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UNOde50 Kids: a special new collection of bracelets for girls


This spring, the little ones can also sport the unique styles of UNOde50. Our latest spring-summer collection has been revamped with several bracelet designs in mini versions. A selection for girls bursting with color and the unmistakable flair of our brand.

These petite jewels are an original gift idea for that special occasion, like a birthday or first communion, or simply a fun way for mothers and daughters to match. We present UNOde50’s designs for girls.


Just for kids: bracelets for the UNOde50 girl


Pez queñín: a colorful and unique girl’s bracelet. Its adjustable elastic makes it simple to slide on and off.


Pez queñita: a unique fishtail design, clad in 15-micron silver, with a touch of brown leather and colorful handmade crystals.


Se posa: a creation in blue tones, perfect for summer. Like all of the company’s jewelry, this bracelet for girls is handcrafted in Spain.


Rett Kids: Childhood is one of the issues that matters most to us at UNOde50. Since 2014, we have collaborated with the association, Mi Princesa Rett, which advocates research of Rett Syndrome, a neurological disease that affects young girls. You too can help with the purchase of one of our Rett bracelets, also available in a unisex version for infants.


Suerte de goma: the mini version of our iconic Sortuda bracelet. A unique design with personality that reflects the conceptual and independent style that defines UNOde50.

2017 SALES: Check out our top discounted pieces


UNOde50’s sales are here.  Don’t miss the opportunity to get your hands on our most original and creative pieces at 30% off. Draw winter to a close with the latest jewelry trends and add a splash of color to your spring wardrobe.

Because any excuse will do to enjoy our special prices, we recommend a selection of unique jewels to help you decide.


12 exclusive UNOde50 pieces, now with special discounts

“¿Lo hacemos?”: This necklace is one of our basics. Perfect to add a bold touch to any neutral look, with the unmistakable personality of UNOde50.


“Chunda chunda”: Leather and silver, our most iconic materials, are key to these all-terrain earrings. Pair them with any variety of looks.


“Como una ola”: Take advantage of the sales to get a jump on the latest trends and add a splash of color to your spring wardrobe.


“DEBAJO”: A ring with an inimitable design, only suitable for bold and creative women.


“Nevado”: A piece that embodies the essence of UNOde50 and adds style to any basic ensemble.


“Cuadrilátero”: The geometric design of this leather cuff bracelet is very original and won’t go unnoticed. And you can find it also in red.


“Cheyenne”: An earcuff is a unique detail to transform an ordinary look into a hot number.


“Otra de bolas”: This necklace made with handcrafted crystals and silver beads is a showstopper with its design and range of colors in blues and earth tones.


“Cherokee”: Be daring with asymmetric pieces like the earrings from our Creative Winds collection.


“A-R-M-O-R.”: If you still don’t have an articulated ring, now is the time to embrace one of the season’s hottest trends.


“Tanit”: Leather, silver, charms and colorful detailing make this bracelet a fun everyday option.


“Des-Orbitado”: This is the name of a unique and timeless design, an inimitable necklace that will become one of your must-haves.



It’s time to shop the sales. Discover all of these UNOde50 pieces at 30% off at our stores and online.

20 years of rebel pieces in a single jewelry collection


UNOde50 celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2016. A period of time that shows we’re not just a passing trend, replete with unique designs and ground-breaking jewelry. During this time we’ve always remained true to our style, and kept our handcrafted Made in Spain creation process.

Two decades of history merits a celebration that is out of this world, right?

We started in June with an incredible birthday party. An original and exclusive event, with an amazing guest list and a stunning venue. However, the best is yet to come and we can finally present you with our most personal project of the year: the 20th Anniversary Capsule Collection.

This collection is a homage to the brand’s history, re-creating several of our most iconic designs: 20 pieces—one for each year—through which our design team has narrated the key milestones when UNOde50 has revolutionized the world of jewelry.


Discover the 20th Anniversary Collection:


9463RGB3 copia

The padlock has been the brand’s emblem right from the start. It represents a symbol of protection, and highlights the unique and artistic character of our pieces.


40634RGB3 copia

Art and culture are part of the brand’s DNA. Movements such as the ‘Movida Madrileña’ have inspired pieces such as this iconic bracelet.


40844RGB3 copia

Gender friendly. Our rule-breaking spirit, breaks away from traditional jewelry by going for unisex designs.


40869RGB3 copia

We were seduced by the forbidden. We give free reign to our rebellious spirit. This daring design evokes sensuality, and individuality.


41873RGB3 copia

UNOde50 becomes a pioneer in men’s jewelry design with the introduction of unique and daring pieces, like this bracelet, for the urban man.


41608RGB3 copia

Made in Spain. UNOde50 pays tribute to the year Spain said goodbye to the ‘peseta’ with the creation of this symbolic necklace.


40666RGB3 copia

UNOde50’s commitment to quality handmade craftsmanship, attention to detail, and exclusivity is represented through unique pieces like these earrings.


9421RGB3 copia

The UNOde50 collection is created by artists. This piece reflects the close relationship of the brand’s philosophy with the world of art.


41839RGB3 copia

In 2004 we opened our first UNOde50 store in the most bohemian and alternative area of Madrid, a space where the brand unveils its most precious and rule-breaking designs.


40857RGB3 copia

‘Ibiza’ bracelet became the brand’s most iconic piece. This bold design which took years to be completed due to its special shape and texture.


40659RGB3 copia

The finality of color, through craftsmanship. The ring represents creative design, while the bold red color signifies the brand’s strength.


40851RGB3 copia

We constantly experiment with new materials and combinations, such as the introduction of pearls within our collections.


41797RGB3 copia

This ring became the symbol of the brand’s expansion, a key made in Spain that opens the door to the global market.


40708RGB3 copia

UNOde50 combines luxury and craftsmanship and in 2009 we incorporated Swarovski crystals into our collection, providing an elegant and nocturnal touch.


40763RGB3 copia

We launched the first line of watches for men and women. The opening of a new market that demonstrates the brand’s versatility.


40854RGB3 copia

To celebrate our 15th anniversary we designed this layered bangle, which includes the number “15” engraved on the padlock.


40948RGB3 copia

A different way of seeing the world. A crooked nail that forms a heart, symbolizes ground-breaking and daring love.


40748RGB3 copia

In 2013 we strengthened our commitment with Rett Syndrome research, with this solidarity bracelet that seeks to increase awareness and raise funds. A symbol of hope represented by the small hands that open up in the form of angel wings.


40672RGB3 copia

2014 is a year of creative boost for UNOde50 with the launch of Gold Collection. Our most iconic pieces are reinterpreted in striking gold, highlighting the features of brand’s identity.


40747RGB3 copia

We are going a step beyond, pioneering the trends with the unveiling of pieces that reflect the attitude and the unmistakable style of the brand.



Experimentation and innovation. In celebration of the 20th anniversary we went a step further, honoring the most important materials for us. This exclusive necklace juxtaposes Silver, Leather and Gold for the first time.