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New Collection! Crush arrives to give us a sneak peek at upcoming jewelry trends


Phases of Love enters a new and exciting stage along with the Crush Collection. Pieces of jewelry with lots of character and full of life where the most elegant feathers play the leading role. Feathers that are inspired by birds that show all their splendor to woo their mate and join crystals that bring touches of sparkle and light.


Be the first to discover the new Crush Collection

Silver, crystals, leather and feathers, lots of feathers! Discover our new Crush Collection and fall in love with its pieces of jewelry:


Timeless pieces of jewelry designed to take any style to new heights and give a touch of distinction that goes with office looks as well as styles for Saturday nights. Create the perfect set of jewelry with the Peak and pen necklace and the Feather ring.


Silver is the overarching element of the Crush collection and it plates necklaces, bracelets and rings with Unode50’s personal style. Be seduced by the feathers of the A Pico y Pluma bracelet, the Feather ring and the Feather necklace.


The statement earrings are the hit of the season (and between us, they plan on staying a long time). They come in many different shapes but with some elements in common: they must be XL and cause an explosion of life on your face. Our I like you earrings are a clear example of this.


The result is very different pieces to stand out on any occasion. Don’t miss them!

MIX & MATCH: Combinations of UNOde50 pieces boots your “likes”


Gold, silver, decorated with pearls or charms, leather or colored crystals… UNOde50 has so many different types of jewelry, and knowing how to combine them is quite a skill. The intricate art of Mix & Match has become the key look of the season. There are no limits. From XL jewelry combined with more delicate and minimalist pieces, to charm necklaces paired with simple bracelets with clean lines. Any combination can be a good idea, and give you thousands of ‘likes’.


6 exclusive jewelry sets of UNOde50

Here at UNOde50, we would like to give you key ideas to create some luxury combinations this summer:


Gold Opportunity: our Gold Collection provides a source of inspiration to create looks with plenty of personality. This set made up of a B12 necklace, bracelet and ring is so special that you won’t need any other accessory.


More is more: The exuberant excess of the Link necklace, the elegance of the Awesome bracelet and the clean lines of the OHMMM.. earrings make this set a statement of intent. Perfect to combine with your wardrobe staples and achieve a hallmark UNOde50 look.


Silver set: with our dragonfly motif as the linking theme, this set combines sweetness, originality and style in equal measure. Fans of silver jewelry can find many more combinations like these in our Sweetness Collection.



Working girl: perfect set of jewelry for an office look. Eye-catching, elegant and full of character. Leave the dress code to one side with the Cuenta atrás watch, the Zen bracelet and the The Crevice ring.


Rocker style: if you will be spending the summer rocking from one festival to another, this is the perfect Mix & Match for you. Necklace, bracelet and ring set. Bold, personal with a 100% UNOde50 groundbreaking design that is sure to be a smash hit.


Chic & Charm: oozing sophistication and elegance, this gold jewelry set can turn any look into the very height of chic. Don’t leave home without your Knot knot ring, the Mira por dónde! necklace and Knot knot earrings.


Discover more sets of jewelry on our website and dare to create your own UNOde50 Mix & Match.




We have the final list! Nine hoop earrings that you will love this summer


Timeless, versatile and a symbol. Hoop earrings are not a current trend, simply because they have never stopped being fashionable. They have the power to improve any look and match with any garment or style. From a look with jeans and a white shirt to dresses for special occasions. In gold, silver, small or large, with polished lines or ones that break the rules… There are some for each type of girl.


9 hoop earrings that you will love

Some say that they are the oldest pieces of jewelry in history. In Sumer, they were already worn by women as a decoration and later in Egypt, they were worn by both sexes, even cats! Now, this chameleonic piece is continually reinvented with thousands of designs that surprise year after year. And the hoops are an inexhaustible source of originality and at UNOde50 we love that.

Take a look at our gallery and choose yours!


ANEMONE: for lovers of simplicity with a rebellious touch, don’t miss these embossed gold earrings. Perfect for special occasions.

open your mind

OPEN YOUR MIND: small, silver and with an irregular shape that gives them extra originality. Combine them with a jeans look plus a white shirt and you will succeed!


SWAGY: already turned into a true UNOde50 icon, these earrings are the perfect accessory for any occasion. And…who can resist them?

tu orbitas

TÚ ORBITAS?: this piece of jewelry is a clear example of how hoop earrings can break the rules. Discover them!


LOLLYPOPS: with this irregular hoop shape, the most fun earrings of our Gold Collection are presented.



LINKED: a conceptual design inspired by an industrial taste and with the creative personality characteristic of UNOde50.

knot knot oro

KNOT KNOT: in gold or silver, these hoop earrings exude elegance and originality in equal proportion. Perfect for any event and even more so if you combine them with their matching ring!



SUNRISE: this creative design in the shape of ears of wheat is the perfect accessory for summer vacations.


OHMMM..: both in gold and silver, it is the piece of jewelry that can turn any normal look into a mind-blowing one.


There are no UNOde50 hoop earrings that are the same as the others. There are many shapes, finishes and sizes to choose from. Which do you choose?

Film, jewelry and an abundance of style: 5 movies for jewelry lovers

Ocean's Eight

Have you ever noticed the link between cinema and jewelry? Maybe not, but there are pieces of jewelry that rival the actresses themselves when they appear on screen. Coming to theatres this week is Ocean’s Eight, a caper that recreates the fantasy of many: sneaking into the Met Gala and absconding with the jewels of the dazzling guests. That being impractical, we’ll settle for a review of the best films for jewelry lovers. You won’t want to miss them!


5 movies for jewelry lovers

1.The Great Beauty: In this Italian film, Paolo Sorrentino joins decadent aristocrats, artists, and intellectuals in lavish palaces and dreamy villas. Set against the backdrop of Rome, relationships unfold between the protagonists: elderly people who enjoy the wealth obtained in their youth, who shower themselves with all kinds of luxuries, including jewelry.

La-Grande-Bellezza (1)

2. Breakfast at Tiffany’s: In 1961, Blake Edwards created one of the most iconic scenes in cinematic history when the character portrayed by Audrey Hepburn eats breakfast while gazing into the shop window of New York’s Tiffany & Co. Her black Givenchy gown and her exquisite gold, diamond and pearl jewels are and will always be icons of the film industry. To gleam like Holly Golightly on Fifth Avenue, all you need are some unique, dazzling jewels, like those you’ll find in our Gold Collection.

diamantes (1)

3. Gentlemen Prefer Blondes: this celebrated film by Howard Hawks features silver screen legend Marilyn Monroe in a fuchsia gown adorned with a diamond choker, two bracelets and a ring incorporating the famed moon of Baroda diamond, all while singing Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend. A true feast for jewelry enthusiasts.

Los caballeros (1)

4. Moulin Rouge: This Baz Luhrmann musical is a must on this list. Why? Nicole Kidman’s necklace. The most costly piece of jewelry ever made exclusively for a film contains 1,308 diamonds totaling more than 130 carats. If, like us, you also love splendid, shimmering jewels, check out our range of jewels featuring Swarovski crystals.


5. The Great Gatsby: This time Baz Luhrmann transports us to the United States in the Roaring Twenties through gleaming period gowns and the most opulent jewels around. In this movie everything shimmers with champagne, debauchery and non-stop music, whether it’s an impromptu party at a New York loft or a society fling at a sumptuous mansion. If you want to emulate Daisy Buchanan’s style, don’t miss our jewels featuring unique pearls.

el gran gatsby (1)

Which is your favorite?

5 summer looks with pieces of jewelry to triumph


The thermometer does not fail: the heat is here and it plans to stick around for the next few months. With the sound of the sea in the background and under the hot summer sun, looks full of life and above all, personality triumph. Qualities that inspire accessories like the pieces of jewelry. And there are pieces that have the power to boost your mood and any look. No style can resist them. Lightweight knit dresses with boho vibes; a white shirt and jeans, the classic pair; or the most folk-style garments are the perfect canvas to put pieces of UNOde50 jewelry.


Pieces of jewelry with a summer flavor

Link necklaces, XL rings, bracelets with unique designs and reinterpreted hoop earrings. Pieces that confirm that our pieces of jewelry are the best accessory for your summer look.

Sesión sin título3215

Sheer dresses in warm colors and golden pieces of jewelry that go well with your skin tone. A perfect mix for summer afternoons that will make you triumph by matching it with the Bite bracelet, the Knot Knot ring and the Ohmmm hoops.

Sesión sin título3100

A folk-style dress is practical, flattering and adds personality. But if you also put it together with UNOde50’s originality, the result is the most flattering. A winning bet with the Top Secret ring and the Swagy hoops are the stars.


Jeans and a white shirt, a perfect pair. If you also put it together with fine and sophisticated jewelry such as the Jungle Love necklace and bracelet, the look becomes a winning bet for any summer plan.


Gold, leather and white dresses. Our Gold Collection adds brightness and style on its own, just like that key garment in every wardrobe. Do you dare?


This gold link necklace and bracelet set creates a simple summer look—like some jeans and a crochet top— totally awesome.

This summer, the pieces of jewelry are the real winners of your look.

Wedding guest earrings: find the perfect accessory for your next wedding

IMG_5378 - copia

We are right in the middle of wedding season and it is time to prepare the wedding guest look that best suits you. Accessories are one of the most important elements of any party styling and today we are focusing on one of the most important ones: earrings. In general, jewelry can radically change an outfit. Depending on the style of the outfit you pick, it can become elegant, baroque, modern or daring.

The earrings are also a key piece of the look, often times becoming the stars of it. Whether you are a minimalist wedding guest or you want to give a rock touch to a sheer dress, here are some ideas from UNOde50 to find the perfect earrings for the occasion.


Ten wedding guest earrings for whatever your style may be

1. Wild Bush Earrings: a touch of color in line with the trends for 2018.


2. Swagy Earrings: some original hoops that are also available in gold.


3. Stalactite Earrings: with Swarovski crystal to add a touch of light to your outfit.


4. Scales Earrings: match them however you want because they go with everything.


5. Oasis Earrings: pearls always triumph in wedding guest outfits, especially when they are different.


6. Do you orbit? Earrings: an exclusive and minimalist design perfect for these occasions.


7. Superunos Earrings: to set a trend in electric blue, wear them with a low updo.


8. Ohmmm.. Earrings: UNOde50 hoops are always different. You can also wear these in silver.


9. Scales Earrings: perfect for when you are just looking for a small detail to go with a dress with a lot of personality.


10. Knot Knot Earrings: they have just arrived at our stores and are a top trend in gold.

pendientes- invitada-knot-knot

Discover these and many other Unode50 designer earrings for wedding guests in our online selection. And let’s celebrate love!

UNOde50’s new pieces are already here! We are the first to discover the Preview Fall-Winter Collection

Nuevos diseños exclusivos la colección Preview FW18

We love surprises and this year we want to surprise you with our new jewelry that is for sale starting today. A Preview Fall-Winter Collection that brings us the latest trends in jewelry so that you can wear them for the first time before anyone else this summer.

We are revealing new pieces in necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings so that you can go for a unique style during your next vacation. Don’t miss it!


Just in! New exclusive designs from the Preview FW18 Collection











In this new line, we bring back one of our iconic symbols: the dragonfly. This star returns to our designs lighter than ever and accompanied by Swarovski crystals.











So that you opt for the trendy colors of summer 2018, in this collection the pieces are filled with pastel shades from different ranges: pinks, blues, mauves… Unique summer jewelry with a bohemian and relaxed touch.


Plus, the recycled handcrafted crystals are combined with silver-plated metal with our characteristic finish and dark brown leather. Discover the new season preview and let yourself be carried away by its happy and timeless style.

Unique ice cream: Jewels of the ice cream world to savor this summer


Ice cream is one of the most popular desserts in the world. With endless possibilities in terms of flavors and textures, expert artisan ice cream makers are experimenting more and more with unique tastes and bespoke creations.

Because ice cream is the inspiration behind UNOde50’s latest summer campaign featuring our collection of colorful jewelry, we take this opportunity to compile a list of the world’s best ice cream parlors. Care to try one?

Bespoke ice cream: 8 of the most popular ice cream joints on the planet

Gelateria Petrini (Rome)The Italian capital tops our list and, though there are many delicious gelato shops in Rome, Petrini stands out for its tradition and meticulous preparation, not to mention the impeccable quality of its ingredients. Try the “gusto ciocolatto fondente.”

Rocambolesc (Madrid and Gerona)The Roca brothers’ pastry chef is also an expert ice cream maker. Rocambolesc is a fun place to enjoy a gourmet scoop and discover the rest of Jordi Roca’s sweets, with locations in Madrid, Gerona and Playa de Aro.

Bamas (Bayona)The brains behind this business is the maestro, Thierry Bamas, who’s won major prizes, including the Rimini Gelato World Cup. At Bamas, the standout flavor is vanilla: the chef believes it’s the best way to savor the creaminess.

Ice cream inspiration: colorful jewelry by UNOde50.

OddFellows Ice Cream (New York) One of America’s best ice cream parlors is this place in Williamsburg. Care for a scoop of beet goat cheese?

Cadore (Buenos Aires)The Italian tradition has arrived in Argentina by way of the Olivotti family, who imported the recipe from their ancestral home of Cadore, Italy. Of course, you have to try the dulce de leche flavor, the perfect union of the two countries.

Ice Cream City (Tokyo) More than a simple shop, this is a retail space with dozens of booths dedicated to the sweet concoction, located in the Namja leisure center. The range of flavors is endless and the experience is unforgettable for ice cream lovers.

Della Sera (Logroño)In Spain’s La Rioja region we find Fernando Sáenz’s internationally renowned ice cream shop, featuring innovative flavors and unbeatable classics. A visit is a must when travelling through this beautiful wine region.

Smitten (San Francisco)At this shop in the US, the flavors change according to which products are in season and the creators use liquid nitrogen in the preparation of the ice cream to enhance the texture. Technology and haute cuisine come together at this one-of-a-kind parlor.

While you decide where you’ll head next to try these culinary wonders, check out this link to our summer jewelry collection, as sweet and refreshing as ice cream itself.

Unique festivals: the world’s most original music festivals


Music festival season has just begun and it’s time to choose which of today’s top musical events to attend. Without the limitations of geography or genre, we dive into the festival world to compile a list of the most unique events on the planet.

And while you pick your favorite concerts, visit this link to find ideas to help you choose the best festival looks, complete with jewelry.

International music festivals: 8 unique festivals that are not to be missed


Secret Solstice, Reykjavik, Iceland: This festival is another reason to visit one of the hottest tourist destinations at the moment. It’s held in June, during the longest days of the year, when the sun barely sets in Iceland, a unique feature that makes it unforgettable.

Boom Festival, Portugal: This event for free spirits features not only music, but an array of activities, performances, and workshops designed to connect with people and the environment and to let go under the full moon. A psychedelic adventure near Idanha-a-Nova Lake in Portugal.

Colours of Ostrava, Czech Republic: Curiously, this event is celebrated near the country’s old steel plants, a unique location in which to enjoy international groups of all musical styles.


Fuji Rock, Japan: This well-organized, 3-day festival where the Japanese let loose has been held since 1997. It is the perfect venue to enjoy live music from international and Japanese bands.

Tomorrowland, Boom, Belgium: An essential for lovers of electronica, this event—held since 2005 in a small town between Antwerp and Brussels—is where the world’s most famous DJs converge every summer.

Exit Festival, Novi Sad, Serbia: The Balkans’ most popular electronic music festival attracts hundreds of thousands of people from all over the globe. It was created with social responsibility in mind and a portion of the proceeds help support the area’s youth. A fun fact? It’s held at the Petrovaradin Fortress, Europe’s largest 17th century fortification.


Burning Man, Nevada, United States: Though not focused on music, this festival had to make the list because it’s one of the world’s most original events. Amazing and memorable experiences are in store in the middle of Nevada’s incredible Black Rock Desert.

Kazantip, Crimea, Ukraine: A true celebration of music that has become the world’s longest festival, Kazantip has its own philosophy: it is described as an independent (fictitious) republic on the Mediterranean with its own government led by a queen. Unique experiences are guaranteed!


All about pearls: a classic that keeps reinventing itself


Classic? Traditional? None of it! Pearls can be bespoke, different, and current. That’s why the pearl has become one of our favorite elements when designing our unique jewelry. Although UNOde50’s most iconic materials are silver and leather, we’ve incorporated crystal, gold, and pearl details in our creations for some time now.

They’ve become the focal point of some of our icons, like the “A Pearl of Wisdom” bracelet or the “Orión” cuff. Creations featuring pearls are some of our most sought-after pieces and we can no longer imagine our collections without them.

Yes, pearls also have a past

Although these days most pearls are man-made, their use in jewelry dates back thousands of years to the discovery of natural pearls created by oysters. Unlike crystals and stones, pearls do not need to be carved to show their splendor.


It may seem incredible but they have been used to adorn accessories since ancient times. Though it is thought that this method of use began in India, pearl remains have been found among the remnants of ancient civilizations, like the Phoenicians, Greeks, Hebrews, and Egyptians. In fact, it is believed that during her reign, Cleopatra possessed the two most valuable pearls in the world.

They have also been used for centuries in Europe, not only in the design of necklaces, earrings, and bracelets, but also in embroidery, embellished fabrics, handbags, and hats.

But let’s put the ancient past aside and move on to the 20th century, when the pearl became an iconic element of fashion and accessories. Designers like Coco Chanel made pearls a must-have and movie stars like Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, and Audrey Hepburn were steadfast devotees of the beads, both on and off screen.

Pearls today: IN or OUT?


Totally IN. These days pearls are still a trend that can be found in thousands of shapes and colors, in all kinds of jewelry and accessories, not to mention clothing and decor. Every year they reinvent themselves and adapt to the styles of the moment.

At UNOde50, we like to take risks by tweaking the traditional vibe of these gems and turning them into bold and daring designer pieces, with silver and leather details. Want to give them a try? Check out our selection of unique pearls!