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Anklets: 10 tips to wear them with style in 2018


Ankle bracelets come back every year and we enthusiastically welcome them, like with ice cream and the new colors of the season. With the rising temperatures, we say goodbye to tights and socks and the time comes to show off your ankles and legs. If you want to take part in the anklets trend in 2018, here are the keys to wearing them with style.

How to wear ankle bracelets with style this summer

  1. Match them with minimalist flat sandals that are in this summer.
  2. If there are a few star jeans this season, they are the high-rise, wide leg and above-the-knee, a perfect garment for wearing your anklet for a very trendy look.
  3. Choose one that goes with your style: don’t be swayed by fashion and find the one that best suits you. If you love colors, choose a multicolored design like Frizzante from UNOde50 or if you are a charm fan, choose an anklet like Surfer, with sea-inspired charms.


  1. Say yes to wearing them to the beach and the pool. Anklets look great with any bikini or swimsuit look.
  2. Weddings or other events? Our recommendation is to take them off for special occasions. This accessory brings a bohemian touch to the outfits and, with some exceptions, will not work with a wedding guest outfit.
  3. Wearing them with sneakers, espadrilles and summer shoes is also a winning move.
  4. Feel free to match them with skirts. They look good with all lengths: midi, mini and maxi.
  5. If you want to complete your look with more jewelry, the anklets go with leather and silver bracelets, long necklaces or hoop earrings.
  6. And what about with dresses? Perfect! Prints, pleats, Ibizan style, choose your favorite and add an ankle bracelet for an ultra-summery
  7. Be yourself: when it comes to going for this accessory trend in 2018, the best maxim is to let yourself follow your instinct, have fun creating your looks and enjoy your favorite anklet to the fullest.

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Ankle bracelets: The must-have accessory of summer 2016


The anklet is here to stay. What? Yes, you heard it right: this season, ankle bracelets have become (again!) the essential piece in any summer look. To explain the comeback of this fashion trend, we are going to answer the five basic questions that journalists must answer about any topic if they want to write clearly.


What is being worn?

We’ll say it again: ankle bracelets. They are causing a furor on catwalks and are beginning to sweep through the street style looks of all the admired influencers. Made of silver, gold or even leather or crochet. Super-thin or chunky, with or without charms. Everything goes in this anklet trend!


Who made it fashionable and who is wearing it?

In the spring-summer 2016 Fashion Weeks, more than a few fashionistas were wearing the dernier cri in jewelry. From Chloe to Calvin Klein, not to mention Marc Jacobs, everyone was hooked on these chains. They were even seen in Paris’ haute couture, specifically in the Dior show.


Plus, at the fashion shows we also saw celebrities from all over the world wearing real-life ankle bracelets, and we particularly saw them in the Instagram accounts of trendsetters like the brilliant @Manrepeller or the super-blogger @sincerelyjules.



Where and when should they be worn?

They are essential on the beach. But they are also vital in order to give a vacation-y feel to any work look during the summer months.



The reason behind this trend precisely now is a breeze to understand. First, the anklet was never really totally out of fashion; it has always had its die-hard fans who pulled it out of their jewelry box at the beginning of every June and stowed it away again at the end of every September.

Secondly, the trend of showing ankles, either with rolled-up jeans or culottes or by banishing socks from the wardrobe, has pushed us to decorate them with a host of tiny chains.mariajosediazul

Let’s delve a bit further into this question: Why join the trend this summer? Because it’s fresh, it’s fun, it’s natural and it’s rebellious. Because it signals the beach, hot weather and vacations.


How can I join the ankle bracelet rage?

Naturally and with a rebellious attitude. By matching it with torn jeans, culottes and cigarette trousers that reveal the ankle, with white sneakers, mules and stilettos. At UNOde50 we are joining the ankle bracelet rage with our original, bold designs. Choose your favorite and stick it in your suitcase because you’re going to need it this vacation. It’s going to become one of your mainstays in your Instagram photos at the beach. And if not, only time will tell.