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José Azulay, UNOde50’s President, presents his book ‘A Creative Universe’


“I knew that I wanted to create my own designs to convey my passions, my fears, my anxieties, my inner world. To express myself and create art.”

 In recent years, UNOde50 has become the most prevalent Spanish jewelry brand around the world. It has proprietary stores on the most exclusive streets of New York, Paris, Milan, London, Barcelona, Tokyo, Los Angeles, Rome, Madrid, and many others, where it shares the spotlight with the most prestigious international brands.

With their power and easily identifiable character, UNOde50 designs attract women and men of all ages and from all cultures. More than consumers, they are loyal fans of the firm. Underlying this “Made in Spain” success, there is a creative universe and a passionate heart: that of its creator, José Azulay.

This book opens the door to know further about the universe of UNOde50’s President and Creative Director, as well as the universe of the jewelry brand.


In this book, José Azulay explains for the first time his creative process, his desires, his concerns, and his passions. In other words, everything that nourishes and gives life to the inimitable jewelry of UNOde50.

“We are all different. Even different depending on the day. Or on the time of day. That is why each UNOde50 piece is different. I want to express moods in my designs.

With the metals whose curves reflect a countless number of emotions, their magnificence, their strengths. With the leather that represents the beginning of time and life, nature in the primitive state. The crystals symbolize the joy of living, positivity, fantasy and glamour.

And the finished design comes from that mix. The triumph of free spirit, harmony, and, above all, the joy of knowing that what I have done with all my soul is going to make many people happy.”


Combating Rett Syndrome together

As part of the firm’s commitment to the research of Rett syndrome, all proceeds from the sale of this book will go to the Mi Princesa Rett association.

The book is on sale September 5 at all UNOde50 stores, & Amazon.