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Jewels of Madrid: the city is also for summertime


It’s true there’s no beach here. And while we know Madrid isn’t the world’s no. 1 summer destination, with its high temperatures and scarce swimming pools, one thing is certain: you’ll never get bored. There’s always something new to discover, and there are those who take advantage of the summer months to explore the city in a more relaxed way, with no crowds, long lines, or traffic jams. Suddenly, you fall in love with the city all over again, despite the 97° heat. We at UNOde50 want to show you that the city is also for summertime. Don’t believe us? Check out all it has to offer.


Jewels of Madrid to enjoy in the summertime



Music is an essential part of summertime in Madrid. At night, the city fills with outdoor concerts to fight the high heat. Musicians of all kinds gather at a unique venue, the Alfonso XIII Royal Botanical Gardens, for Noches del Botánico. Flamenco, reggae, pop, rock… there’s something for every musical taste.



Setting aside the typical outdoor summer cinemas, another interesting option for cinephiles is the drive-in, a novel plan for hot summer nights in the city. Madrid’s drive-in, Autocine Madrid Race, spans 27,000 m2 with capacity for 300 cars. It has a giant 250 m2 screen with digital projection. The venue also features a new hammock area during the summer months and dining options.



Spending the summer browsing the city’s best museums is an appealing plan. You avoid the heat, the crowds, and the endless lines. You can also check out some museums that are less well-known but equally as interesting as the Prado and the Reina Sofia, such as the Garment Museum, the Museum of Science and Technology, and the Decorative Arts Museum.



Another perfect plan for summer is a shopping spree. Skip the lines and find great discounts at many stores. One shopping hotspot is Calle Serrano, also known as the Golden Mile, where shops of all kinds are interspersed with restaurants and cafés. One mandatory stop on Calle Serrano is UNOde50. Why not?!

Rectángulo 1 copia

Madrid may not have a beach, but it has everything else!

The new generation of artists in Madrid you’ve just got to know about


New energy is blowing through the Spanish capital, a city in which increasingly more artists are settling to showcase their creations to the world.

Madrid, has been a hub for creators in all artistic disciplines since the end of the 1970s. For years, young people from villages and other provinces have been arriving, with fresh and energizing ideas, ready to take on the world, capturing their concerns and interests in painting, sculpture, cinema and music. All of this was encompassed under the umbrella of what became known as the Movida (or the Scene) and—although the name was distorted to wild and unsuspected limits—the truth is that Madrid continued to be a cultural leader well through the 90s.

Now, the capital is once again on the map for cities that have got something to say. More and more artists are finding their refuge in Madrid. You can see them in the districts to which they are moving and at the hotspots at which to see and be seen. So we’d like to present five of our favorites to you:


Antonio and Miguel are a couple and fashion designers who have been creating their eclectic and colorful collections for some time now in Madrid. Their latest is called Coming Out and is centered on queer culture. They also frequent the city’s nightlife through the parties they organize: the most recent is called ‘Bulma’, after the famous character on Dragon Ball.


Matías Uris

Matías is 35 years old, has lived in Madrid for 10 years and almost the same amount of time as one of the capital’s leading photographers. His snapshots have been snapped at fairs including Madrid Room Fair and have been spotted at both individual and group exhibitions. His childhood in La Mancha, virgins and hunting scenes—also featuring his father—are the key elements that inspire his works.

Sor Yasmin Txilati

This young woman, who started out as one of the next-generation club kids, is now an icon for performance art in Madrid. Soraya designs her own looks, then takes her actions to La Juan Gallery or onto the street (even in the heart of Puerta del Sol). She has no problems expressing and presenting her wonderful inner world through body movement. In addition, the fact that she is from Casablanca (Morocco), gives credence to the saying that ensures no Madrileño is from Madrid.

Brianda Fitz James Stuart

Designer, painter, sculptor and DJ, the granddaughter of the Duchess of Alba is one of the must-haves at all events and parties held in the capital. Not only due to her powerful and groundbreaking image, but also because of her raw talent in every discipline in which she decides to showcase her artistic vision. Both her work with La Casita de Wendy—at which she designs the prints—and her own clothing collection have been instant bestsellers. From the ARCO afterparty to the launch of her latest textile sensation, Brianda is one of the hot creative women on the city’s scene.



The band made up of Lois, Álvaro Naïve, Álvaro Gutiérrez and Carlos have been laying the soundtracks to our lives for nearly five years, with their tropical punk sound. After the rise of this shining star and playing at practically all of the city’s music halls, Trajano is now launching its latest EP, which has been baptized as Rubí. And if this weren’t enough, they are also the best known group of pretty boys in Madrid, and one of the best dressed. And once again, almost none of them were born in the Spanish capital.


From performance to painting, with a stop at fashion photography, there is space for everything and everyone on Madrid’s creative scene. Increasingly more, Spanish artists are making their mark on the international stage due to their rebellious spirits and innovative ideas, and we totally share this vision at UNOde50. So if—like all of them—you’re a bold lady and restless seeker who is fascinated by the most daring ideas and always takes it one step further, you just have to check out the designs at Natural Souls. A collection for unique women who appreciate artistry, delight in the details and have individualistic spirits that flee from affectations.


Fashion Calendar: this season’s shows that you just can’t miss


The season for the world’s Fashion Weeks is already up and running, and international catwalks will continue until the beginning of October. The fashion events multiply at certain times, so if you’re one of the people who needs to be at the cutting edge of the latest trends, you’ll need to know which are essential and which are not.

The must-do fashion weeks are listed below so that you’ll be up-to-date on all the latest trends.Don’t miss them and, if you are in any of these cities, remember that we have stores in each and every one of them.



NYFW Men’s SS17

With the Paris Men’s Fashion Week recently ended, now it’s time to cross the pond to New York, which is held from July 11 to 14.A key event at which you’ll see the new collections signed by Michael Kors and Tommy Hilfiger, among many others.

Paris Haute Couture FW16/17

Paris Haute Couture is an engagement that is only within reach of the chosen few.However, following the catwalks of the most elitist Fashion Week in the world is now possible, thanks to traditional media such as magazines, but also the social networks of the front row guests.Almost none of them will be able to resist posting a video on Instagram of the top fashion shows by the big names like Chanel, Jean Paul Gautier and Elie Saab. It is held from July 3 to 8.


You can head off on summer vacation with peace of mind, because the fashion sector comes to a grinding halt almost around the world.But remember to use this opportunity to recharge your batteries, because, although August is quiet, September is the busiest month of the fashionista season.



NYFW Women’s SS17

The race kicks off on September 8 with the New York Women’s Fashion Week, which will last until the 15th. And this is indeed a must-do:Calvin Klein, Vera Wang, Ralph Lauren, Jeremy Scott…Everyone wants to take to the catwalk in New York.

London Fashion Week SS17

Highlight—with fluorescent pen—the dates of September 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20 in your calendar, because they continue to be fashion’s most bold and daring catwalks of them all.London just keeps on as the epicenter of the most ground-breaking and audacious cities in the world for style, both in dress and in lifestyle.

Madrid Fashion Week SS17

Spring fashion is also flaunted on Madrid’s catwalks.Coinciding with London’s Fashion Week (September 16 to 20), Madrid will give us the chance to see the latest by David Delfin, Ana Locking, María Escoté and Roberto Torreta.

Milan Fashion Week SS17

The next stop is Italy, where the Made in Italy know-how takes to the catwalks from September 21 to 27.Get ready, because we’ll experience all types of artistic expression via clothing in this city:from Gucci’s classiness to Moschino’s madness and onto Dolce & Gabbana’s lush exuberance.

 Paris Fashion Week S/S 2017

We’ll close our design tour in Paris once again, because from September 27 to October 5, we’ll have the opportunity to discover top brands like Saint Laurent, Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Balmain, Nina Ricci, Balenciaga and many many more.

Jot them all down now and plan your calendar well in advance because—if you want to stay in the vanguard of trends—you’ve got your work cut out for you.






20th Anniversary: a party that will go down in history


The actress Lindsay Lohan, the race car driver Fonsi Nieto, the journalist Ana García-Siñeriz, the actor Fernando Andina and the illustrator Brianda Fitz-James Stuart were just some of the VIP guests who did not want to miss the UNOde50 anniversary party. After all, a 20th anniversary truly deserves to be celebrated in style and with great company.

The red carpet was one of the best moments of the night:







The location was also a highlight of the evening: the incredible Palacio de Saldaña in the heart of Madrid’s Salamanca neighbourhood was transformed into an artistic jungle to create living history, the history of UNOde50. Works of art, antique furnishings and tropical plants surrounded the guests as they discovered the special “20th Anniversary” collection on live models.






And the best part of the event was the party in the palace gardens. The DJ’s Cristina Tosio and Katy Sáinz from Crush DJ were in charge of spinning the tunes. The catering, crafted by Samantha de España, was incredible. And the guests were living it up every minute, including the press from Paris, Milan, London and New York, bloggers from both Spain and abroad, business leaders and celebrities who were sure not to miss the most spectacular event ever hosted by UNOde50.















Restaurants with a password


Are you on the list? The famous perfume ad provided the inspiration for this post. Restaurants abound, but not many are reserved for just a few. Those that go beyond, that seek that luxury in which exclusiveness is stronger than ever, are those restaurants with a password. To rebel against the norm is not necessarily a bad thing, but rather an escape from boring routine.


  • Yugo, The Bunker

Yugo Sushi & Kobe is considered one of the best Madrid restaurants for Japanese cuisine fans. So far so good: haute Japanese cuisine in the very centre of the Huertas district. But Yugo aims for excellence in all of its facets. Which is why, beneath this small restaurant lies a Japanese bunker transformed into Yugo, The Bunker. “To walk into The Bunker is to be transported to a secret destination. To cross the secret door is to enter a cave, the perfect recreation of a Japanese bunker of the time.” A space in which privacy and exclusiveness, around just five tables, are guaranteed for the club members who enjoy exclusive access.

C/ San Blás, 4 Madrid


  • Burger Joint

The unexpected becomes real in Burger Joint and its well-known secret burger. Located in The Parker Meridien, a hotel of French inspiration with all manner of details and views over Central Park, it is the perfect setting. But that is not all. After walking through the luxurious door, your tourist look included, you’ll come face to face with the curtain that separates The Burger Joint. A space inspired by the Food Truck trend which, unquestionably, is home to one of the best gourmet burgers in New York, according to the New York Post.

The restaurant décor is typically undergound and you’ll enjoy a succulent burger, a delicious milkshake or a seductive brownie: the real American Dream!

119W 56TH ST – New York


  • Mibu, – Tokio

We could be talking about the most exclusive restaurant on the planet. Right in the centre of Tokyo, in the Ginza district, Mibu is an oasis of tradition in the midst of the cosmopolitan crowd housed in one of Japan’s biggest cities. A sophisticated temple offering an experience for all five senses. A single table for a total of 300 members, rendering them unique. Hiroyoshi Ishida and his wife Tomiko Ishida are at the helm of this establishment in which tradition and a respect for ancestral techniques combine with a very select product.

Even Ferran Adriá, our chef par excellence had the privilege of dining at this select restaurant. He described the experience to “The big difference between a European chef and Ishida is that the former can cook with their hands, their senses, their brain and even with tenderness, but never with soul like he does”.

Kunio Tokuoka Tokio, Japón