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The best jewelry for your wedding dress


A bride’s jewelry is one of the most important elements to take into account on her wedding day. There are those who choose classic and simple designs, and others who place all the styling emphasis on eye-catching accessories. Regardless, no bridal look is complete without jewelry. As the perfect accompaniment to make you shine on your wedding day, it’s important to know what suits you best and how to choose well. Check out the selection from UNOde50 of the best bridal jewelry and pick your favorite.


Check out our selection of the best bridal jewelry

Necklaces: they are the most visible of all pieces of jewelry. You can offset the style of your dress with another style of jewelry: if your dress is simple and minimal, try some flashy jewelry with character; if your dress is more romantic, opt for pieces with sober, polished lines. (1. Necklace Plucked, 2. Speaking of the devil, 3. You’re mine, 4. B12)


Bracelet: Combine this jewel with a necklace or let your bracelet steal the show. If your dress has long sleeves, you can wear several bracelets to achieve a “cuff” look. Be careful to match them perfectly with the dress because they will be visible. (1. Bracelet Trabel, 2. Estás grillado, 3. Plucked, 4. Feather).


Earrings: they are the stars of the season and no bridal look is complete without them. XL versions in silver and gold, with colorful crystals or pearls will add a ton of personality to your style. Choose the ones that best complement your hairstyle and give in to the hottest trend at the moment. (1. Earrings On tip toes, 2. Half moon, 3. Feather, 4. Anemone).


Ring: without a doubt, rings add a lot of personality if you know how to choose and combine them. A mix of XL gold rings can break up a simple, minimalist look. Or you can opt to wear just one that matches your bracelet and necklace. (1. Ring Bis-a-dos, 2. The crevice, 3. Knot knot, 4. Strut).


A simple gesture can completely change the perception of your bridal look. You just have to choose the right jewelry.

New Collection! Crush arrives to give us a sneak peek at upcoming jewelry trends


Phases of Love enters a new and exciting stage along with the Crush Collection. Pieces of jewelry with lots of character and full of life where the most elegant feathers play the leading role. Feathers that are inspired by birds that show all their splendor to woo their mate and join crystals that bring touches of sparkle and light.


Be the first to discover the new Crush Collection

Silver, crystals, leather and feathers, lots of feathers! Discover our new Crush Collection and fall in love with its pieces of jewelry:


Timeless pieces of jewelry designed to take any style to new heights and give a touch of distinction that goes with office looks as well as styles for Saturday nights. Create the perfect set of jewelry with the Peak and pen necklace and the Feather ring.


Silver is the overarching element of the Crush collection and it plates necklaces, bracelets and rings with Unode50’s personal style. Be seduced by the feathers of the A Pico y Pluma bracelet, the Feather ring and the Feather necklace.


The statement earrings are the hit of the season (and between us, they plan on staying a long time). They come in many different shapes but with some elements in common: they must be XL and cause an explosion of life on your face. Our I like you earrings are a clear example of this.


The result is very different pieces to stand out on any occasion. Don’t miss them!

Unique beaches in the world: Five exclusive destinations to enjoy on the seashore


What are the most beautiful beaches in the world? These days at UNOde50, we have left everything behind and we have gone to enjoy our new pieces of jewelry on the seashore. With our latest campaign, Every Summer Has a Story, we bring our designs to the beach so you can find the perfect bracelets, rings and earrings for your next seaside vacations. Start getting your suitcase ready because your trip begins now.

Five unique beaches in the world


  • Cala Macarelleta. Menorca (Spain). As a handcrafted Made in Spain brand, we begin this route with one of the most irresistible beaches in our country. This small cove is located in a beautiful enclave of the island of Menorca. White sand, turquoise waters and magnificent rocks surrounded by a wild pine forest.


  • Anse Sur d’Argent, La Digue Island (Seychelles). A spectacular and incomparable destination within the paradisiacal archipelago of Seychelles. Guaranteed peace and quiet in an area that is hard to reach and where corals and tropical fish can be seen almost on the shore of the beach. The granite rocks contrast with the fine sand and crystal clear waters.


  • Cannon Beach, Oregon (United States). This area of the US coast retains its natural beauty thanks to the fact that it has become a protected area. Surrounded by mountains and stretching up to 10 miles long, it is perfect for long walks and enjoying the incredible image created by the rocks that emerge from the ocean.


  • Playa Bonita, Samaná (The Dominican Republic). On the Dominican coast is this beach which stands out for its simplicity: sand, clear water and palm trees. An ideal destination and with few tourists, perfect for resting with lots of peace and quiet.


  • Sarakiniko, Milos Island (Greece). The Greek islands are full of stunning beaches, but Milos Island is in this wonder of white volcanic rock that is known locally as “moon beach.” The shapes of the rocks that have been created for centuries by the effect of the water and wind make it an unforgettable coast.

This is our selection of unique beaches. Which beach will be the setting of your summer story? Whichever one it is, don’t miss out on our selection of pieces of summer jewelry that are featured in Every Summer Has a Story by UNOde50.

More is more: jewelry sets for your festival looks


The season of music festivals is here and it’s time to pick the best looks for dancing ‘til dawn. Whether you’re going to Glastonbury, Primavera Sound or Lollapalooza, concerts are the best excuse to flaunt your most bold and whimsical side with styles that make a “more is more” statement. To give you a hand, UNOde50 has created four jewelry sets to combine with your most bohemian ensembles so you can let loose to the rhythm of your favorite rock, indie or pop music.

No concerts planned this season? Don’t miss out on the festival trend because boho-chic is this summer’s hottest craze.

4 jewelry sets for festival-goers

1-Glam Rock: The ingredients of this head-to-toe glam rock look are:

Jewelry selection= Guardian necklace + Ohmmm hoop earrings + Mumbasa ring

Key clothes= Leather mini skirt + black t-shirt + ankle boots


2-Summer sexy: If you want to show some skin, this is the outfit for you:

Jewelry selection= Tu Bi Molt braceletOn the road necklace + Trigo ring

Key clothes= Black mini dress + jean jacket


3-Country cool: Cowboy chic is on-trend this summer. Get this festival look with:

Jewelry selection= Zen bracelet + Ahora o Nunca watch + The Leaf ring

Key clothes= Leather pants + cowboy boots + hat + animal print scarf


4-Gold Seventies: Embrace the golden 1970s with these elements:

Jewelry selection= Eslabón necklaceSpeaking of the devil necklace + Zen Gold bracelet + Not To Be bracelet

Key clothes= Black camisole + boho vest + ‘70s maxi shades


What will you be wearing for your next music festival? Don’t miss our jewelry selection for Summer festivals and get your festival looks ready.


All about pearls: a classic that keeps reinventing itself


Classic? Traditional? None of it! Pearls can be bespoke, different, and current. That’s why the pearl has become one of our favorite elements when designing our unique jewelry. Although UNOde50’s most iconic materials are silver and leather, we’ve incorporated crystal, gold, and pearl details in our creations for some time now.

They’ve become the focal point of some of our icons, like the “A Pearl of Wisdom” bracelet or the “Orión” cuff. Creations featuring pearls are some of our most sought-after pieces and we can no longer imagine our collections without them.

Yes, pearls also have a past

Although these days most pearls are man-made, their use in jewelry dates back thousands of years to the discovery of natural pearls created by oysters. Unlike crystals and stones, pearls do not need to be carved to show their splendor.


It may seem incredible but they have been used to adorn accessories since ancient times. Though it is thought that this method of use began in India, pearl remains have been found among the remnants of ancient civilizations, like the Phoenicians, Greeks, Hebrews, and Egyptians. In fact, it is believed that during her reign, Cleopatra possessed the two most valuable pearls in the world.

They have also been used for centuries in Europe, not only in the design of necklaces, earrings, and bracelets, but also in embroidery, embellished fabrics, handbags, and hats.

But let’s put the ancient past aside and move on to the 20th century, when the pearl became an iconic element of fashion and accessories. Designers like Coco Chanel made pearls a must-have and movie stars like Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, and Audrey Hepburn were steadfast devotees of the beads, both on and off screen.

Pearls today: IN or OUT?


Totally IN. These days pearls are still a trend that can be found in thousands of shapes and colors, in all kinds of jewelry and accessories, not to mention clothing and decor. Every year they reinvent themselves and adapt to the styles of the moment.

At UNOde50, we like to take risks by tweaking the traditional vibe of these gems and turning them into bold and daring designer pieces, with silver and leather details. Want to give them a try? Check out our selection of unique pearls!

Ideas for UNOde50 moms: different jewelry for that sure-fire gift


Your mom is one of a kind. She always picks up the phone when you’re desperate, she’s there when you need her, she encourages you to reach your potential at work, she’s your most loyal follower when it comes to trends. And above all, no one makes your favorite dish better. Doesn’t she deserve a gift as great as her on Mothers’ Day?

Of course she does. On Mothers’ Day and every other day of the year. But on this special day, show her how important she is with a unique and original gift from our selection of different jewelry items for UNOde50 moms.

10 jewelry items for unique moms


Eres Mía necklace: this rock ‘n roll piece won’t go unnoticed.


Duna earrings: pearls and a splash of color for her more summery ensembles.


A Pearl of Wisdom ring: XXL for lovers of statement jewelry.


What a Mess bracelet: one of our most iconic bohemian-inspired pieces.


A tiempo watch: you can’t go wrong with a designer watch like this one.


Knot Knot ring: a new arrival in stores and one of today’s hottest trends.


I give you… key ring: give the gift of wishes with this design featuring charms and messages.


Zen bracelet: a bespoke design that can also be included in the Genderless Pack.


Stalactite earrings: with Swarovski crystals and an air of glamor.


Nyota cuff: a creation that goes with everything.

Find more Mothers’ Day ideas in our gift range.

10 items of jewelry your spring break suitcase can’t go without


Did someone say spring break? That’s right, it won’t be long until we can take a few days off. If you’re one of the lucky few going on vacation in the next couple of weeks, don’t despair if you don’t know what to pack. Our advice: basic items that go with everything and some accessories to add a hint of spring to your looks. Here are some ideas to ensure the most stylish pieces of jewelry make it into your travel bag.

10 UNOde50 designs to debut on spring break


Leaves choker: embrace this trend and add a festival touch to your looks with this leather necklace featuring colorful Swarovski details.


Dune ring: one of the star pieces of our new Oasis collection, its design of rounded contours is both current and timeless.


Little George necklace: every spring break suitcase needs a long necklace. This casual model looks great with a dress shirt or plain tee.


Sahara earrings: a pop of color is essential to feel the warmth of spring.


Half-moon necklace: you never know what can happen on vacation and taking a versatile necklace that dresses up a casual look is always a great idea.


Sahara ring: too original to go unnoticed, you can wear this ring solo or in combination with others.


Oasis bracelet: a leather bracelet is another basic item you can’t go without. This Oasis model includes a pearl to add a point of shimmer.


Wild Bush earrings: a design that works with jeans or an Ibizan sundress; ideal for springtime.


Jungle Love necklace: shine bright in this piece with hints of color and enjoy your vacation.


Leaf bracelet: inspired by the leaves of the Adam’s Rib plant, this bracelet will work with all of your spring styles.

So, are you ready for vacation?


UNOde50’s latest campaign is called #KEEPDANCING and it will make you move


Ready to discover our dance-inspired collections? We present UNOde50’s most rhythmic campaign, #KEEPDANCING, an amazing carousel of movements full of passion and emotion, quintessential elements in our jewelry.

Fresh and sassy choreography serves as a basis for showcasing our boldest designs. Four different dance styles represent our jewelry lines: Twist, Voguing, Ballet and Funk. And of course, there’s a nod to flamenco, as a reminder of the brand’s origins.

Captura de pantalla 2018-02-07 a las 18.30.25

The model, Amanda Wellsh, is placed in the hands of choreographer Johnny White, from Locked Creative. And occupying the dance floor are the dancers Abbey Taylor, Emma Atkins, Levi Mathews and Oliver Wheler.

Captura de pantalla 2018-02-07 a las 18.31.41

Then he arrives: the model, Guillaume Mace is Amanda’s co-star in this campaign, which closes with a series of unique photographs. They look directly into the camera and we are left spellbound by their jewelry. Do you feel the connection?


For #KEEPDANCING, José Manuel Ferrater, who is in charge of direction and photography, takes the baton. The team also includes the stylist, Alberto Murtra, and the hairdresser and makeup artist, Moncho Moreno.


Few things make us feel as free as music and dancing. Feel our passion and our beat with #KEEPDANCING. Don’t miss the latest campaign on our website.

5 jewelry gift ideas for 2017 that will be on trend in 2018

Uno De 50-2

Which jewelry will be fashionable in 2018? What are the top gift ideas for Christmas 2017? Next year is right around the corner and we not only need to be prepared to flaunt the hottest trends, but to know how to choose the perfect gift.

Year after year our favorite accessories are reinvented without following a specific guideline, which allows for more and more creativity. The same thing happens with gifts: we have to use our imagination to pick something unique every year.

Although it’s impossible to describe next year’s trends in a single word or reveal the key to successful holiday shopping in one sentence, we at UNOde50 will try to lend a hand with some suggestions. We recommend 5 pieces of jewelry that will not go out of style in 2018, and that will be the perfect surprise this Christmas 2017.


5 jewelry items that will be on trend in 2018


  1. Swarovski crystals. Swarovski elements, inspired by natural shapes and colors, will continue to be on trend and we will see them everywhere in the coming months. They will play a major role in accessories and will be a natural and sophisticated accompaniment to any ensemble.


  1. Pearls. Pearls are a jewelry classic that never go out of style. Reinvented year after year, they are the perfect gift, and in 2018 they will embellish our wardrobe as well as our jewelry boxes. This holiday season, jewelry sets featuring pearls are a sure-fire choice.


  1. Designer watches. Although this season they haven’t received the attention they deserve, in 2018 the watch will be an essential accessory. If you’re looking for a timeless, modern gift that will last, we recommend a timepiece with a unique design.


  1. Message bracelets. What beats the gift of good cheer? “Health, luck, and love” are some of the most popular messages in our range of message bracelets. Several designs also include original charms.


  1. Hoop earrings. Though reminiscent of the disco era, hoop earrings have become the embodiment of modernity. In gold or silver, these go-with-everything earrings express personality and are an ideal gift this holiday season.


The New Ice Collection arrives just in time for the Holidays


UNOde50’s new jewelry collection arrives just in time to add a sparkling touch to our Christmas gift list. As a pre-launch to the Spring-Summer 2018 collection, the Ice Collection is now in stores and online. Inspired by the coldest corners of our planet the Ice Collection kicks off UNOde50’s perfect Holiday on Ice experience through unique handcrafted jewelry pieces.

Organic and geometric shapes are brought together in pieces that transport us to a world of glaciers, blocks of ice and sparkling blue tones. The new geometric crystal shapes featured in the Ice Collection are  part of a special Swarovski collection created by designer, Chris Bangle, with a color tone developed exclusively for UNOde50.

Shine with the Ice Collection


With exclusive designs made to shine and stand out, this new collection is perfect for a holiday party look. Pieces like the Stalactite earrings or the Cube Cubed ring, add a touch of light to any outfit.


Refreshing Holiday Gifts


The new Ice Collection has plenty of refreshing ideas to make the right holiday gift choice. Among others, the Cave necklace is a unique design that matches any look, and the Stalactite bracelet is a great choice if you are looking for a very special piece.

What are you waiting for? Experience the UNOde50, holiday on Ice.