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Our Crush Collection is taking over Instagram: these are the influencers who love it


Sweltering heat, paradisiacal beaches, infinity pools and heart-stopping looks. Looks like the ones we can see these days on the streets of fashionable cities in summer and, of course, on Instagram. There are many fans on this social network, a worthy successor of fashion magazines, who are a source of inspiration for your summer styles. If you have gone through Instagram profiles or if you have simply taken a close look with suggestions designed for you, you may have noticed that a jewelry collection has conquered land, sea and air this summer. Our Crush Collection! Few influencers have resisted feathers during these vacations. Just take a look!


The influencers are seduced by the Crush Collection

Marta Lozano went with the Strut necklace, the Feather bracelet and the Strut ring. The result was perfect for an afternoon at sea.
Foto 2

Teresa Andrés joins the trend of “more is more” by mixing four pieces of jewelry from our Crush Collection: I like you earrings, the Peak and pen necklace and Feather and Strut rings.
Image3 (1)

Ares Aixala bets everything on feathers as we can see in this look. The stars are the Look at me earrings, the Feather necklace and the Strut necklace.
image1 (6)

Lucía Bárcena has given us heart-stopping looks through her Instagram account. Looks where Crush jewelry can’t be left out like the Strut necklace.
IMG_4521 (3)

Marta Vidaurreta has gone for the summer necklace, Strut, and she has combined it with the Look at me bracelet. A great move!
Opción 3

There aren’t more summery pieces of jewelry than the ones from our Crush Collection. Just look at the look Trendy Taste chose for an afternoon at the beach: the Peak and Pen necklace combined with the Strut necklace.

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Keep an eye on Instagram, you don’t know where you can find inspiration for your next looks.

New collection! Here’s an exclusive preview of Sweetness, the first FW18 collection


Check out our brand new collection today at UNOde50! It’s called Phases of Love and it’s here to whisk us away to the different stages and phases of love through exclusive and elegant pieces of jewelry. With its own unique language and brimming with emotions, Phases of Love brings us the very latest FW18 trends in jewelry.  Your next stop? The Sweetness Collection.


Here’s an exclusive preview of Sweetness

Sweetness represents that thrill at the start of a relationship with joyful life-affirming pieces featuring colored crystals, silver and leather.


Color is one of the key characteristics of the Sweetness Collection. Handcrafted crystals in pastel tones decorate joyful and colorful pieces such as the Tickling bracelet and the Feelings necklace.


But the absolute star of the Sweetness Collection is undoubtedly our new and improved dragonfly, whose wings – made from silver with Swarovski crystals – come to life in many of our pieces. You can find it in the Any time necklace, the Little-dragon-fly bracelet and the My dragon-fly ring.


The result is a selection of unique, vibrant and joyous items of jewelry, the ideal accessory for your summer looks, or if you are already thinking ahead to the next Fall/Winter season.

Anklets: 10 tips to wear them with style in 2018


Ankle bracelets come back every year and we enthusiastically welcome them, like with ice cream and the new colors of the season. With the rising temperatures, we say goodbye to tights and socks and the time comes to show off your ankles and legs. If you want to take part in the anklets trend in 2018, here are the keys to wearing them with style.

How to wear ankle bracelets with style this summer

  1. Match them with minimalist flat sandals that are in this summer.
  2. If there are a few star jeans this season, they are the high-rise, wide leg and above-the-knee, a perfect garment for wearing your anklet for a very trendy look.
  3. Choose one that goes with your style: don’t be swayed by fashion and find the one that best suits you. If you love colors, choose a multicolored design like Frizzante from UNOde50 or if you are a charm fan, choose an anklet like Surfer, with sea-inspired charms.


  1. Say yes to wearing them to the beach and the pool. Anklets look great with any bikini or swimsuit look.
  2. Weddings or other events? Our recommendation is to take them off for special occasions. This accessory brings a bohemian touch to the outfits and, with some exceptions, will not work with a wedding guest outfit.
  3. Wearing them with sneakers, espadrilles and summer shoes is also a winning move.
  4. Feel free to match them with skirts. They look good with all lengths: midi, mini and maxi.
  5. If you want to complete your look with more jewelry, the anklets go with leather and silver bracelets, long necklaces or hoop earrings.
  6. And what about with dresses? Perfect! Prints, pleats, Ibizan style, choose your favorite and add an ankle bracelet for an ultra-summery
  7. Be yourself: when it comes to going for this accessory trend in 2018, the best maxim is to let yourself follow your instinct, have fun creating your looks and enjoy your favorite anklet to the fullest.

And don’t miss the selection of UNOde50 ankle bracelets on our website.

In living color: 10 vibrant pieces of jewelry for 2018

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Summer is on its way and Shades returns to UNOde50, a collection of colorful jewelry to combine with your looks for the new season, because when temperatures rise, so does our desire to add vivid accessories to our summery ensembles. UNOde50 will help you forget the cold and colorless with a range of vibrant jewelry designed to illuminate the season.

Say ‘adios’ to black: this season it’s all about color.

1- Ride the Wave earrings: wear them with head-to-toe denim and you can’t go wrong.


2- Perla del Caribe necklace: a very special design that won’t go unnoticed with a white t-shirt or button-down.


3- Waikiki ring: an extra large piece you’ll wear all summer long.


4- Heaven and Earth: a boho-chic icon of UNOde50 summers.


5- Neritidae earrings: a creation featuring details of color and mother-of-pearl with the brand’s unique style.


6- Nacaroni necklace: Leather, a summer basic, is the star of this design.


7- A bit wind up bracelet: multicolor to add a distinctive note to all your outfits this season.


8- Look Out! bracelet: bespoke detail in warm and cool tones.


9- Peter Olé ring: another of our iconic designs that works with dresses or jeans.


10- Surfer anklet: anklets are a must in the summer months. Got yours yet?


All about pearls: a classic that keeps reinventing itself


Classic? Traditional? None of it! Pearls can be bespoke, different, and current. That’s why the pearl has become one of our favorite elements when designing our unique jewelry. Although UNOde50’s most iconic materials are silver and leather, we’ve incorporated crystal, gold, and pearl details in our creations for some time now.

They’ve become the focal point of some of our icons, like the “A Pearl of Wisdom” bracelet or the “Orión” cuff. Creations featuring pearls are some of our most sought-after pieces and we can no longer imagine our collections without them.

Yes, pearls also have a past

Although these days most pearls are man-made, their use in jewelry dates back thousands of years to the discovery of natural pearls created by oysters. Unlike crystals and stones, pearls do not need to be carved to show their splendor.


It may seem incredible but they have been used to adorn accessories since ancient times. Though it is thought that this method of use began in India, pearl remains have been found among the remnants of ancient civilizations, like the Phoenicians, Greeks, Hebrews, and Egyptians. In fact, it is believed that during her reign, Cleopatra possessed the two most valuable pearls in the world.

They have also been used for centuries in Europe, not only in the design of necklaces, earrings, and bracelets, but also in embroidery, embellished fabrics, handbags, and hats.

But let’s put the ancient past aside and move on to the 20th century, when the pearl became an iconic element of fashion and accessories. Designers like Coco Chanel made pearls a must-have and movie stars like Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, and Audrey Hepburn were steadfast devotees of the beads, both on and off screen.

Pearls today: IN or OUT?


Totally IN. These days pearls are still a trend that can be found in thousands of shapes and colors, in all kinds of jewelry and accessories, not to mention clothing and decor. Every year they reinvent themselves and adapt to the styles of the moment.

At UNOde50, we like to take risks by tweaking the traditional vibe of these gems and turning them into bold and daring designer pieces, with silver and leather details. Want to give them a try? Check out our selection of unique pearls!

Ideas for UNOde50 moms: different jewelry for that sure-fire gift


Your mom is one of a kind. She always picks up the phone when you’re desperate, she’s there when you need her, she encourages you to reach your potential at work, she’s your most loyal follower when it comes to trends. And above all, no one makes your favorite dish better. Doesn’t she deserve a gift as great as her on Mothers’ Day?

Of course she does. On Mothers’ Day and every other day of the year. But on this special day, show her how important she is with a unique and original gift from our selection of different jewelry items for UNOde50 moms.

10 jewelry items for unique moms


Eres Mía necklace: this rock ‘n roll piece won’t go unnoticed.


Duna earrings: pearls and a splash of color for her more summery ensembles.


A Pearl of Wisdom ring: XXL for lovers of statement jewelry.


What a Mess bracelet: one of our most iconic bohemian-inspired pieces.


A tiempo watch: you can’t go wrong with a designer watch like this one.


Knot Knot ring: a new arrival in stores and one of today’s hottest trends.


I give you… key ring: give the gift of wishes with this design featuring charms and messages.


Zen bracelet: a bespoke design that can also be included in the Genderless Pack.


Stalactite earrings: with Swarovski crystals and an air of glamor.


Nyota cuff: a creation that goes with everything.

Find more Mothers’ Day ideas in our gift range.

We hit the beach with UNOde50’s latest collection: Ocean


The first rays of springtime sun, spring break, longer days… Summer is right around the corner and we’re eager to hit the beach. Ocean, our new collection, arrives just in time to bring us the warmth and color of the summer season.

Ocean Collection: positive energy in full color


Our latest pieces are inspired by waves, coral, and colorful shells. Long beaded necklaces, anklets, maxi rings, cuffs… the new collection features a variety of designer pieces that will transport you to the seashore.

Turquoise, coral, aquamarine, and pearl tones will envelop you in a cool and relaxing atmosphere. The leather and silver details, characteristic of UNOde50, add a bohemian touch to a casual and fun jewelry line.

Original charms are the key to this line, appearing on bracelets, necklaces and earrings. Surfboards, starfish, shells, positive messages… the energy of the sea and vacations have inspired our creative team, led by José Azulay, to design these pieces with unique details.

A sea of combinations


Ocean is a collection to wear the way you want. Combine it with a colorful frock or a white Ibizan sundress. It also works as a casual accessory with a dress shirt or office attire. It’s perfect to pair with a denim look or a bikini at the beach bar on your favorite beach. And all of the pieces work together to create unique jewelry sets.

This spring, discover Ocean: irresistible designs inspired by the seabed, as always, handcrafted in Spain.

Collage Vintage, Belen Hostalet… Who’s wearing UNOde50’s Genderless bracelets?


Unisex jewelry has always been part of UNOde50’s DNA and this season we have expanded our collection of Genderless bracelets.  One of the most popular models among influencers is the Tied bracelet, a bespoke, silver-clad piece.

Who wore our Genderless bracelets?

Want to know who’s opted for our unisex designs and also find style tips for wearing them? Here are the some of the best photos from influencers like Nina Urgell, Paula Ordovás and Sara Escudero.


Belén Hostalet: Who doesn’t want to experience an endless summer? We love Belén’s beachy look, where she pairs our unisex design with a white bikini and a crocheted top. We’ll take it for our next vacation!


Ninauc: Every day, Nina Urgell’s style seduces her more than 770k followers. Nina combines our jewelry with a white normcore t-shirt, a look she shares with her man and one that we all have in the closet.


Cup of Couple: UNOde50’s Amarrado bracelets have also appeared in the Instagram accounts of Mike Madrid and Gabriel García. Their minimalist style is very unique and always fun. Do you like it as much as we do?


Collage Vintage: Sara Escudero, known for her blog Collage Vintage, is one of the most-followed Spanish influencers. Sara wears our bracelet with her partner and photographer, Diego, in New York.


Biel Juste and Carlota Bruna: This influencer couple already rocked our Genderless line last year, and in 2018 they’re not to be outdone. We love their artistic photos that make a clear statement: all you need is a pair of jeans to wear them with style.


My Peep Toes: She and her partner, Enieto, have chosen the Amarrado unisex bracelet to wear with basic tones like black, blue, and beige. The denim fabric is also an important element of their style.

Discover the Tied bracelet and other unisex designs from our Genderless collection at our stores and on our website.

Yes to love, no to fuss: February 14 gift ideas


Flowers? Chocolates? The classic ring? This February 14 we want to shed the clichés and help you find the gift you really want, because the usual is a fine way to get by, but this year the goal is to conquer.

That’s why, if you still don’t know which item of jewelry you’d like to accompany your proposal, we suggest some UNOde50 pieces to celebrate a Valentine’s Day with more substance than fuss.

Valentine’s Day ideas

Because classic engagement rings are a bit of a bore, we suggest our “Nail Heart ring.” Stylish and daring, it is a wonderful way to say “I Love You.”


There are countless ways to interpret love. Our “Love at first sight necklace” features a nail molded into the shape of a heart, decontextualizing both symbols that come together in a unique design to create an irresistible piece of jewelry.


You can never have enough bracelets and this is a perfect occasion to add one more to your list. We present “Look Look bracelet,” featuring a silver-clad irregular heart at the center. This option is easily paired and perfect to wear every day.


But why pick only one? Our “Lady Marmalade bracelet” and our “Sisi ring” are the perfect duo that you won’t want to separate.



But if you really want to celebrate a different Valentine’s Day, opt for our unisex Genderless collection! Select two bracelets of the same model, one for you and one for that special someone, and get exclusive packaging at a special price.


The influencers’ favorite XL hoops are from UNOde50 and they’re called Swagy


Haven’t heard of UNOde50’s Swagy earrings? We’ll tell you all about today’s hottest hoops and how they became an Instagram sensation.

In recent months, these XL earrings with an organic design have won the hearts of the most celebrated, international influencers. Trendsetters like Belén Hostalet, Veronica Ferraro, Teresa Andrés Gonzalvo, Noor de Queen of Jet Lags, and Sara Baceiredo have helped popularize them.

image1 (2)

The bloggers pair these UNOde50 earrings with both party looks and casual outfits. Their ambitious design reflects the 100% handcrafted process that characterizes our brand.

They wear Swagy earrings: Get inspired!

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

Looknatamelie with the gold Swagy earrings.

Clad in gold or silver, these irregular, asymmetrical earrings have a unique design that attracts attention. Valentina Marzullo has worn them in both silver and gold.

In silver, we’ve seen them adorning the ears of the UK’s Lucy Williams, Italy’s Nicoletta Reggio, and Spain’s Marta Martín of Dear Diary Blog.

nicoletta reggio

Sporting them in gold, the extensive list includes top bloggers like Laura Comolli from Milan, Babioles de Zoé from Paris, and Chriselle Lim from the US.

This bold piece of jewelry that causes a stir on social media is completely handcrafted in Spain by UNOde50. If you want to add an original, sophisticated touch to your favorite ensemble, give these earrings a try and find pairing inspiration from your favorite influencers.

Cibelle x Jenny _ Unode50Jewelry__05_preview