Holiday shopping: 7 incredible streets around the world for your holiday shopping

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If there is one time of year when we can give in to shopping fever and burn through our credit cards guilt-free, it’s Christmas time. The holidays mean gift giving and shopping, discovering jewelry stores, perfume shops, and unique bookstores where you can find the perfect gift. But what are the world’s best shopping streets? Fifth Avenue? The Champs Elysées? The possibilities are endless.

At UNOde50, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite shopping strips in cities like London, New York, Milan and Barcelona. Enjoy a trip around the world and don’t forget to visit our stores.

7 streets around the world that deliver a unique holiday shopping experience


New York: New York’s Soho district is probably one of the world’s best shopping destinations.  A charming neighborhood where shopping is fun and the possibilities are endless, with major chains, luxury brands, and young designers, Soho has it all. One of the most popular areas is Prince Street, where, at no. 135, you’ll find the UNOde50 store.

Paris: La Rue des Francs-Bourgeois is one of the best-known streets in Le Marais, the French capital’s bohemian district. The city’s trendiest shops are located in this neighborhood, interspersed among hip cafés and brasseries, where you can take a well-deserved break after an afternoon of shopping.


Madrid: There are several shopping districts in the city. For those looking for something more alternative, calle Fuencarral and the surrounding area is the ideal option. For luxury and glamour, calle Serrano and its side streets are perfect. Will you visit Madrid for your holiday shopping?

Milan: The capital of Italian fashion is another city where shopping can be an aesthetic treat. At no. 8 Via Dante—one of the city’s most elegant streets—you’ll find the UNOde50 store. Perfect for strolling, Via Dante connects the Piazza del Duomo and Castello Sforzesco, and is lined with boutiques, bars, art galleries and artisan workshops, where finding novel gifts is easy.


Barcelona: Paseo de Gracia, the Champs Elysées of Barcelona, is one of the best streets for strolling and happening upon special gifts in unique shops. And while shopping, you can enjoy the works of the modernist architect, Antoni Gaudí: his iconic Casa Batlló and Casa Milà are located on this stretch. Inside the latter, better known as La Pedrera, we have the privilege of operating one of our UNOde50 stores in Barcelona.

London: Oxford Street and Regent Street are the hottest shopping hubs in the British capital. Our preference tends toward the latter with its range of more stylish, select, urban stores. During the holiday season, Regent Street becomes an inviting place, adorned with Christmas lights and shops that strive to make the customer experience memorable with incredible window displays and special events.


Budapest: Andrassy Avenue, a pedestrian street that begins at Heroes’ Square, forms part of the tourist and commercial heart of Budapest. It is undoubtedly the shopping district of this incredible, multicultural city, and it happens to be where UNOde50 recently opened its latest store. So if you’re in the neighborhood this Christmas, we hope you’ll pay us a visit.