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Makers Movement: craftsmanship as a global trend


At UNOde50 we identify 100% with the term “handmade.”  The artisanal and the handmade are part of our DNA. That’s why we’ve declared ourselves admirers of the Makers Movement. But…

Who are the “makers”?

This global trend advocates a return to making objects with our hands. In a world where the digital prevails in many aspects of our lives, this movement champions a return to the tangible.


It can be defined as a generation of people who create physical objects with their hands, without resorting to computers or screens.

Although the movement as such emerged in the 1970s in North America, it has recently transcended borders. In major cities like New York, London, and Berlin, “makers” have become increasingly important in recent years.


Jewelers, shoemakers, artists, and even robotics professionals have joined a movement that could be labeled the digital version of Do-It-Yourself.

It is the Internet generation—raised in an environment where new technologies are essential—that has made the “doers” what they are today. Members of the movement use digital tools in the management and communication of their manual labor.

Welcome to a new era that fuses tradition and modernity.


At UNOde50, the majority of the process of designing and manufacturing our jewelry is executed by hand in Spain. From drafting the preliminary sketches and creating prototypes to the assembly of the final pieces, everything is done at our workshops in Madrid.

The act of creating our jewelry collections by hand adds value to each of our pieces and makes them unique. Involved in the production process is a great team of people who take tremendous care in each step of the process until the final piece is created and sent to our stores. This approach to manufacturing is the key to ensuring that each of our rings, necklaces, and earrings is one-of-a-kind.

New Fall-Winter 2016 collection: we unveil UNOde50’s latest


July is one of the best months of the year. No doubt about it. Terraces, ice-creams, swimming pools and endless balmy nights… and the cherry to top off this perfect season, the new fashion collections are launched. Yes, July is a month for enjoying life and discovering—from the trendiest Ibiza beach or a quiet cove in Sicily—UNOde50’s latest collection. And the new pieces will astonish you more than ever before. We’ve absolutely serious. We’ll tell you all about it, starting with the name: The Special Ones”. Catchy, right?

UNO de 50_OI16_F02_159

Why “The Special One’s”?

Because our pieces are created with you in mind, people who want to stand out from the crowd, for whom the everyday simply will not do. We create special jewelry for very special people. Committed to being different and to always reflecting the brand’s creative, bold and unique roots.


And what’s so special about “The Special Ones”?

Well, at UNOde50 we have taken a big leap forward with this collection, to design pieces that are even more original and groundbreaking. So we have dared to use forms with retro, animal and bohemian inspirations, a psychedelic and rock vibe like you’ve never seen in jewelry before.

UNO de 50_OI16_F07_114

Furthermore, to keep our unique spirit, we have to keep on innovating and we’ve done it here by introducing a brand new material: olive wood. A natural material that only strengthens our handmade spirit and absolutely unique style.

Creative Winds, Rebel Voices, Be Unic and Natural Soul are the four lines in our Fall-Winter collection, all showcasing the character and personality you all expect from our brand.


Anything else?

 Well, yes, actually. Just a couple things.

First, with this collection we continue to create jewelry trends, with pieces designed to stand out, in a world where very few dare to have their own style.

UNO de 50_OI16_F01_182

And second, we continue to always be loyal to our spirit, because we are very proud of our pieces. In fact, we are re-creating our most iconic pieces in a very special collection to celebrate our 20th anniversary. There are 20 pieces—one for each year—through which our design team recounts our past highlights that have led UNOde50 to revolutionize the world of jewelry.

But we’ll talk about that later, because they won’t be available in stores until September. Meanwhile, the date is drawing near when you can discover the rest of the lines in our new FW16/17 collection, on sale at our points of sale starting on July 1st.