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Our Crush Collection is taking over Instagram: these are the influencers who love it


Sweltering heat, paradisiacal beaches, infinity pools and heart-stopping looks. Looks like the ones we can see these days on the streets of fashionable cities in summer and, of course, on Instagram. There are many fans on this social network, a worthy successor of fashion magazines, who are a source of inspiration for your summer styles. If you have gone through Instagram profiles or if you have simply taken a close look with suggestions designed for you, you may have noticed that a jewelry collection has conquered land, sea and air this summer. Our Crush Collection! Few influencers have resisted feathers during these vacations. Just take a look!


The influencers are seduced by the Crush Collection

Marta Lozano went with the Strut necklace, the Feather bracelet and the Strut ring. The result was perfect for an afternoon at sea.
Foto 2

Teresa Andrés joins the trend of “more is more” by mixing four pieces of jewelry from our Crush Collection: I like you earrings, the Peak and pen necklace and Feather and Strut rings.
Image3 (1)

Ares Aixala bets everything on feathers as we can see in this look. The stars are the Look at me earrings, the Feather necklace and the Strut necklace.
image1 (6)

Lucía Bárcena has given us heart-stopping looks through her Instagram account. Looks where Crush jewelry can’t be left out like the Strut necklace.
IMG_4521 (3)

Marta Vidaurreta has gone for the summer necklace, Strut, and she has combined it with the Look at me bracelet. A great move!
Opción 3

There aren’t more summery pieces of jewelry than the ones from our Crush Collection. Just look at the look Trendy Taste chose for an afternoon at the beach: the Peak and Pen necklace combined with the Strut necklace.

Captura de pantalla 2018-08-02 a las 15.57.03

Keep an eye on Instagram, you don’t know where you can find inspiration for your next looks.

The best jewelry for your wedding dress


A bride’s jewelry is one of the most important elements to take into account on her wedding day. There are those who choose classic and simple designs, and others who place all the styling emphasis on eye-catching accessories. Regardless, no bridal look is complete without jewelry. As the perfect accompaniment to make you shine on your wedding day, it’s important to know what suits you best and how to choose well. Check out the selection from UNOde50 of the best bridal jewelry and pick your favorite.


Check out our selection of the best bridal jewelry

Necklaces: they are the most visible of all pieces of jewelry. You can offset the style of your dress with another style of jewelry: if your dress is simple and minimal, try some flashy jewelry with character; if your dress is more romantic, opt for pieces with sober, polished lines. (1. Necklace Plucked, 2. Speaking of the devil, 3. You’re mine, 4. B12)


Bracelet: Combine this jewel with a necklace or let your bracelet steal the show. If your dress has long sleeves, you can wear several bracelets to achieve a “cuff” look. Be careful to match them perfectly with the dress because they will be visible. (1. Bracelet Trabel, 2. Estás grillado, 3. Plucked, 4. Feather).


Earrings: they are the stars of the season and no bridal look is complete without them. XL versions in silver and gold, with colorful crystals or pearls will add a ton of personality to your style. Choose the ones that best complement your hairstyle and give in to the hottest trend at the moment. (1. Earrings On tip toes, 2. Half moon, 3. Feather, 4. Anemone).


Ring: without a doubt, rings add a lot of personality if you know how to choose and combine them. A mix of XL gold rings can break up a simple, minimalist look. Or you can opt to wear just one that matches your bracelet and necklace. (1. Ring Bis-a-dos, 2. The crevice, 3. Knot knot, 4. Strut).


A simple gesture can completely change the perception of your bridal look. You just have to choose the right jewelry.

New Collection! Crush arrives to give us a sneak peek at upcoming jewelry trends


Phases of Love enters a new and exciting stage along with the Crush Collection. Pieces of jewelry with lots of character and full of life where the most elegant feathers play the leading role. Feathers that are inspired by birds that show all their splendor to woo their mate and join crystals that bring touches of sparkle and light.


Be the first to discover the new Crush Collection

Silver, crystals, leather and feathers, lots of feathers! Discover our new Crush Collection and fall in love with its pieces of jewelry:


Timeless pieces of jewelry designed to take any style to new heights and give a touch of distinction that goes with office looks as well as styles for Saturday nights. Create the perfect set of jewelry with the Peak and pen necklace and the Feather ring.


Silver is the overarching element of the Crush collection and it plates necklaces, bracelets and rings with Unode50’s personal style. Be seduced by the feathers of the A Pico y Pluma bracelet, the Feather ring and the Feather necklace.


The statement earrings are the hit of the season (and between us, they plan on staying a long time). They come in many different shapes but with some elements in common: they must be XL and cause an explosion of life on your face. Our I like you earrings are a clear example of this.


The result is very different pieces to stand out on any occasion. Don’t miss them!

New collection! Here’s an exclusive preview of Sweetness, the first FW18 collection


Check out our brand new collection today at UNOde50! It’s called Phases of Love and it’s here to whisk us away to the different stages and phases of love through exclusive and elegant pieces of jewelry. With its own unique language and brimming with emotions, Phases of Love brings us the very latest FW18 trends in jewelry.  Your next stop? The Sweetness Collection.


Here’s an exclusive preview of Sweetness

Sweetness represents that thrill at the start of a relationship with joyful life-affirming pieces featuring colored crystals, silver and leather.


Color is one of the key characteristics of the Sweetness Collection. Handcrafted crystals in pastel tones decorate joyful and colorful pieces such as the Tickling bracelet and the Feelings necklace.


But the absolute star of the Sweetness Collection is undoubtedly our new and improved dragonfly, whose wings – made from silver with Swarovski crystals – come to life in many of our pieces. You can find it in the Any time necklace, the Little-dragon-fly bracelet and the My dragon-fly ring.


The result is a selection of unique, vibrant and joyous items of jewelry, the ideal accessory for your summer looks, or if you are already thinking ahead to the next Fall/Winter season.

Unique beaches in the world: Five exclusive destinations to enjoy on the seashore


What are the most beautiful beaches in the world? These days at UNOde50, we have left everything behind and we have gone to enjoy our new pieces of jewelry on the seashore. With our latest campaign, Every Summer Has a Story, we bring our designs to the beach so you can find the perfect bracelets, rings and earrings for your next seaside vacations. Start getting your suitcase ready because your trip begins now.

Five unique beaches in the world


  • Cala Macarelleta. Menorca (Spain). As a handcrafted Made in Spain brand, we begin this route with one of the most irresistible beaches in our country. This small cove is located in a beautiful enclave of the island of Menorca. White sand, turquoise waters and magnificent rocks surrounded by a wild pine forest.


  • Anse Sur d’Argent, La Digue Island (Seychelles). A spectacular and incomparable destination within the paradisiacal archipelago of Seychelles. Guaranteed peace and quiet in an area that is hard to reach and where corals and tropical fish can be seen almost on the shore of the beach. The granite rocks contrast with the fine sand and crystal clear waters.


  • Cannon Beach, Oregon (United States). This area of the US coast retains its natural beauty thanks to the fact that it has become a protected area. Surrounded by mountains and stretching up to 10 miles long, it is perfect for long walks and enjoying the incredible image created by the rocks that emerge from the ocean.


  • Playa Bonita, Samaná (The Dominican Republic). On the Dominican coast is this beach which stands out for its simplicity: sand, clear water and palm trees. An ideal destination and with few tourists, perfect for resting with lots of peace and quiet.


  • Sarakiniko, Milos Island (Greece). The Greek islands are full of stunning beaches, but Milos Island is in this wonder of white volcanic rock that is known locally as “moon beach.” The shapes of the rocks that have been created for centuries by the effect of the water and wind make it an unforgettable coast.

This is our selection of unique beaches. Which beach will be the setting of your summer story? Whichever one it is, don’t miss out on our selection of pieces of summer jewelry that are featured in Every Summer Has a Story by UNOde50.

Ideas for UNOde50 moms: different jewelry for that sure-fire gift


Your mom is one of a kind. She always picks up the phone when you’re desperate, she’s there when you need her, she encourages you to reach your potential at work, she’s your most loyal follower when it comes to trends. And above all, no one makes your favorite dish better. Doesn’t she deserve a gift as great as her on Mothers’ Day?

Of course she does. On Mothers’ Day and every other day of the year. But on this special day, show her how important she is with a unique and original gift from our selection of different jewelry items for UNOde50 moms.

10 jewelry items for unique moms


Eres Mía necklace: this rock ‘n roll piece won’t go unnoticed.


Duna earrings: pearls and a splash of color for her more summery ensembles.


A Pearl of Wisdom ring: XXL for lovers of statement jewelry.


What a Mess bracelet: one of our most iconic bohemian-inspired pieces.


A tiempo watch: you can’t go wrong with a designer watch like this one.


Knot Knot ring: a new arrival in stores and one of today’s hottest trends.


I give you… key ring: give the gift of wishes with this design featuring charms and messages.


Zen bracelet: a bespoke design that can also be included in the Genderless Pack.


Stalactite earrings: with Swarovski crystals and an air of glamor.


Nyota cuff: a creation that goes with everything.

Find more Mothers’ Day ideas in our gift range.

Collage Vintage, Belen Hostalet… Who’s wearing UNOde50’s Genderless bracelets?


Unisex jewelry has always been part of UNOde50’s DNA and this season we have expanded our collection of Genderless bracelets.  One of the most popular models among influencers is the Tied bracelet, a bespoke, silver-clad piece.

Who wore our Genderless bracelets?

Want to know who’s opted for our unisex designs and also find style tips for wearing them? Here are the some of the best photos from influencers like Nina Urgell, Paula Ordovás and Sara Escudero.


Belén Hostalet: Who doesn’t want to experience an endless summer? We love Belén’s beachy look, where she pairs our unisex design with a white bikini and a crocheted top. We’ll take it for our next vacation!


Ninauc: Every day, Nina Urgell’s style seduces her more than 770k followers. Nina combines our jewelry with a white normcore t-shirt, a look she shares with her man and one that we all have in the closet.


Cup of Couple: UNOde50’s Amarrado bracelets have also appeared in the Instagram accounts of Mike Madrid and Gabriel García. Their minimalist style is very unique and always fun. Do you like it as much as we do?


Collage Vintage: Sara Escudero, known for her blog Collage Vintage, is one of the most-followed Spanish influencers. Sara wears our bracelet with her partner and photographer, Diego, in New York.


Biel Juste and Carlota Bruna: This influencer couple already rocked our Genderless line last year, and in 2018 they’re not to be outdone. We love their artistic photos that make a clear statement: all you need is a pair of jeans to wear them with style.


My Peep Toes: She and her partner, Enieto, have chosen the Amarrado unisex bracelet to wear with basic tones like black, blue, and beige. The denim fabric is also an important element of their style.

Discover the Tied bracelet and other unisex designs from our Genderless collection at our stores and on our website.

Christmas Gifts Special 2017: What to do when you know who to give gifts to but you don’t know what to give!

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Christmas means gifts. Gifts for our loved ones, family, friends, coworkers, etc. It is a time for sharing and making the people dear to you happy. In a nutshell, there are many people to give gifts to and even more choices of gifts. But let’s be realistic. You don’t always feel like running all over the city to find the perfect gift for each person.

That is why if this year you want to get the right gifts at just one place, we help to inspire you with different types of gifts for each profile:

The Best Gift for Mom

In this case, pearls are your best friend. They add sophistication to looks for the day and night. Surely your mother is modern and keeps up with trends. That is why at Unode50 we take the seriousness out of pearls by combining them with our signature materials: leather and silver.

73588RGB copia

The Perfect Gift for Your Sister

Your sister, the one who is daring with everything. Who loves to give a final touch to her outfits with different accessories.  And the one who always borrows everything from you. This Christmas, we offer you a selection of very original jewelry to surprise her, like the Bite bracelet in silver or gold, a piece of jewelry that give a unique touch to any look.



The Gift Your Best Friend Deserves

Lots of times, giving a gift to your best friend is giving a gift to yourself too. If you and your best friend are joined at the hip and you share everything, be original this year. Buy the same bracelet for her and for you. This way you will share a pretty pair of bracelets, symbolizing the union of Christmas and friendship.

73828RGB copia

Your Boyfriend, Your Gem

If your boyfriend is one of those people who wears leather or thread bracelets, if he wears cool belts and key chains that are awesome, he will love a little gift from Unode50. Get the right gifts this Christmas with our selection of watches for men. 

61056RGB copia



If you are already getting your closet ready for the new season, we will tell you which accessory cannot be left out of any of your looks: maxi-earrings. This year, XXL earrings are bursting onto the scene, becoming the season’s must-have. You will be able to find them in all shapes and styles, made with all kinds of materials like metal, pearls, leather and crystal.

When choosing them, it is important that you take into account your style and personality as well as the occasion when you will wear them, since they are an accessory with lots of strength and personality.

If you a person who usually goes for classics, get swept up in simple silver and gold XXL designs. If you like to be more daring instead, we recommend that you wear more geometric designs with a combination of materials.

5 options to wear UNOde50’s XXL earrings

SWAGY earrings: because silver and gold are in fashion, we are showing you these earrings characterized by their transgressive and original style, perfect for matching with a black evening gown and clutch.


I LIKE YOU DROP BY DROP earrings: within its many styles, the combination of leather with gold is gaining momentum in this type of accessory. Wear them at an event or on a special occasion.

pen0332oromar0u (1)

RIVE-TING earrings: A piece of jewelry with an independent style with which you will add a touch of personality to your outfits.


SUNRISE earrings: earrings with an original herringbone design, comfortable and elegant to wear with an updo or a braid.


ADVENTURE earrings: they stand out for their small details inspired by wheat, perfect for adding a casual as well as a more elegant touch to your looks. Their different shades add a happy and relaxed touch.


If you want to discover more products and get the season’s must-have , you can visit UNOde50 and choose the one that suits you better.

10 indispensable jewelry items you need to own before 40


Just as our wardrobes all include skinny jeans, a white shirt and a little black dress, so our jewelry box should also feature some essential basics. Here is the indispensable jewelry that every woman should own before turning 40. And after 40? All you have to do then is enjoy them to the max and try out the latest trends.

10 essential jewelry basics

A fine gold necklace: a versatile piece that never goes out of fashion and you can always carry with you.


Large party earrings: it’s easy to achieve a party look if you go for a simple black dress, an elegant updo and some fabulous large earrings.


A smart silver bracelet: a basic look can transform into something much more special if you add a beautifully designed bracelet.



An original choker: original jewelry is the perfect finishing touch. A choker can update a white shirt or classic basic jumper.

10 jewelry items you need to own before 40

A statement ring: key to any jewelry box but wear it alone to avoid accessory overload.10 jewelry items you need to own before 40

Small silver earrings: silver studs are another item of jewelry that goes with anything. If in doubt, opt for these.

10 jewelry items you need to own before 40

One or more leather bracelets: in the summer or when you feel like wearing a more casual style, leather or leather and silver bracelets add the perfect bohemian touch.

10 jewelry items you need to own before 40

A modern pearl necklace: pearls are timeless so don’t hesitate to wear them. If you prefer a modern look, go for a non-classic version.

10 jewelry items you need to own before 40

Gold rings: another basic which works at any time of day in any season.

10 jewelry items you need to own before 40

Colorful bracelet: perfect for injecting some life into muted outfits, wearing with jeans and adding something new to simple summer styles.

10 jewelry items you need to own before 40

How many of these basics do you have in your jewelry box? If you’d like to discover these and much more, visit and update your collection of basics.