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Our Crush Collection is taking over Instagram: these are the influencers who love it


Sweltering heat, paradisiacal beaches, infinity pools and heart-stopping looks. Looks like the ones we can see these days on the streets of fashionable cities in summer and, of course, on Instagram. There are many fans on this social network, a worthy successor of fashion magazines, who are a source of inspiration for your summer styles. If you have gone through Instagram profiles or if you have simply taken a close look with suggestions designed for you, you may have noticed that a jewelry collection has conquered land, sea and air this summer. Our Crush Collection! Few influencers have resisted feathers during these vacations. Just take a look!


The influencers are seduced by the Crush Collection

Marta Lozano went with the Strut necklace, the Feather bracelet and the Strut ring. The result was perfect for an afternoon at sea.
Foto 2

Teresa Andrés joins the trend of “more is more” by mixing four pieces of jewelry from our Crush Collection: I like you earrings, the Peak and pen necklace and Feather and Strut rings.
Image3 (1)

Ares Aixala bets everything on feathers as we can see in this look. The stars are the Look at me earrings, the Feather necklace and the Strut necklace.
image1 (6)

Lucía Bárcena has given us heart-stopping looks through her Instagram account. Looks where Crush jewelry can’t be left out like the Strut necklace.
IMG_4521 (3)

Marta Vidaurreta has gone for the summer necklace, Strut, and she has combined it with the Look at me bracelet. A great move!
Opción 3

There aren’t more summery pieces of jewelry than the ones from our Crush Collection. Just look at the look Trendy Taste chose for an afternoon at the beach: the Peak and Pen necklace combined with the Strut necklace.

Captura de pantalla 2018-08-02 a las 15.57.03

Keep an eye on Instagram, you don’t know where you can find inspiration for your next looks.

Glances: discover the making-of the latest UNOde50 campaign


UNOde50 presents Glances, our latest campaign, a declaration of intent where the protagonist is the product — unique jewelry handcrafted by the designer and president of the company, José Azulay.

A super-production underlies this campaign, which introduces an updated image of the brand: classic and modern, soft yet powerful. With creativity serving as a foundation and using photography and fashion film, UNOde50 tells a story through jewelry, gestures, and glances.


How was the Glances campaign created?

It all began several months ago with a brainstorming session. An incalculable number of ideas were put on the table until we found the one that fit the time and place of the brand perfectly.

Glances emerged, an idea we loved from the get-go. We wanted to use black and white, a touch of red—our color—silver, and gold to create a very special vision of our jewelry and a story in which artistic inspiration and creativity were key.


Who is behind the campaign?

Once we had chosen the project, it needed to be developed professionally and in record time. The next steps were fundamental. First, we had to find creatives with their own style to create a unique story. Names were suggested, like Eugenio Recuenco to direct the fashion film and Tomás de la Fuente for photography; Gregorio Arroyo to direct commercials and edit, Eric Dover & Mar for art direction. For make-up and hairstyling, we turned once again to Moncho Moreno and María Salud, and Beñat Yanci for styling.


After several intense days of shooting, with more than 40 people giving 110% from 6:00 a.m., the story became a reality. Only one final touch remained: the soundtrack. We wanted something with power and personality and we found the solution in the music of composer Alfonso G. Aguilar, who created the perfect melody for a fashion film that we’re extremely proud of.

Fashion alert! How to wear UNOde50 jewelry like an influencer


Fashion Week has drawn to a close and influencers around the world have opted to wear UNOde50 in the front row at the Paris, London, and Milan shows. We analyze their looks from head to toe and show you how to wear our jewelry with the style of today’s trendsetters.

6 tips to rock UNOde50 with fashion week chic


  1. Cupcake colors: Street style was dominated by pastels in the run-up to the major shows. Check out Michelle Calvo’s baby blue coat, paired with An’mona earrings, or the bubble gum pink trench from Lafotka, paired with several pieces from our Gold Collection. Sweeten your wardrobe this season and let your UNOde50 accessories shine like they deserve.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         collage3
  2. Stay in check: Plaid is one of the prints of the moment. This spring, we recommend pairing it with our jewelry in a way that reflects your style. Need inspiration? Check out Lucy Williams’ look with our Swagy earrings.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    pamallier
  3. Off-the-shoulder coats: Want your choker to be seen? Stow away the scarves and unbutton your coat. Luckily spring is already here and the mercury is rising. Pamela Allier rocks this trend (a huge hit among bloggers) with our leather, silver, and pearl Choper necklace.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    marta-festa
  4. Extra-Baroque: You can handle everything, and this season more is, once again, more! Following this trend, Marta Festa adds the It’s Head necklace and the Ibiza bracelet to a dress in warm tones to achieve this look of extra excess.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            collage4
  5. Handbags with personality: Our jewelry goes with everything, but if you want to achieve an unforgettable head-to-toe look, pair it with a colorful, eye-catching handbag. Here are some ideas from bloggers Babioles de Zoe, who sports our Bis-a-two bracelet, and Digital Modern Family, who pairs a dramatic bag with the Shackled bracelet.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            collage5
  6. Embrace color: Because this spring is no different, the new season brings with it a change in color palette. Say adiós to black and navy blue, and hola to prints and vibrant tones. Alessia Sica got a jump on spring, attending Milan Fashion Week in our Man Ojito necklace. Olivia Cox also opted for a summery look at London Fashion Week with jewelry from our gold collection.


You already know the hottest 2017 jewelry trends; all that’s left is to brush up on the latest fashion. Now that you’re up to speed, don’t miss the best items from our Spring-Summer 2017 collection and take a chance with the latest fashion trends.

Halloween special: 5 of the sexiest looks with matching jewelry


Whether you’re a diehard fan of the year’s spookiest night and have had your costume planned for weeks, or if you’re one of those who believe Halloween is the work of the devil (très apropos), the upcoming celebration is the subject on everyone’s lips. So, in the spirit of the season, we recommend 5 party looks for a super sexy Halloween night studded with UNOde50 jewelry.

The punk trend, with dark colors and daring pieces like chokers or combinations of several items of jewelry, is one of our recommendations for a nighttime look that eschews the kitschy, romantic, and colorful.

5 party looks for a super sexy Halloween night


Blue velvet: We’re not talking about the David Lynch movie, but the title is fitting for this ultra-trendy style: blue velvet paired with black for a super sexy look. UNOde50’s “Glamatic” choker is an essential piece. And the finishing touch? Black nail polish, a must-have for Halloween night.


Stars of night and day: Metallic fabrics are one of this season’s hottest trends. Pair them with a masculine touch, like a tuxedo vest and our “Rebel Voices” jewelry collection, featuring stars and spikes. Choose this look for an ultra-glam Halloween experience.


The night is dark: a sleek wet-effect hairdo and burgundy lips are all you need to get into the Halloween spirit without a costume. Add the “Top of the pops” necklace and a couple of “Tornado” rings for a terrifyingly perfect ensemble.


Rock & chic: If you’re not a fan of stilettos, this is the outfit for you. Studded biker boots, a t-shirt with a slogan, and the most hardcore “Rebel Voices” items, like the “G’N’R” bracelet, are all you need to party from dusk ‘til dawn on October 31.


The night for leather: Be bold as the tough, no-nonsense girl in head-to-toe black leather. So, the jewelry? The “Que la energía te acompañe” necklace, the “Ladymatic” Swarovski crystal bracelet, and the “Debajo” maxi ring.

Halloween is the perfect opportunity to be daring, to express your own style, and to enjoy one of the liveliest party nights of the year.

5 fashion week looks to rock with UNOde50 jewelry


International fashion week season is drawing to a close and the time has come to compile the best looks from Milan, Paris, London and New York starring UNOde50.

The most glamorous front-row guests give us their interpretations of how to rock our designs. Let yourself be seduced by the daring combinations and latest looks that will inspire you when donning your own UNOde50 jewelry.


Street Style: UNOde50 jewelry globetrots to fashion week

A trendy-glam look in the heart of London



British blogger, Whitney Valverde of WhitneysWonderland, opted for this look to attend the third day of London’s Fashion Week. On-trend attire like flared trousers and a top with ruffled sleeves combine flawlessly with the “Toronado” necklace, a uniquely stylish piece for the bold and confident woman.


Grunge denim takes over Paris


Despite knowing that in Paris they dress to the nines for fashion week, Zoé—author of the blog, Les Babioles de Zoé—opted for a more casual ensemble: head to toe denim with edgy accessories like the silver “Yei-Yei” necklace with Swarovski crystals, a fedora, and a hobo bag, a must-have for this fall-winter season.


A daring, metallic ensemble to shine like a star


New York Fashion Week requires dressing to perfection and the Italian model, Marta Festa, does just that in sheer and metallic fabrics with embroidered details and an unforgettable hairstyle. She rocks the choker trend with the “Lizza” and adds a dash of the rebellious with the “Toronado,” one of UNOde50’s most popular designs for the new season.



Contrasts with print animal 


Leopard print has that je ne sais quoi that makes it stylish season after season. When paired with sneakers and torn jeans, it’s the perfect combination to sport with the “Chapa-rron” and “Cascaditabracelets chosen by Marie, from the blog Marieandmood.


A look inspired by UNOde50’s Gold Collection


For her trip to the front row at London’s Fashion Week, German Nina-Victoria Suess, from, chose pieces from our Gold Collection. What do you wear with the “Eslabón” necklace and the “B-12” bracelet? An oversized coat in warm hues, a blush pink blouse, and an Asian-inspired embroidered kimono: three must-haves for winter 2016.

Inspiration is served! Take note of the latest trends and create your own look with UNOde50 jewelry. Got something in mind?

#UnlockYourself Episode 2: the new video of our most daring campaing

Hong Kong. Passion. Memories. Freedom. The story continues. #UnlockYourself, UNOde50’s boldest campaign ever now has a new video. The UNOde50 manifesto becomes reality again in episode 2, entitled “Liberation”. Don’t miss the next instalment in this incredible story.

We present our new collection of ground-breaking and daring jewelry, with a unique campaign in which living means risking it all to be yourself. “Trust in who you were and who you are. Always keep your look, and freeze those smiles. Wear red lipstick. Do it.” Unlock yourself.

We are proud of the spectacular crew we had behind the cameras: Eugenio Recuenco as the director, Gregorio Arroyo as the cameraman, Eric Dover as art director, Jennifer Pugh as the lead, Beñat Yanci in charge of styling and Moncho Moreno doing his magic with hair and makeup.

Jewelry Trends Fall-Winter 2016-2017: get the new must-haves


The new season is here and—to get through the back-to-work trauma after a long, lazy summer—nothing better than a shopping session that lets us revamp our wardrobe, shoe rack and modernize our jewelry collection with the hottest key pieces around.

The military, sailor and masculine looks will be taking off (again) and, to go with them, the essential jewelry pieces for Fall-Winter 2016/17 include asymmetrical earrings, chokers and layered necklaces.


7 trendy jewelry pieces for the new season you’ve got to get

 Pearls continue to be ON, but in their rebel version:


Pearl necklaces remain a hot trend for the new season, but we recommend you go for their somewhat less-than-classic version.

Asymmetrical earrings, because we love oddball things:


Wearing the same earrings is just so boring, so this year unmatched pairs are hitting the catwalks. At UNOde50, we were pioneers in this trend, but only for bold women.

XXL stones and crystals, excess is best:


One of the hardest-hitting trends for Fall-Winter are pieces with large crystals. Don’t be afraid of size when selecting pendants and rings, to flaunt your rebel look with style.

Ear cuffs, the grunge trend continues:


If you’ve still not given this ear décor a go, it’s now or never, because this season ear cuffs keep showing up on the covers of fashion magazines.

Oversized chokers in the house:


2016 is turning into the year of the choker, and for winter their maxi version is oh-so-hip.

Eye-catching pendants, say goodbye to minimalism:


Pendants are getting bigger and better, and the designs are unlimited. Animal inspiration, colored pieces and a full range of designs that will not go unnoticed. Anything goes as long as it’s big.

Not 2 but 3, necklaces don’t want to be alone:


The combinations of necklaces and pendants worn at different lengths are another hit of the upcoming winter. This is the perfect year to go for impossible mixes of short and long pieces.

The choker: ideas (and reasons) to brandish the trendy necklace for 2016


Chokers are back. This slightly-ominous word that keeps popping up nowadays in fashion magazines to describe the necklace you wear snug against the neck, and which took off in the 90s in all its many glorious versions.

In 2016 they’re back in our lives, revamped and with airs of grunge grandeur. Like anklets—another nineties hit—chokers have made a total comeback this summer.

got you got me

Una foto publicada por Gigi Hadid (@gigihadid) el

While true that we’ve seen them since the beginning of the year embellishing the necks of celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Rihanna, their revival wasn’t official until they became de rigueur adornments at music festivals like Coachella and Glastonbury. And if you need further proof to confirm their overwhelming success, here’s one for you: images with this hashtag on Instagram have already skyrocketed above 1.5 million.

Why pick chokers right now?

Because in the season that’s about to end, they’ve become the key accessory and, for the season that’s just about to start—Fall-Winter—, the trend is still going strong. And the simple reason is that no single piece can give that little trendy flair to any look quite so easily.


Created from leather, fabric, silver and even gold, the options to take the choker trend on board are so varied that it would be impossible not to find one that absolutely suits you, whatever style you may like, rocker, bohemian, minimal…


And if you’re feeling nostalgic, you have to know that even their most basic option is back: the classic plastic tattoo-effect choker, identical to the ones we wore as teenagers many years ago. However, like what happened in 95, in our (humble) opinion, this version is only recommended for the youngest of us. For 18 and above, selecting an option with a bit higher quality might be a better choice.



Unode50 chokers collection

At UNOde50, we just love the glam rock version of this year’s delightful trend. We pay homage to the decade of the nineties with stunningly unique chokers like “Lizza.” A piece that’s well on its way to becoming a super hit and that fits perfectly with all types of looks, both for day and evening.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, influencers like Noholita and Silvia Bosch have some great ideas for tying together your choker looks on their blogs.



And there is much more: B12, Glamatic, Passion… the choker models in the UNOde50 collection are created to make sure you stand out from the crowd, so discover all our designs on our website and select the one that matches the best and boldest you.



Ground-breaking performances and styling, here are today’s most daring female singers


For years, 90s female rockers changed the direction of the industry with their grunge looks, readily voicing their protests. And with the entry of the new millennium, extravagance became an essential for all music divas (both at their concerts and in the way they interpret fashion).

With the passing of time, the visual universe of these artists has turned much more complex and enigmatic. Female singers from new (and not so new) generations are taking music and fashion to the next level. A good example of this is Lady Gaga, who has wisely blurred the borders separating the arts of music and fashion like no-one else. Many other women have followed in her footsteps, making their personalities their hottest talent for captivating their extensive armies of fans. We’d like to present some of these ladies who are revolutionizing today’s scene.

fka 4

FKA Twigs

Londoner FKA Twigs is bold, both in her singing style and how she dances and dresses. She was one of the first to revive the baby hairstyle so characteristic of Cholas and now the best brands are fighting for her to don their designs. On the stage—with choreographies reminiscent of classical ballet—she opts for a sporty look. When she steps down from the stage, however, she dazzles photographers, like she did with her Alexander McQueen haute couture gown festooned with feathers.


Charli XCX

The 90s brought great joy to fashion lovers, with teenagers mixing up fluorescent furry jackets and platform shoes, chignons and cyber-style glasses. Now Charli XCX has decided to jumble together all these trends and make them the mainstay of her style (with no complexities). Furthermore, since she moved to the PC Music label, her music has just grown even bolder, a true woman of the times.

soko 2


French Soko often threatens to leave the music industry, but it must be hard to deny her zest for singing, especially when it’s a true passion. Now, more focused on her career as an actress, she is making more appearances on the red carpet and she’s showed us that there’s absolutely nothing she doesn’t dare to try: from dresses off an antiquarian’s racks to shoes that look like museum pieces, she showcases garments as unique as she is.

st vincent

St. Vincent

Annie Clark—also known as St. Vincent—has made her huge eyes into her best weapon for seduction. The guitarist has a no-holds-barred attitude when taking to the stage, but leaves almost nothing to chance. With her svelte long legs, she flaunts mini-dresses bedecked with shine, adapts her guitars so they rub against her chest and has even worn a prosthetic to distort her jaw (and with none less than David Byrne at her side). Naturally, St. Vincent belongs to this generation of female musicians who carve out their niches and play up their power.

PJ Harvey

The English virtuoso of music from the late 90s continues launching songs nonstop and touring the world. This woman, one of the pioneers to take to the stage alone with a single instrument, has also risked the most radical looks. And coming up on 50 years old is not stopping her from carrying on. With a maturity that absolutely fits her, she showcases tiaras, headdresses and outfits that march to the beat of her music. Few artists can boast of having reinvented themselves with so much style and, for this, we applaud her.

These women have taken the ideas of the most avant-garde designers onto the stage behind their microphones with great success. Far from conforming to the prefabricated image that is often dully repeated among other pop stars—almost like it were a formula—these women have known how to claim and craft their own identities, above and beyond any standard established in the music industry.

Values like individuality, charisma and creativity are some of the words that best define them, and also what you’ll find in the designs of our Be Unic line. If you deeply value the importance of being true to yourself and are searching for something to finish your look in the most striking way possible, at UNOde50 we can help you get it, with this collection replete with handcrafted artistry and bohemian spirit.

The new generation of artists in Madrid you’ve just got to know about


New energy is blowing through the Spanish capital, a city in which increasingly more artists are settling to showcase their creations to the world.

Madrid, has been a hub for creators in all artistic disciplines since the end of the 1970s. For years, young people from villages and other provinces have been arriving, with fresh and energizing ideas, ready to take on the world, capturing their concerns and interests in painting, sculpture, cinema and music. All of this was encompassed under the umbrella of what became known as the Movida (or the Scene) and—although the name was distorted to wild and unsuspected limits—the truth is that Madrid continued to be a cultural leader well through the 90s.

Now, the capital is once again on the map for cities that have got something to say. More and more artists are finding their refuge in Madrid. You can see them in the districts to which they are moving and at the hotspots at which to see and be seen. So we’d like to present five of our favorites to you:


Antonio and Miguel are a couple and fashion designers who have been creating their eclectic and colorful collections for some time now in Madrid. Their latest is called Coming Out and is centered on queer culture. They also frequent the city’s nightlife through the parties they organize: the most recent is called ‘Bulma’, after the famous character on Dragon Ball.


Matías Uris

Matías is 35 years old, has lived in Madrid for 10 years and almost the same amount of time as one of the capital’s leading photographers. His snapshots have been snapped at fairs including Madrid Room Fair and have been spotted at both individual and group exhibitions. His childhood in La Mancha, virgins and hunting scenes—also featuring his father—are the key elements that inspire his works.

Sor Yasmin Txilati

This young woman, who started out as one of the next-generation club kids, is now an icon for performance art in Madrid. Soraya designs her own looks, then takes her actions to La Juan Gallery or onto the street (even in the heart of Puerta del Sol). She has no problems expressing and presenting her wonderful inner world through body movement. In addition, the fact that she is from Casablanca (Morocco), gives credence to the saying that ensures no Madrileño is from Madrid.

Brianda Fitz James Stuart

Designer, painter, sculptor and DJ, the granddaughter of the Duchess of Alba is one of the must-haves at all events and parties held in the capital. Not only due to her powerful and groundbreaking image, but also because of her raw talent in every discipline in which she decides to showcase her artistic vision. Both her work with La Casita de Wendy—at which she designs the prints—and her own clothing collection have been instant bestsellers. From the ARCO afterparty to the launch of her latest textile sensation, Brianda is one of the hot creative women on the city’s scene.



The band made up of Lois, Álvaro Naïve, Álvaro Gutiérrez and Carlos have been laying the soundtracks to our lives for nearly five years, with their tropical punk sound. After the rise of this shining star and playing at practically all of the city’s music halls, Trajano is now launching its latest EP, which has been baptized as Rubí. And if this weren’t enough, they are also the best known group of pretty boys in Madrid, and one of the best dressed. And once again, almost none of them were born in the Spanish capital.


From performance to painting, with a stop at fashion photography, there is space for everything and everyone on Madrid’s creative scene. Increasingly more, Spanish artists are making their mark on the international stage due to their rebellious spirits and innovative ideas, and we totally share this vision at UNOde50. So if—like all of them—you’re a bold lady and restless seeker who is fascinated by the most daring ideas and always takes it one step further, you just have to check out the designs at Natural Souls. A collection for unique women who appreciate artistry, delight in the details and have individualistic spirits that flee from affectations.