the brand’s DNA. Movements such as the ‘Movida Madrileña’ have inspired pieces such as this iconic bracelet.


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Gender friendly. Our rule-breaking spirit, breaks away from traditional jewelry by going for unisex designs.


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We were seduced by the forbidden. We give free reign to our rebellious spirit. This daring design evokes sensuality, and individuality.


41873RGB3 copia

UNOde50 becomes a pioneer in men’s jewelry design with the introduction of unique and daring pieces, like this bracelet, for the urban man.


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Made in Spain. UNOde50 pays tribute to the year Spain said goodbye to the ‘peseta’ with the creation of this symbolic necklace.


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UNOde50’s commitment to quality handmade craftsmanship, attention to detail, and exclusivity is represented through unique pieces like these earrings.


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The UNOde50 collection is created by artists. This piece reflects the close relationship of the brand’s philosophy with the world of art.


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In 2004 we opened our first UNOde50 store in the most bohemian and alternative area of Madrid, a space where the brand unveils its most precious and rule-breaking designs.


40857RGB3 copia

‘Ibiza’ bracelet became the brand’s most iconic piece. This bold design which took years to be completed due to its special shape and texture.


40659RGB3 copia

The finality of color, through craftsmanship. The ring represents creative design, while the bold red color signifies the brand’s strength.


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We constantly experiment with new materials and combinations, such as the introduction of pearls within our collections.


41797RGB3 copia

This ring became the symbol of the brand’s expansion, a key made in Spain that opens the door to the global market.


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UNOde50 combines luxury and craftsmanship and in 2009 we incorporated Swarovski crystals into our collection, providing an elegant and nocturnal touch.


40763RGB3 copia

We launched the first line of watches for men and women. The opening of a new market that demonstrates the brand’s versatility.


40854RGB3 copia

To celebrate our 15th anniversary we designed this layered bangle, which includes the number “15” engraved on the padlock.


40948RGB3 copia

A different way of seeing the world. A crooked nail that forms a heart, symbolizes ground-breaking and daring love.


40748RGB3 copia

In 2013 we strengthened our commitment with Rett Syndrome research, with this solidarity bracelet that seeks to increase awareness and raise funds. A symbol of hope represented by the small hands that open up in the form of angel wings.


40672RGB3 copia

2014 is a year of creative boost for UNOde50 with the launch of Gold Collection. Our most iconic pieces are reinterpreted in striking gold, highlighting the features of brand’s identity.


40747RGB3 copia

We are going a step beyond, pioneering the trends with the unveiling of pieces that reflect the attitude and the unmistakable style of the brand.



Experimentation and innovation. In celebration of the 20th anniversary we went a step further, honoring the most important materials for us. This exclusive necklace juxtaposes Silver, Leather and Gold for the first time.

10 interesting facts about silver that you probably didn’t know


In fiction, it can kill a werewolf, and in reality it attacks bacteria as well as antibiotics. You might not believe that we’re talking about silver. However, despite the fact that it’s one of the main materials we use to craft our jewelry, for once we’re not here to present our designs and collections, and instead we’ll tell you the most interesting facts about this noble metal.

How much do you know about silver?

  1. Silver means jewelry, but also so much more: it is used in different sectors like medicine, electronics, odontology, photography and a long etcetera. One of its most surprising uses may be its application to create artificial rain, due to its capacity to reflect light.
  1. Did you know that, out of all metals, it is the best conductor of electricity?
  1. Earlier than 700 BC, coins were minted from this metal and, indeed, it continues being synonymous with money. In ancient Egypt, it was even considered more valuable than gold.

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  1. It has such great reflectivity that mirrors could be made with silver, although they’re normally produced from aluminum just because it’s more economical.
  1. The Phoenicians used silver containers to keep their food fresh for a longer period of time. And in very small quantities, silver can kill bacteria, just like antibiotics.
  1. The main silver-producing countries are Mexico and Peru, which together represent one-third of the world’s total production. They’re followed by China, Australia and Chile.
  1. Silver oxidizes easily, but it is also very easy to clean. You just need a little hot water, baking soda and a cloth to rub over it.

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  1. It was decisive in inventing photography, as silver halide crystals are needed on the paper for printing. This is why the demand for silver skyrocketed in the 1960s.
  1. The origin: the name silver can only be understood if we know about its origin. The root of its Latin name “argentum” has remained in other languages. However, in Spanish it ended up being called “plata” because there were numerous deposits of this metal on the Iberian Peninsula (later Spain and Portugal) during the Roman era and, to be able to transport it, it was shaped into “plattum argentum” (silver sheets). The word “argentum” was slowly dropped, while “plattum” evolved into “plata”.
  1. We’ll finish by turning to fiction: horror writing has propagated the idea that one of the best ways to finish off a wolf-man is with a silver bullet and it is therefore one of the metals most reviled by evil beings like vampires, ghosts and—naturally—werewolves.



There are so many odd trivia surrounding this precious metal that we can’t tell you all of them, so we’ll finish our list here. But after so many data, our recommendation for putting the final touch to this total immersion into the world of “argentum” is that you don’t miss our new collection of UNOde50 pieces, in which silver—combined with other materials like leather, crystal and olive wood—is the star.

Ankle bracelets: The must-have accessory of summer 2016


The anklet is here to stay. What? Yes, you heard it right: this season, ankle bracelets have become (again!) the essential piece in any summer look. To explain the comeback of this fashion trend, we are going to answer the five basic questions that journalists must answer about any topic if they want to write clearly.


What is being worn?

We’ll say it again: ankle bracelets. They are causing a furor on catwalks and are beginning to sweep through the street style looks of all the admired influencers. Made of silver, gold or even leather or crochet. Super-thin or chunky, with or without charms. Everything goes in this anklet trend!


Who made it fashionable and who is wearing it?

In the spring-summer 2016 Fashion Weeks, more than a few fashionistas were wearing the dernier cri in jewelry. From Chloe to Calvin Klein, not to mention Marc Jacobs, everyone was hooked on these chains. They were even seen in Paris’ haute couture, specifically in the Dior show.


Plus, at the fashion shows we also saw celebrities from all over the world wearing real-life ankle bracelets, and we particularly saw them in the Instagram accounts of trendsetters like the brilliant @Manrepeller or the super-blogger @sincerelyjules.



Where and when should they be worn?

They are essential on the beach. But they are also vital in order to give a vacation-y feel to any work look during the summer months.



The reason behind this trend precisely now is a breeze to understand. First, the anklet was never really totally out of fashion; it has always had its die-hard fans who pulled it out of their jewelry box at the beginning of every June and stowed it away again at the end of every September.

Secondly, the trend of showing ankles, either with rolled-up jeans or culottes or by banishing socks from the wardrobe, has pushed us to decorate them with a host of tiny chains.mariajosediazul

Let’s delve a bit further into this question: Why join the trend this summer? Because it’s fresh, it’s fun, it’s natural and it’s rebellious. Because it signals the beach, hot weather and vacations.


How can I join the ankle bracelet rage?

Naturally and with a rebellious attitude. By matching it with torn jeans, culottes and cigarette trousers that reveal the ankle, with white sneakers, mules and stilettos. At UNOde50 we are joining the ankle bracelet rage with our original, bold designs. Choose your favorite and stick it in your suitcase because you’re going to need it this vacation. It’s going to become one of your mainstays in your Instagram photos at the beach. And if not, only time will tell.