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New Gold Collection SS18: the summer wears gold


Spring-summer 2018 continues with more of the latest trends from UNOde50. Arriving in stores this week is the new Gold Collection SS18, which joins the Ocean Collection to update the latest jewelry season with unique style.

Now that the days are longer and the sun shines brighter, this latest collection arrives with full force to add a hint of golden shimmer to your spring and summer looks. Here’s what’s new in the Gold Collection SS18 from UNOde50:


  1. Gold trends:

The latest trends in jewelry come in shades of gold. Because natural shapes and plant-inspired designs are all the rage this season, we wanted to offer them not only in silver but also plated in gold, so you can choose your favorite version of pieces like the “La Hoja” ring and bracelet.


  1. Leather details:

Jewelry combined with leather is one of our hallmarks. So this season we wanted to expand our selection of leather and gold with bracelets like “Engánchame” and necklaces like “Omariba”: exclusive designs to pair with your summer dresses or to glam-up your jeans and t-shirt.


  1. Gold icons:

Among the latest in the new Gold Collection is one of our most iconic pieces, the “Estás Grillado” bracelet. Finally, you can have this unique design in a gold-plated version to wear with your favorite spring looks.

In the new season, enjoy all of the latest Gold Collection arrivals and enhance your suntan with this unique jewelry.

The New Ice Collection arrives just in time for the Holidays


UNOde50’s new jewelry collection arrives just in time to add a sparkling touch to our Christmas gift list. As a pre-launch to the Spring-Summer 2018 collection, the Ice Collection is now in stores and online. Inspired by the coldest corners of our planet the Ice Collection kicks off UNOde50’s perfect Holiday on Ice experience through unique handcrafted jewelry pieces.

Organic and geometric shapes are brought together in pieces that transport us to a world of glaciers, blocks of ice and sparkling blue tones. The new geometric crystal shapes featured in the Ice Collection are  part of a special Swarovski collection created by designer, Chris Bangle, with a color tone developed exclusively for UNOde50.

Shine with the Ice Collection


With exclusive designs made to shine and stand out, this new collection is perfect for a holiday party look. Pieces like the Stalactite earrings or the Cube Cubed ring, add a touch of light to any outfit.


Refreshing Holiday Gifts


The new Ice Collection has plenty of refreshing ideas to make the right holiday gift choice. Among others, the Cave necklace is a unique design that matches any look, and the Stalactite bracelet is a great choice if you are looking for a very special piece.

What are you waiting for? Experience the UNOde50, holiday on Ice.

Gold Collection: have a golden summer with our designs


This season brings new products to our Gold Collection: fresh designs with the unique UNOde50 spirit and all the glamour of gold. Why not try our collection of gold-clad pieces handcrafted in Spain? Check ‘em out!

New products for a golden spring

In spring, the latest fashion trends creep into every corner of our closets. You’ve probably already gotten your hands on some of the season’s on-trend accessories, so now it’s time to update your jewelry collection, and that’s where our new gold line comes in.

Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings with the stamp of the design that distinguishes UNOde50 — unique pieces that can transform any spring-summer look with a distinct touch of glamor.

61433RGB copia

Our new pieces are ahead of the latest 2017 jewelry trends, which favor gold, especially in XXL sizes. Not to go unnoticed, maxi bracelets like “Tu bi molt” and necklaces like “Skalator” will be your best style allies this season.

How to combine the new jewelry from our Gold Collection?

More is more. Be bold and wear more than one piece from UNOde50’s Gold Collection; they go together flawlessly.

In terms of fashion, this spring, pair our gold designs with jeans and a men’s striped dress shirt for one of the season’s most versatile looks.

61487RGB copia

Make the accessories the focal point of your ensemble by combining them with a minimalist dress, or opt for a total Baroque look with floral prints.

With the arrival of the hot weather, we stow our coats and adorn our skin with accessories like never before. If you want to be different, try our New Gold Collection.

New Wild Instinct Collection: jewelry with savage instinct


We all have a wild side and this season UNOde50 wants to discover yours. Introducing our latest collection: Wild Instinct, a new line for spring/summer 2017 inspired by the animal kingdom and designed to captivate. The strength of the crocodile and the resilience of its skin are reflected in this innovative collection of creative jewelry, for those who still want more after the release of our SS17 City Paradises collection.

 Inspiration: untamed nature


Enigmatic, unique, strong… these are some of the adjectives associated with one of nature’s most charismatic animals: the crocodile.

It is a symbol of power and wisdom in many cultures: to the early inhabitants of India, it signified the origin of life; for the ancient Egyptians, it was the protector god of fertility, vegetation, and life.


The latest: sophistication and creativity


The creative director of UNOde50, José Azulay, and his design team firmly believe that boldness and elegance go hand in hand artistically.

In this collection, they have ventured to combine untamed nature with glamour and light. This fusion has given way to a unique collection, with that distinctive element that differentiates UNOde50 from the rest.


The characteristic feature of the pieces that comprise the Wild Instinct collection is the texture of crocodile skin, obtained by smoothing scales over silver. Swarovski crystals in shades of Erinite Green and Silver Night are then inlaid to add a hint of light to the designs, and finally, a touch of our iconic leather is included.

Long necklaces with tons of character, short necklaces spun-off from chokers, articulated rings, and bangle bracelets are featured as part of Wild Instinct, a collection designed to create exclusive daytime looks and stylish yet daring evening looks. Discover all the jewelry from UNOde50’s most enigmatic line on our website and at our stores.

City Paradises: UNOde50’s most creative collection for spring-summer 2017


After the winter sales, it’s time to discover the latest collections launched by fashion and accessory labels everywhere. At UNOde50, we can’t wait to present City Paradises, our new spring-summer collection that puts creativity in the spotlight.

Inspired by urban paradises, intimate, unique and secret places immersed in big cities but removed from the hustle and bustle. These small spaces, where you can escape, find peace and promote creativity every day, have provided the inspiration for each capsule of the New SS17 Collection.

The complete UNOde50 SS17 collection

Home Creative Home


Let’s start with the first line in this New Collection, that transports us to the warmth of the home. A place where you can live with your own style, designed to give free rein to your creativity. It features characteristic UNOde50 elements such as keys and pearls, as well as on-trend pieces such as maxi-necklaces, chokers, and knuckle rings.

Don’t miss out on some of our unique pieces such as Alguna abrirá, a silver, leather, and pearl necklace with an exclusive design. Or our bracelet Ya ves, de vuelta, an original key shape design.

Secret Gardens


The freshest and most colorful line. Little secret gardens inspire free spirited pieces, seventies looks defined by natural relaxed beauty.

Mother-of-pearl in pastel shades and on-trend colors such as purple and turquoise feature in our Nacaroni bracelet and bracelet. Designs with details of fantastic animals such as the flying fish, which features on our Frizzante necklace. This line will take you to magical places.


Wild Suburb


The last line presents an alterative urban ambiance, personified through pieces with a freer and bolder spirit, featuring rock and punk influences.

We discover new unisex jewelry, an essential concept for UNOde50. Such as the Bala Perdida bracelet and our Embalados ring, inspired by the military world.

Gradually, we will reveal the jewelry featured in this collection. With a more creative spirit than ever before, but without losing the essence of UNOde50’s exclusive design and Made in Spain handcrafted quality.

Xmas Capsule Collection. The latest from UNOde50 for Christmas 2016


Lights, magic… action! The holidays are right around the corner and because it is a season of parties, dinners, and events.  We need details and accessories to add that special flare to every occasion, every outfit. UNOde50 presents its Xmas Capsule Collection, a collection that breathes elegance, without neglecting the brand’s creative and artisanal spirit.


Because UNOde50 wants you to have a cool, captivating Christmas, its Xmas Capsule Collection, featuring blue Swarovski crystals in architectonic shapes, manages to give your look a sophisticated, glamorous touch that is simultaneously quirky and flamboyant.


Among our favorite creations from this new line are original bracelets like the “Wenaika” and “Nyota” that combine seamlessly with many of our silver and leather icons.

You can also opt for pieces like the “Superunos” ring and the “Super A2” pendant for a more casual look. Or the “Keita” necklace with sophisticated geometric designs for a flawless evening wear ensemble.


Blue iridescent Swarovski crystals in bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and rings. Are you daring enough to wear these pieces that will make an impression on everyone?

Finally, enjoy our limited edition jewelry and experience unique moments with exclusive pieces.

Have you thought about what you’ll wear for Christmas and New Year’s Eve? Get ready to add a dash of luxury to your holiday looks.

For more inspiration, check out our Night Collection, a line of festive pieces for endless nights.


New Fall-Winter 2016 collection: we unveil UNOde50’s latest


July is one of the best months of the year. No doubt about it. Terraces, ice-creams, swimming pools and endless balmy nights… and the cherry to top off this perfect season, the new fashion collections are launched. Yes, July is a month for enjoying life and discovering—from the trendiest Ibiza beach or a quiet cove in Sicily—UNOde50’s latest collection. And the new pieces will astonish you more than ever before. We’ve absolutely serious. We’ll tell you all about it, starting with the name: The Special Ones”. Catchy, right?

UNO de 50_OI16_F02_159

Why “The Special One’s”?

Because our pieces are created with you in mind, people who want to stand out from the crowd, for whom the everyday simply will not do. We create special jewelry for very special people. Committed to being different and to always reflecting the brand’s creative, bold and unique roots.


And what’s so special about “The Special Ones”?

Well, at UNOde50 we have taken a big leap forward with this collection, to design pieces that are even more original and groundbreaking. So we have dared to use forms with retro, animal and bohemian inspirations, a psychedelic and rock vibe like you’ve never seen in jewelry before.

UNO de 50_OI16_F07_114

Furthermore, to keep our unique spirit, we have to keep on innovating and we’ve done it here by introducing a brand new material: olive wood. A natural material that only strengthens our handmade spirit and absolutely unique style.

Creative Winds, Rebel Voices, Be Unic and Natural Soul are the four lines in our Fall-Winter collection, all showcasing the character and personality you all expect from our brand.


Anything else?

 Well, yes, actually. Just a couple things.

First, with this collection we continue to create jewelry trends, with pieces designed to stand out, in a world where very few dare to have their own style.

UNO de 50_OI16_F01_182

And second, we continue to always be loyal to our spirit, because we are very proud of our pieces. In fact, we are re-creating our most iconic pieces in a very special collection to celebrate our 20th anniversary. There are 20 pieces—one for each year—through which our design team recounts our past highlights that have led UNOde50 to revolutionize the world of jewelry.

But we’ll talk about that later, because they won’t be available in stores until September. Meanwhile, the date is drawing near when you can discover the rest of the lines in our new FW16/17 collection, on sale at our points of sale starting on July 1st.

Spoiler: UNOde50’s New Collection


All set for a unique festive season and New Year’s Eve? If you are, then don’t miss out on our advance Spring/ Summer 2016 collection.


Stiff necklaces, choker-style short necklaces, earcuffs and midi, multiple-finger and knuckle rings exuding a glam and health-goth air.


This is just a taste of what we have in store for a very different, daring, and above all, unique year … To be continued!