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5 summer looks with pieces of jewelry to triumph


The thermometer does not fail: the heat is here and it plans to stick around for the next few months. With the sound of the sea in the background and under the hot summer sun, looks full of life and above all, personality triumph. Qualities that inspire accessories like the pieces of jewelry. And there are pieces that have the power to boost your mood and any look. No style can resist them. Lightweight knit dresses with boho vibes; a white shirt and jeans, the classic pair; or the most folk-style garments are the perfect canvas to put pieces of UNOde50 jewelry.


Pieces of jewelry with a summer flavor

Link necklaces, XL rings, bracelets with unique designs and reinterpreted hoop earrings. Pieces that confirm that our pieces of jewelry are the best accessory for your summer look.

Sesión sin título3215

Sheer dresses in warm colors and golden pieces of jewelry that go well with your skin tone. A perfect mix for summer afternoons that will make you triumph by matching it with the Bite bracelet, the Knot Knot ring and the Ohmmm hoops.

Sesión sin título3100

A folk-style dress is practical, flattering and adds personality. But if you also put it together with UNOde50’s originality, the result is the most flattering. A winning bet with the Top Secret ring and the Swagy hoops are the stars.


Jeans and a white shirt, a perfect pair. If you also put it together with fine and sophisticated jewelry such as the Jungle Love necklace and bracelet, the look becomes a winning bet for any summer plan.


Gold, leather and white dresses. Our Gold Collection adds brightness and style on its own, just like that key garment in every wardrobe. Do you dare?


This gold link necklace and bracelet set creates a simple summer look—like some jeans and a crochet top— totally awesome.

This summer, the pieces of jewelry are the real winners of your look.

Wedding guest earrings: find the perfect accessory for your next wedding

IMG_5378 - copia

We are right in the middle of wedding season and it is time to prepare the wedding guest look that best suits you. Accessories are one of the most important elements of any party styling and today we are focusing on one of the most important ones: earrings. In general, jewelry can radically change an outfit. Depending on the style of the outfit you pick, it can become elegant, baroque, modern or daring.

The earrings are also a key piece of the look, often times becoming the stars of it. Whether you are a minimalist wedding guest or you want to give a rock touch to a sheer dress, here are some ideas from UNOde50 to find the perfect earrings for the occasion.


Ten wedding guest earrings for whatever your style may be

1. Wild Bush Earrings: a touch of color in line with the trends for 2018.


2. Swagy Earrings: some original hoops that are also available in gold.


3. Stalactite Earrings: with Swarovski crystal to add a touch of light to your outfit.


4. Scales Earrings: match them however you want because they go with everything.


5. Oasis Earrings: pearls always triumph in wedding guest outfits, especially when they are different.


6. Do you orbit? Earrings: an exclusive and minimalist design perfect for these occasions.


7. Superunos Earrings: to set a trend in electric blue, wear them with a low updo.


8. Ohmmm.. Earrings: UNOde50 hoops are always different. You can also wear these in silver.


9. Scales Earrings: perfect for when you are just looking for a small detail to go with a dress with a lot of personality.


10. Knot Knot Earrings: they have just arrived at our stores and are a top trend in gold.

pendientes- invitada-knot-knot

Discover these and many other Unode50 designer earrings for wedding guests in our online selection. And let’s celebrate love!

4 basic springtime looks to pair with UNOde50’s Jungle Collection


Spring is right around the corner and the first rays of sunshine remind us that we’ll be able to enjoy the latest trends in no time at all. If you’re already itching to debut brighter looks with more color, don’t miss the latest from UNOde50 for spring-summer 2018. Collections like Ice, Oasis and Jungle have arrived to refresh the new season with style and vibrant colors.

Today we focus on Jungle, our jewelry line inspired by nature, perfect to combine with simple looks and transform basic outfits into stylish ensembles bursting with personality. Keep reading to hear our suggestions.

4 styles from the latest season to wear with Jungle jewelry

1.Jeans + basic top + western jacket

771A6832 (1)

If you opt for essentials like jeans and a white t-shirt, add a special garment like a fringed jacket and some eye-catching jewelry to give your outfit a unique touch. The Jungle neckace and the Leaf bracelet are the perfect bespoke accessories to embellish this look.

2. Natural leather jacket + light colored top


Light and natural tones are springtime favorites. Combine this easy style with a fun necklace like Treassure Robber or the Jungle Party bracelet and you’ll transform this simple outfit into a perfect 10.

3. Casual shirt + casual white pants


A cotton, denim, or linen shirt in a solid tone is ideal to pair with a necklace like Little George. This bold piece of jewelry will capture everyone’s gaze and will transform comfortable attire into a stylish look.

4.Head-to-toe black + colorful crystals

771A7259 _retocada (1)

If you want your jewelry to dominate your style, black is your best friend, even in spring. For example, a black t-shirt with a black biker jacket will work with any of the jewelry from the Jungle collection. Swarovski crystals in green, pink, and orange tones add spring details to your outfit.

Those are our suggestions. How would you wear our new Jungle line?

Get up to date! Jewelry trends for spring-summer 2018


There is no better antidote against the cold than to wrap yourself up in the hottest jewelry trends. Though it may be hard to believe, spring-summer 2018 is right around the corner and it’s almost time to update your look. Tropical details, the Animal Instinct trend, and anklets burst onto the scene to fill your winter days with warmth. Get ready to be amazed by the trendiest necklaces, earrings, and bracelets because the new season is hot.

New season: the hottest jewelry trends for 2018


Tropical mood: lose yourself in the vivid colors and natural shapes of the tropical trend. Jewelry inspired by the leaves, flowers, fruit, and animals of tropical regions will be a hit this season. If you’ve been seduced by this style, don’t miss our Jungle collection.

Animal Instinct: animals remain one of our sources of inspiration in 2018. Butterflies, panthers, monkeys… any element of the animal kingdom works to inspire a bracelet or ring. How do you like our Treassure Robber necklace?


Layering: necklaces are layered or combined with designs that feature several strands: a perfect trend to add a touch of color or shine to minimalist spring-summer ensembles. If you want to try this look, we recommend the Serene necklace, which is a hot item among influencers.


XXL crystals: this spring, shine comes from extra large crystals. Dare to rock a more-is-more look and brighten up your spring outfits with unique pieces, like those from our Ice collection.


Stylish pearls: the pearl is one trend that is updated every season and this year is no exception. Best of all, in 2018, there are no rules. Pearls are featured in the most classic, as well as the most futuristic designs. At UNOde50, we opt for modernity with our Oasis line.

Among other spring 2018 trends, brooches are back, as are anklets and asymmetrical earrings, two trends that have already triumphed in previous seasons.

At UNOde50, we believe in your own style more than seasonal trends. That’s why we encourage you to explore our jewelry and choose the pieces that match your individual taste.

New Lacre Collection: jewelry inspired by artisanal sealing wax


UNOde50’s new Lacre Collection travels back in time to a place where “savoir faire” and history play a pivotal role. Inspired by the artisanal shapes of wax seals, this collection perfectly intertwined delicate strands of leather and silver-clad metal with handmade crystals to create exclusive pieces.

As the central component of this line, the wax seal is combined with different materials where each piece transmits strength and energy in and of itself. All of the designs feature small details of messages, lending each piece personality and positivity.


No doubt you’ve heard more than once that “everything comes back in style.” And it’s so true! That’s why, for this collection, UNOde50 travels back in time to visit the past.

Style often feeds more on returning trends than on ideas conceived from scratch. This is evident every season on the various national and international catwalks, where many designers opt for both materials and techniques that date back years.


In its Lacre Collection, UNOde50 conveys the importance of a unique design and a manufacturing process that pays meticulous attention to the tiniest details. Lacre is the ideal line for women who appreciate the delicacy and charm of craftsmanship.

5 handcrafted jewelry items from the Lacre Collection

Below we present five pieces that will fill your jewelry box with history and savoir-faire.

MY SEAL: a unique, long necklace with three strands of braided brown leather. With stamped silver-clad pieces and handcrafted red crystals.


MY SEAL: be daring with red details. This triple-loop bracelet features a braided brown leather base adorned with silver-clad beads, handcrafted crystals, and wax seal shapes.


ARMOUR YOU: add a touch of flair to your look with this brown leather necklace.


CLASSIFIED: this bracelet is the perfect way to start the new season in style. Made with brown leather and silver-clad beads.


WAX SEAL: a short necklace with a very special design, featuring a braided brown leather base adorned with small, silver-clad, wax seal shapes.




If you are already getting your closet ready for the new season, we will tell you which accessory cannot be left out of any of your looks: maxi-earrings. This year, XXL earrings are bursting onto the scene, becoming the season’s must-have. You will be able to find them in all shapes and styles, made with all kinds of materials like metal, pearls, leather and crystal.

When choosing them, it is important that you take into account your style and personality as well as the occasion when you will wear them, since they are an accessory with lots of strength and personality.

If you a person who usually goes for classics, get swept up in simple silver and gold XXL designs. If you like to be more daring instead, we recommend that you wear more geometric designs with a combination of materials.

5 options to wear UNOde50’s XXL earrings

SWAGY earrings: because silver and gold are in fashion, we are showing you these earrings characterized by their transgressive and original style, perfect for matching with a black evening gown and clutch.


I LIKE YOU DROP BY DROP earrings: within its many styles, the combination of leather with gold is gaining momentum in this type of accessory. Wear them at an event or on a special occasion.

pen0332oromar0u (1)

RIVE-TING earrings: A piece of jewelry with an independent style with which you will add a touch of personality to your outfits.


SUNRISE earrings: earrings with an original herringbone design, comfortable and elegant to wear with an updo or a braid.


ADVENTURE earrings: they stand out for their small details inspired by wheat, perfect for adding a casual as well as a more elegant touch to your looks. Their different shades add a happy and relaxed touch.


If you want to discover more products and get the season’s must-have , you can visit UNOde50 and choose the one that suits you better.

10 indispensable jewelry items you need to own before 40


Just as our wardrobes all include skinny jeans, a white shirt and a little black dress, so our jewelry box should also feature some essential basics. Here is the indispensable jewelry that every woman should own before turning 40. And after 40? All you have to do then is enjoy them to the max and try out the latest trends.

10 essential jewelry basics

A fine gold necklace: a versatile piece that never goes out of fashion and you can always carry with you.


Large party earrings: it’s easy to achieve a party look if you go for a simple black dress, an elegant updo and some fabulous large earrings.


A smart silver bracelet: a basic look can transform into something much more special if you add a beautifully designed bracelet.



An original choker: original jewelry is the perfect finishing touch. A choker can update a white shirt or classic basic jumper.

10 jewelry items you need to own before 40

A statement ring: key to any jewelry box but wear it alone to avoid accessory overload.10 jewelry items you need to own before 40

Small silver earrings: silver studs are another item of jewelry that goes with anything. If in doubt, opt for these.

10 jewelry items you need to own before 40

One or more leather bracelets: in the summer or when you feel like wearing a more casual style, leather or leather and silver bracelets add the perfect bohemian touch.

10 jewelry items you need to own before 40

A modern pearl necklace: pearls are timeless so don’t hesitate to wear them. If you prefer a modern look, go for a non-classic version.

10 jewelry items you need to own before 40

Gold rings: another basic which works at any time of day in any season.

10 jewelry items you need to own before 40

Colorful bracelet: perfect for injecting some life into muted outfits, wearing with jeans and adding something new to simple summer styles.

10 jewelry items you need to own before 40

How many of these basics do you have in your jewelry box? If you’d like to discover these and much more, visit and update your collection of basics.

Trend Power! The most popular jewelry trends for spring-summer 2017


The days are getting longer and it’s almost time for outdoor revelry and sunshine. Spring is right around the corner and with it arrives the opportunity to showcase new jewelry trends. The runways and international fairs have issued their verdict for 2017 and ruled that pearls, chokers, and XXL designs are the hottest items this season. Here are some key pieces to power your wardrobe this spring-summer.

Surefire jewelry trends for SS17:

  • The new era of pearls: In 2017, the classic accessory to compliment the face undergoes an ultra-modern reboot. This season, pearls come in all sizes, combined with silver, leather, fabric and a variety of materials. Imagine how our “Perla Mosqueta” necklace and bracelet would look on you.


  • King of the jungle: Many of 2017’s most popular items find inspiration in nature, and particularly in the animal kingdom. The “Secret Gardens” and “Wild Instinct” lines from our new collection take inspiration from the exotic animal trend of the 1970s and reinvent it.


  • Long live the choker: The 90s are back with one of the hottest trends this spring. Dust off your old chokers or grab an updated version, like our SS17 favorite, the “Choper” necklace and the bracelet from the same collection.  Are you brave enough to pair it with an off-the-shoulder top?



  • Different is better: Asymmetry continues to reign this season in both apparel and jewelry. Both single and mismatched earrings are all the rage and necklaces move away from the conventional. For a creative, contemporary look opt for asymmetrical pieces like our “Atacada” earrings.


  • Gold hoops: An unbeatable classic, gold hoops are the star earrings of 2017. Choose whichever width you prefer—just make sure they’re eye-catching. What do you think of our An,mona and “Ohmnn” earrings?


  • Chained: Chains are back this season with large links and creative designs. Rock this striking trend with UNOde50 pieces, like “Eslabón” in silver or gold.


This season is all about jewelry that makes a statement. Dare to leave a lasting impression with unique and creative accessories. You already know the trends, now you can adapt them to your style. Your unique style. Like that of UNOde50.

It’s party time: 5 sure-fire holiday looks


December is the month of festive fashion. Company functions, get-togethers with friends, family celebrations…the parties are fast and frequent, and our wardrobes go into overdrive from early December through January.

UNOde50 offers some stylish ensembles that are brimming with personality for those upcoming special occasions. These looks are inspired by our new Night Collection, a line of unique jewelry designed for long nights of merrymaking and a glamorous holiday season.

5 looks for this holiday season

Shimmering fabrics and stars: This winter the metallic effect is on trend, so a gold or silver skirt is a sure bet. Why not add a festive detail to your outfit with our asymmetric“Atacada” earrings? Moreover, asymmetric earrings are one of the main jewelry trends this fall-winter.



Blue crystal and burgundy velvet: You can never go wrong with jeans, even for a party look. Pair them with a velvet blazer, a lace top and blue Swarovski crystal jewels, like UNOde50’s “La Jojoya” necklace and ring for a sexy, trendy ensemble.



Navy and White: A navy dress is the best alternative to black if you want to look smart and elegant, especially for parties and get-togethers. For a touch of brightness, add a white blazer and some original jewelry, like the “Blakie” necklace or AXL.R bracelet from our Night Collection.



Pearls and leather: Another black ensemble to rock at any holiday party: leather pants, a shimmery top, and UNOde50 pearls—original jewels that feature pearls like you’ve never seen them before.



Little black dress: An undisputed classic for New Year’s Eve or dinner with friends, especially when short and strapless—perfect for pairing with our Gold Collection. Do you dare break with convention and wear this look with a slick hairstyle?



Shine with the Night Collection

This Christmas season, shine with your favorite look and our collection of the latest jewelry to add stylish accents to your holiday finery. With XXL chains, Swarovski spikes and our Gold Collection, you can create groundbreaking looks, go out on a limb with punk chic, or celebrate the tradition of your own style. #UnlockTheTradition.

Let the magic and glamour of this sophisticated, bold, and rebellious collection enliven your look so you can enjoy the festivities your way.

Punk chic: bold jewelry dominates the season



Punk chic has dominated the F/W 2016-17 trends in fashion, accessories, and jewelry. While fishnet stockings, bomber jackets, and leather prevail in apparel, XXL and asymmetrical looks are the latest in jewelry.

Maxi-link chains, safety pins, studs, and spikes in all metals and sizes have eclipsed the catwalks and cunningly adorned many winter collections. Among the fashion houses that have hopped on the punk bandwagon are Alexander Wang, Isabel Marant, Moschino, Versace, and Sonia Rykiel.

This season the punk trend focuses on accessories, and particularly jewelry. At UNOde50 we’re also at the forefront with trendsetting lines like “Rebel voices” and “Be unique” from our latest collection.

Here are some of our most transgressive pieces, along with ideas about how to combine them so you can rock this trend with iconoclastic panache.


Perfecto jacket with XXL jewelry


To flawlessly complete any ensemble in a modern and daring way, the leather jacket is a must-have in any wardrobe. Pair it with pieces like the “Star-tremendousring or the “Toronadonecklace.


Spikes, studs and jeans

punk trend jewellery

These elements—crucial to the punk aesthetic—are key this season. Combine all three to achieve the hottest on-trend look. Our collection includes punk-inspired bracelets like the “Yei Yei” and “Axel R.”


Chains and all black

chains are trendy this winter

Maxi-link chains also take center stage this fall/winter. For an eye-catching focal point to head-to-toe black, check out UNOde50’sQué orbita” and “Eslabónnecklaces.


Wild combinations

joyas-combinaciones- mix and match

Dare to mix and match jewelry and pair it with prints. For a winning combination, try animal prints with bracelets like “Chaparrón” and “Cascadita.”


Choker and leather

choker necklaces for a punk chic look

The choker is everywhere this season. Add a touch of rock or grunge flamboyance to any ensemble with this accessory.

This season, the punk trend is all about you. Find accessories that work best with your style and add a dash of daring and cheek to your look with jewelry from UNOde50.