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On-trend colors: the summer tones that will dominate your accessories


Already know the hottest tones for summer 2018? In the warmer months, as temperatures rise, the colors in fashion and accessories grow more intense as we push the blacks and brows to the back of our closet in favor of reds, pinks, yellows, and blues. In jewelry and accessories, this season hottest shades are green, violet, pink, and blue.

We at UNOde50 reveal the on-trend colors that will dominate your bracelets, rings and earrings in the months to come.

From pink dahlia to ultraviolet: 5 on-trend jewelry colors for summer 2018


Blooming dahlia: Between pink and salmon, this tone is very flattering in the summer months. Give it a try: combine our Flora bracelet with an Ibizan sundress or denim look.


Arcadia green: A mixture of blue and green to pair with all your summer outfits, whether your heading to the office or strolling along the boardwalk on vacation. Let yourself be seduced by the arcadia in the Tarifa ring from UNOde50’s Ocean Collection.


Cherry tomato red: This year’s version of the ever-popular color is warmer.  Include it in your jewelry. Our suggestion? One of the brand’s icons: the Pedrolé ring.


Nile green: This season pastels are still all the rage, but if one shade stands out above the rest, it’s this light green, featured in one of our bestsellers at the moment: the Tarifa bracelet.


Purple tones: From ultraviolet to lavender to Spring Crocus mauve, lilac shades are a must-have this season. The Heaven and Earth bracelet has all of them and is the ideal piece of summer jewelry. Got yours yet?

I you love the on-trend colors for the Summer, discover more vibrant jewelry for summer 2018 in the Shades Collection on our website.

Get up to date! Jewelry trends for spring-summer 2018


There is no better antidote against the cold than to wrap yourself up in the hottest jewelry trends. Though it may be hard to believe, spring-summer 2018 is right around the corner and it’s almost time to update your look. Tropical details, the Animal Instinct trend, and anklets burst onto the scene to fill your winter days with warmth. Get ready to be amazed by the trendiest necklaces, earrings, and bracelets because the new season is hot.

New season: the hottest jewelry trends for 2018


Tropical mood: lose yourself in the vivid colors and natural shapes of the tropical trend. Jewelry inspired by the leaves, flowers, fruit, and animals of tropical regions will be a hit this season. If you’ve been seduced by this style, don’t miss our Jungle collection.

Animal Instinct: animals remain one of our sources of inspiration in 2018. Butterflies, panthers, monkeys… any element of the animal kingdom works to inspire a bracelet or ring. How do you like our Treassure Robber necklace?


Layering: necklaces are layered or combined with designs that feature several strands: a perfect trend to add a touch of color or shine to minimalist spring-summer ensembles. If you want to try this look, we recommend the Serene necklace, which is a hot item among influencers.


XXL crystals: this spring, shine comes from extra large crystals. Dare to rock a more-is-more look and brighten up your spring outfits with unique pieces, like those from our Ice collection.


Stylish pearls: the pearl is one trend that is updated every season and this year is no exception. Best of all, in 2018, there are no rules. Pearls are featured in the most classic, as well as the most futuristic designs. At UNOde50, we opt for modernity with our Oasis line.

Among other spring 2018 trends, brooches are back, as are anklets and asymmetrical earrings, two trends that have already triumphed in previous seasons.

At UNOde50, we believe in your own style more than seasonal trends. That’s why we encourage you to explore our jewelry and choose the pieces that match your individual taste.

Complement your New Year’s Eve look with the hottest jewelry


With the most anticipated night of the year comes the latest on-trend jewelry. New Year’s Eve is much more than just another night. It’s the one night of the year when magic, glamour, and champagne come together. New Year’s Eve closes the door on one chapter to begin another, full of new plans, goals, and wishes. It’s the start of the mystery that is the New Year.

The 31st is no ordinary night; it’s the most festive evening of the holiday season, when your everyday clothes stay in the closet and your best dress takes center stage.

To ring in the New Year unapologetically with a stylish, sexy, and daring look, accessories are your best friends; they add a distinctive, sophisticated touch to any New Year’s ensemble.

Jewelry, in living color

73600RGB copia

Colorful crystals have become a mainstay in the jewelry world. At UNOde50, they are one of our stellar materials. If you want to add a flash of color and shine to black or navy blue dress, we recommend a bracelet or necklace from our Ice or Masai collections to put the finishing touches on your party look.

Gold, the shimmer of the night


Champagne, feathered masks, sequin clutches and gold, tons of gold. New Year’s Eve means light and glamour. Why not combine our Gold Collection with any look to accentuate your face and skin?

Bold pearls

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These are not your mother’s pearls. Their singular designs, combined with materials like silver and leather, mask their sobriety and distance them from the classic concept they’re known for. New Year’s Eve is the perfect time to be sassy with some unique pearls from UNOde50.

Party Look Trends: Five Keys to Look Perfect


The time of the year where there are the most events and celebrations is about to begin and one of the best ways to be able to make a look is with a unique piece of jewelry. That is why at UNOde50 we want to be sure that you have the necessary keys when it comes to jewelry so that you dazzle this Christmas.


Five Key Pieces of Jewelry for a Perfect Party Look

Choker: The time of choker style necklaces has also arrived. This accessory will be your best friend when completing a look. Whether you choose a dress or another type of style for your party looks, a choker will be a perfect accessory to enhance it. Velvet is a clear winner this time of year and a perfect candidate for this combination.


Swarovski Crystals: Because there is nothing more festive than jewelry with crystals, we show you different choices to give an elegant and sophisticated touch to your party looks. If you pick a never-failing black and white look, you can add a bit of color and shine with a bracelet or a ring with Swarovski.


XL Rings: Mix and match has been a very strong trend this season. However, at this time of year, we recommend that you go with ‘less is more’. For example, a single large ring can become the star of your party style.


Geometric Shapes: Subtly but with a lot of strength, geometric shapes have been making their way into our closet until taking it over. Let yourself be carried away by the magnetism of this trend and complete your most festive outfits with geometric pieces of jewelry to give them a modern and innovative touch and to be the queen of the party. 

Gold: XL chains and earrings have been one of the trends this year but we recommend that you choose them in gold during this season. They will add a touch of glam to your styles whether you wear an all-black look or if you dare to wear something with color.


Dare to look scary good this Halloween with UNOde50


Halloween is right around the corner and whether the look you’re going for is completely spooky or totally glam, UNOde50 has the perfect handcrafted jewelry to make your Halloween look complete. Here are iconic costume ideas with five must have UNOde50 jewelry pieces to have a fabulous UNOde50 Halloween.


Witches are an all-time favorite when it comes to this spooky holiday, and we have the perfect spell to have you looking downright witchin’. Flying broom? Check. Magic wand? Check. Classic black hat? Check. Now all that’s left is a touch of Sweet Danger. A limited edition short necklace formed from two rows of leather that interweave 15-micron silver-plated beads that simulate crocodile skin, combined with SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS crystals in green. Add this to your look and you’ll be unstoppable. Now that’s no hocus pocus!



Sexy and dangerous all wrapped in one makes for one deadly showstopper. As a vampire out on the town, the original handmade wide bracelet composed of much-elongated silver-plated metal pieces mounted on a leather lace is enough to make someone say Ouch!!! without using your fangs.



We’ve had a mad king, it’s time for a mad queen. Paired with your most regal look, our limited edition, handcrafted silver plated short necklace resembling a choker and with three rounds at different heights gives you the right amount of Madness without the commoners seeking to overthrow you.



Don’t pack your gown away just yet! If being a mad queen isn’t your thing then you can always be the Belle of the ball. If you’re spending Halloween at the ball single, fear not, our bracelet made from irregular beads to simulate crocodile skin, with 15-micron silver-plating and SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS crystals in grey is all The Beast you’ll need to pair with your beauty.



If there is ever a time to do your makeup in a heavy black cat-eye, rock that cropped black wig, and dress from head-to-toe in jewelry, this is that time. Risen from the dead and the new fierce pharaoh of Halloween, it is only right to have Anubis by your right hand. Our silver-plated knuckle ring with triangular smoke-toned Swarovski crystal is more than enough to protect you in the afterworld.


Fashion alert! How to wear UNOde50 jewelry like an influencer


Fashion Week has drawn to a close and influencers around the world have opted to wear UNOde50 in the front row at the Paris, London, and Milan shows. We analyze their looks from head to toe and show you how to wear our jewelry with the style of today’s trendsetters.

6 tips to rock UNOde50 with fashion week chic


  1. Cupcake colors: Street style was dominated by pastels in the run-up to the major shows. Check out Michelle Calvo’s baby blue coat, paired with An’mona earrings, or the bubble gum pink trench from Lafotka, paired with several pieces from our Gold Collection. Sweeten your wardrobe this season and let your UNOde50 accessories shine like they deserve.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         collage3
  2. Stay in check: Plaid is one of the prints of the moment. This spring, we recommend pairing it with our jewelry in a way that reflects your style. Need inspiration? Check out Lucy Williams’ look with our Swagy earrings.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    pamallier
  3. Off-the-shoulder coats: Want your choker to be seen? Stow away the scarves and unbutton your coat. Luckily spring is already here and the mercury is rising. Pamela Allier rocks this trend (a huge hit among bloggers) with our leather, silver, and pearl Choper necklace.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    marta-festa
  4. Extra-Baroque: You can handle everything, and this season more is, once again, more! Following this trend, Marta Festa adds the It’s Head necklace and the Ibiza bracelet to a dress in warm tones to achieve this look of extra excess.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            collage4
  5. Handbags with personality: Our jewelry goes with everything, but if you want to achieve an unforgettable head-to-toe look, pair it with a colorful, eye-catching handbag. Here are some ideas from bloggers Babioles de Zoe, who sports our Bis-a-two bracelet, and Digital Modern Family, who pairs a dramatic bag with the Shackled bracelet.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            collage5
  6. Embrace color: Because this spring is no different, the new season brings with it a change in color palette. Say adiós to black and navy blue, and hola to prints and vibrant tones. Alessia Sica got a jump on spring, attending Milan Fashion Week in our Man Ojito necklace. Olivia Cox also opted for a summery look at London Fashion Week with jewelry from our gold collection.


You already know the hottest 2017 jewelry trends; all that’s left is to brush up on the latest fashion. Now that you’re up to speed, don’t miss the best items from our Spring-Summer 2017 collection and take a chance with the latest fashion trends.

New Wild Instinct Collection: jewelry with savage instinct


We all have a wild side and this season UNOde50 wants to discover yours. Introducing our latest collection: Wild Instinct, a new line for spring/summer 2017 inspired by the animal kingdom and designed to captivate. The strength of the crocodile and the resilience of its skin are reflected in this innovative collection of creative jewelry, for those who still want more after the release of our SS17 City Paradises collection.

 Inspiration: untamed nature


Enigmatic, unique, strong… these are some of the adjectives associated with one of nature’s most charismatic animals: the crocodile.

It is a symbol of power and wisdom in many cultures: to the early inhabitants of India, it signified the origin of life; for the ancient Egyptians, it was the protector god of fertility, vegetation, and life.


The latest: sophistication and creativity


The creative director of UNOde50, José Azulay, and his design team firmly believe that boldness and elegance go hand in hand artistically.

In this collection, they have ventured to combine untamed nature with glamour and light. This fusion has given way to a unique collection, with that distinctive element that differentiates UNOde50 from the rest.


The characteristic feature of the pieces that comprise the Wild Instinct collection is the texture of crocodile skin, obtained by smoothing scales over silver. Swarovski crystals in shades of Erinite Green and Silver Night are then inlaid to add a hint of light to the designs, and finally, a touch of our iconic leather is included.

Long necklaces with tons of character, short necklaces spun-off from chokers, articulated rings, and bangle bracelets are featured as part of Wild Instinct, a collection designed to create exclusive daytime looks and stylish yet daring evening looks. Discover all the jewelry from UNOde50’s most enigmatic line on our website and at our stores.

Trend Power! The most popular jewelry trends for spring-summer 2017


The days are getting longer and it’s almost time for outdoor revelry and sunshine. Spring is right around the corner and with it arrives the opportunity to showcase new jewelry trends. The runways and international fairs have issued their verdict for 2017 and ruled that pearls, chokers, and XXL designs are the hottest items this season. Here are some key pieces to power your wardrobe this spring-summer.

Surefire jewelry trends for SS17:

  • The new era of pearls: In 2017, the classic accessory to compliment the face undergoes an ultra-modern reboot. This season, pearls come in all sizes, combined with silver, leather, fabric and a variety of materials. Imagine how our “Perla Mosqueta” necklace and bracelet would look on you.


  • King of the jungle: Many of 2017’s most popular items find inspiration in nature, and particularly in the animal kingdom. The “Secret Gardens” and “Wild Instinct” lines from our new collection take inspiration from the exotic animal trend of the 1970s and reinvent it.


  • Long live the choker: The 90s are back with one of the hottest trends this spring. Dust off your old chokers or grab an updated version, like our SS17 favorite, the “Choper” necklace and the bracelet from the same collection.  Are you brave enough to pair it with an off-the-shoulder top?



  • Different is better: Asymmetry continues to reign this season in both apparel and jewelry. Both single and mismatched earrings are all the rage and necklaces move away from the conventional. For a creative, contemporary look opt for asymmetrical pieces like our “Atacada” earrings.


  • Gold hoops: An unbeatable classic, gold hoops are the star earrings of 2017. Choose whichever width you prefer—just make sure they’re eye-catching. What do you think of our An,mona and “Ohmnn” earrings?


  • Chained: Chains are back this season with large links and creative designs. Rock this striking trend with UNOde50 pieces, like “Eslabón” in silver or gold.


This season is all about jewelry that makes a statement. Dare to leave a lasting impression with unique and creative accessories. You already know the trends, now you can adapt them to your style. Your unique style. Like that of UNOde50.

City Paradises: UNOde50’s most creative collection for spring-summer 2017


After the winter sales, it’s time to discover the latest collections launched by fashion and accessory labels everywhere. At UNOde50, we can’t wait to present City Paradises, our new spring-summer collection that puts creativity in the spotlight.

Inspired by urban paradises, intimate, unique and secret places immersed in big cities but removed from the hustle and bustle. These small spaces, where you can escape, find peace and promote creativity every day, have provided the inspiration for each capsule of the New SS17 Collection.

The complete UNOde50 SS17 collection

Home Creative Home


Let’s start with the first line in this New Collection, that transports us to the warmth of the home. A place where you can live with your own style, designed to give free rein to your creativity. It features characteristic UNOde50 elements such as keys and pearls, as well as on-trend pieces such as maxi-necklaces, chokers, and knuckle rings.

Don’t miss out on some of our unique pieces such as Alguna abrirá, a silver, leather, and pearl necklace with an exclusive design. Or our bracelet Ya ves, de vuelta, an original key shape design.

Secret Gardens


The freshest and most colorful line. Little secret gardens inspire free spirited pieces, seventies looks defined by natural relaxed beauty.

Mother-of-pearl in pastel shades and on-trend colors such as purple and turquoise feature in our Nacaroni bracelet and bracelet. Designs with details of fantastic animals such as the flying fish, which features on our Frizzante necklace. This line will take you to magical places.


Wild Suburb


The last line presents an alterative urban ambiance, personified through pieces with a freer and bolder spirit, featuring rock and punk influences.

We discover new unisex jewelry, an essential concept for UNOde50. Such as the Bala Perdida bracelet and our Embalados ring, inspired by the military world.

Gradually, we will reveal the jewelry featured in this collection. With a more creative spirit than ever before, but without losing the essence of UNOde50’s exclusive design and Made in Spain handcrafted quality.

2017 SALES: Check out our top discounted pieces


UNOde50’s sales are here.  Don’t miss the opportunity to get your hands on our most original and creative pieces at 30% off. Draw winter to a close with the latest jewelry trends and add a splash of color to your spring wardrobe.

Because any excuse will do to enjoy our special prices, we recommend a selection of unique jewels to help you decide.


12 exclusive UNOde50 pieces, now with special discounts

“¿Lo hacemos?”: This necklace is one of our basics. Perfect to add a bold touch to any neutral look, with the unmistakable personality of UNOde50.


“Chunda chunda”: Leather and silver, our most iconic materials, are key to these all-terrain earrings. Pair them with any variety of looks.


“Como una ola”: Take advantage of the sales to get a jump on the latest trends and add a splash of color to your spring wardrobe.


“DEBAJO”: A ring with an inimitable design, only suitable for bold and creative women.


“Nevado”: A piece that embodies the essence of UNOde50 and adds style to any basic ensemble.


“Cuadrilátero”: The geometric design of this leather cuff bracelet is very original and won’t go unnoticed. And you can find it also in red.


“Cheyenne”: An earcuff is a unique detail to transform an ordinary look into a hot number.


“Otra de bolas”: This necklace made with handcrafted crystals and silver beads is a showstopper with its design and range of colors in blues and earth tones.


“Cherokee”: Be daring with asymmetric pieces like the earrings from our Creative Winds collection.


“A-R-M-O-R.”: If you still don’t have an articulated ring, now is the time to embrace one of the season’s hottest trends.


“Tanit”: Leather, silver, charms and colorful detailing make this bracelet a fun everyday option.


“Des-Orbitado”: This is the name of a unique and timeless design, an inimitable necklace that will become one of your must-haves.



It’s time to shop the sales. Discover all of these UNOde50 pieces at 30% off at our stores and online.