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New Collection! Crush arrives to give us a sneak peek at upcoming jewelry trends


Phases of Love enters a new and exciting stage along with the Crush Collection. Pieces of jewelry with lots of character and full of life where the most elegant feathers play the leading role. Feathers that are inspired by birds that show all their splendor to woo their mate and join crystals that bring touches of sparkle and light.


Be the first to discover the new Crush Collection

Silver, crystals, leather and feathers, lots of feathers! Discover our new Crush Collection and fall in love with its pieces of jewelry:


Timeless pieces of jewelry designed to take any style to new heights and give a touch of distinction that goes with office looks as well as styles for Saturday nights. Create the perfect set of jewelry with the Peak and pen necklace and the Feather ring.


Silver is the overarching element of the Crush collection and it plates necklaces, bracelets and rings with Unode50’s personal style. Be seduced by the feathers of the A Pico y Pluma bracelet, the Feather ring and the Feather necklace.


The statement earrings are the hit of the season (and between us, they plan on staying a long time). They come in many different shapes but with some elements in common: they must be XL and cause an explosion of life on your face. Our I like you earrings are a clear example of this.


The result is very different pieces to stand out on any occasion. Don’t miss them!

New collection! Here’s an exclusive preview of Sweetness, the first FW18 collection


Check out our brand new collection today at UNOde50! It’s called Phases of Love and it’s here to whisk us away to the different stages and phases of love through exclusive and elegant pieces of jewelry. With its own unique language and brimming with emotions, Phases of Love brings us the very latest FW18 trends in jewelry.  Your next stop? The Sweetness Collection.


Here’s an exclusive preview of Sweetness

Sweetness represents that thrill at the start of a relationship with joyful life-affirming pieces featuring colored crystals, silver and leather.


Color is one of the key characteristics of the Sweetness Collection. Handcrafted crystals in pastel tones decorate joyful and colorful pieces such as the Tickling bracelet and the Feelings necklace.


But the absolute star of the Sweetness Collection is undoubtedly our new and improved dragonfly, whose wings – made from silver with Swarovski crystals – come to life in many of our pieces. You can find it in the Any time necklace, the Little-dragon-fly bracelet and the My dragon-fly ring.


The result is a selection of unique, vibrant and joyous items of jewelry, the ideal accessory for your summer looks, or if you are already thinking ahead to the next Fall/Winter season.

UNOde50’s new pieces are already here! We are the first to discover the Preview Fall-Winter Collection

Nuevos diseños exclusivos la colección Preview FW18

We love surprises and this year we want to surprise you with our new jewelry that is for sale starting today. A Preview Fall-Winter Collection that brings us the latest trends in jewelry so that you can wear them for the first time before anyone else this summer.

We are revealing new pieces in necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings so that you can go for a unique style during your next vacation. Don’t miss it!


Just in! New exclusive designs from the Preview FW18 Collection











In this new line, we bring back one of our iconic symbols: the dragonfly. This star returns to our designs lighter than ever and accompanied by Swarovski crystals.











So that you opt for the trendy colors of summer 2018, in this collection the pieces are filled with pastel shades from different ranges: pinks, blues, mauves… Unique summer jewelry with a bohemian and relaxed touch.


Plus, the recycled handcrafted crystals are combined with silver-plated metal with our characteristic finish and dark brown leather. Discover the new season preview and let yourself be carried away by its happy and timeless style.

We hit the beach with UNOde50’s latest collection: Ocean


The first rays of springtime sun, spring break, longer days… Summer is right around the corner and we’re eager to hit the beach. Ocean, our new collection, arrives just in time to bring us the warmth and color of the summer season.

Ocean Collection: positive energy in full color


Our latest pieces are inspired by waves, coral, and colorful shells. Long beaded necklaces, anklets, maxi rings, cuffs… the new collection features a variety of designer pieces that will transport you to the seashore.

Turquoise, coral, aquamarine, and pearl tones will envelop you in a cool and relaxing atmosphere. The leather and silver details, characteristic of UNOde50, add a bohemian touch to a casual and fun jewelry line.

Original charms are the key to this line, appearing on bracelets, necklaces and earrings. Surfboards, starfish, shells, positive messages… the energy of the sea and vacations have inspired our creative team, led by José Azulay, to design these pieces with unique details.

A sea of combinations


Ocean is a collection to wear the way you want. Combine it with a colorful frock or a white Ibizan sundress. It also works as a casual accessory with a dress shirt or office attire. It’s perfect to pair with a denim look or a bikini at the beach bar on your favorite beach. And all of the pieces work together to create unique jewelry sets.

This spring, discover Ocean: irresistible designs inspired by the seabed, as always, handcrafted in Spain.

New Jungle Collection: the latest from our spring jewelry line


Our Spring-Summer 2018 line continues to expand with the incorporation of new designs. This week it’s the turn of the Jungle Collection, a new range of jewelry inspired by the rainforest.


Plant and animal trends are reflected in these original designs featuring our iconic materials, leather and silver. Swarovski crystals in spring tones, like green and pink, add flashes of color to this intoxicating jewelry line.


Tropical inspiration

The nature and ecosystems of the Earth serve as the source of inspiration for our SS18 collection. While the North Pole and the desert inspire our Ice and Oasis lines, respectively, in Jungle we emulate tropical flora and fauna.


Tropical fronds, like those of the Adam’s Rib plant, for example, inspired designs for the “La Hoja” bracelet and the “Silvestre” earrings.


Jungle animals also feature in this collection. The monkey is the true star, appearing on playful pieces like the “Little George” earrings and the “Ladrón del tesoro” necklace.


Finally, the colors of the rainforest dominate the creations in this line with vibrant green and pink Swarovski crystals. In Jungle you’ll find unique pieces with luminous details, like the “Hojas” choker and bracelet.

Discover the complete collection and the latest spring creations at our stores and online.



2018 begins with the New Spring-Summer Collection from UNOde50


We begin the year with only one resolution: to seduce you with our New Spring-Summer Collection. Earth is our latest range of unique jewelry, with exclusive pieces that set the trends in designer jewelry.

Taking inspiration from nature, we have created lines like Ice and Oasis, featuring pieces that incorporate natural, new shapes and colors.

Ice: Refreshing jewelry that shimmers


In a matter of weeks, we will present the season preview of this line, inspired by the chilliest corners of the globe, where geometric shapes represent blocks of ice and frozen stalactites with iridescent blue Swarovski crystals, designed exclusively for UNOde50.

Oasis: original pearls with a touch of color

DESIERTO 2-1200-628

The oval shapes of this line, embellished with pearls and turquoise-toned gems, transport us to desert sand dunes. Long and short necklaces, colorful earrings, and XL rings beguile us with summery designs to illuminate the skin.

In this collection, as always, UNOde50 maintains its DNA by handcrafting all of its pieces in Spain and reflecting exclusivity in each design.

Discover the latest from UNOde50 and stay tuned to our social media and our blog for more news to come.



Masai: UNOde50’s new collection has an African rhythm


UNOde50 presents a new collection: Masai. The inspiration for this new line comes directly from Africa and it goes on sale October 2 at all of our stores and on our website.

The nature, the culture, and the heart of the African continent infuse these unique, tribal-shaped pieces. The roots of the Masai people, their traditions, and their colorful attire inspire the firm’s latest collection.


New original jewels inspired by Masai people

Leather and silver-clad metal, our iconic materials, coexist in perfect harmony with brilliant Swarovski crystals, taking us on a journey of color and shimmer.

Smoky-grey and amethyst tones are combined to embellish rings, necklaces, and bracelets, creating exclusive, soulful designs.

UNODE50_AW17-18_F04_298 copia

All MASAI pieces are designed for the woman of today, who likes trends but loves pieces with a unique style, like the multi-strand necklaces and rings with colorful crystals that comprise a collection brimming with tradition and true to the essence of UNOde50.

Travel with us to Africa and discover the new Masai collection in its entirety.


Fashion alert: The UNOde50’s New Fall-Winter 2017 Collection has arrived

UNODE50_AW17-18_F01_140 copia

UNOde50’s new designs drink directly from the roots. The heart of the African continent and its nature inspire the jewelry firm’s universe in its New Fall-Winter 2017 Collection. Pieces brimming with an attractive fusion of colors, materials, and details with character developed in four lines: Grains, Seal and Pencil.

Discover Grains:

UNODE50_AW17-18_F07_029 copia

The GRAINS line features natural essences that come together to create incredible landscapes bursting of life, with wheat and its evolution from seed to stalk—a symbol of the passage of time—as the centerpiece.

Discover Seal:

UNODE50_AW17-18_F02_057 copia

Because we wanted to honor the pivotal role that history plays in this collection in an artistic and exclusive way, we created the SEAL line: jewels that combine small shapes stamped in silver with handcrafted crystals and leather.

Discover Pencil:

65266RGB copia

The PENCIL line represents the origin of writing, the starting point of creation. A sketch or a scrawl of ideas, inspirations, or thoughts that could not have materialized any other way. Our latest Men’s Collection full of amazing designs made of leather and silver.

Glances: discover the making-of the latest UNOde50 campaign


UNOde50 presents Glances, our latest campaign, a declaration of intent where the protagonist is the product — unique jewelry handcrafted by the designer and president of the company, José Azulay.

A super-production underlies this campaign, which introduces an updated image of the brand: classic and modern, soft yet powerful. With creativity serving as a foundation and using photography and fashion film, UNOde50 tells a story through jewelry, gestures, and glances.


How was the Glances campaign created?

It all began several months ago with a brainstorming session. An incalculable number of ideas were put on the table until we found the one that fit the time and place of the brand perfectly.

Glances emerged, an idea we loved from the get-go. We wanted to use black and white, a touch of red—our color—silver, and gold to create a very special vision of our jewelry and a story in which artistic inspiration and creativity were key.


Who is behind the campaign?

Once we had chosen the project, it needed to be developed professionally and in record time. The next steps were fundamental. First, we had to find creatives with their own style to create a unique story. Names were suggested, like Eugenio Recuenco to direct the fashion film and Tomás de la Fuente for photography; Gregorio Arroyo to direct commercials and edit, Eric Dover & Mar for art direction. For make-up and hairstyling, we turned once again to Moncho Moreno and María Salud, and Beñat Yanci for styling.


After several intense days of shooting, with more than 40 people giving 110% from 6:00 a.m., the story became a reality. Only one final touch remained: the soundtrack. We wanted something with power and personality and we found the solution in the music of composer Alfonso G. Aguilar, who created the perfect melody for a fashion film that we’re extremely proud of.

Secret Gardens: jewelry inspired by nature for a spring bursting with color

60803RGB3 copia

Bye bye, winter! Who isn’t eager to say those words? Admit you want to be enveloped by spring, that you anxiously await the arrival of sunny days, that your wardrobe will be bursting with bright colors and your scarves tucked away under lock and key. To help satisfy your wishes, this season UNOde50 suggests filling your jewelry box with spring colors from our Secret Gardens collection: a line that captures the spring-summer 2017 jewelry trends and reinvents the exotic essence of the 1970s.

Let yourself be seduced by nature and its range of tones with this latest collection. Visit our secret garden full of unique designs, created to add a dash of originality and color to your new look, because like you, we’re also itching for spring.


Secret Gardens: floral and marine-inspired tones.

60871RGB copia


The Secret Gardens line captures the charm of urban gardens, the delicacy of floral tones and those enchanting enclaves we don’t want to reveal to anyone. Like a breath of fresh air in the city, these hidden sanctuaries are embodied in long mother of pearl and crystal necklaces, leather bracelets with silver, and eye-catching rings with aquatic shapes.

These pieces have a natural beauty that conveys relaxation while being full of energy and life. In this sea-inspired collection, mauve, turquoise, and white tones blend with natural mother of pearl and the silver and leather that are characteristic of the brand. Check out our colorful XXL bracelets, like  “Nacaroni” or our summer anklets, like “Nefriti.”



The flying fish is the star of the collection: an incredible animal that is depicted with hints of fantasy and color on long leather, silver, and mother of pearl necklaces, like “Frizzante,” on silver-plated cuffs like “En las raspas,” and on leather and silver bracelets, like “Encolado”—all unique designs created to take your breath away.

Get a jump on the latest trends with the Secret Garden collection from UNOde50 and have an exotic, colorful spring.