Secret Gardens: jewelry inspired by nature for a spring bursting with color

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Bye bye, winter! Who isn’t eager to say those words? Admit you want to be enveloped by spring, that you anxiously await the arrival of sunny days, that your wardrobe will be bursting with bright colors and your scarves tucked away under lock and key. To help satisfy your wishes, this season UNOde50 suggests filling your jewelry box with spring colors from our Secret Gardens collection: a line that captures the spring-summer 2017 jewelry trends and reinvents the exotic essence of the 1970s.

Let yourself be seduced by nature and its range of tones with this latest collection. Visit our secret garden full of unique designs, created to add a dash of originality and color to your new look, because like you, we’re also itching for spring.


Secret Gardens: floral and marine-inspired tones.

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The Secret Gardens line captures the charm of urban gardens, the delicacy of floral tones and those enchanting enclaves we don’t want to reveal to anyone. Like a breath of fresh air in the city, these hidden sanctuaries are embodied in long mother of pearl and crystal necklaces, leather bracelets with silver, and eye-catching rings with aquatic shapes.

These pieces have a natural beauty that conveys relaxation while being full of energy and life. In this sea-inspired collection, mauve, turquoise, and white tones blend with natural mother of pearl and the silver and leather that are characteristic of the brand. Check out our colorful XXL bracelets, like  “Nacaroni” or our summer anklets, like “Nefriti.”



The flying fish is the star of the collection: an incredible animal that is depicted with hints of fantasy and color on long leather, silver, and mother of pearl necklaces, like “Frizzante,” on silver-plated cuffs like “En las raspas,” and on leather and silver bracelets, like “Encolado”—all unique designs created to take your breath away.

Get a jump on the latest trends with the Secret Garden collection from UNOde50 and have an exotic, colorful spring.