UNOde50’s 2018 Sales: get a jump on the new season with these discounted pieces

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UNOde50’s 2018 Sales are loaded with designer jewelry so you can update your jewelry box with your own personal style. To make the most of our special prices, we recommend a selection of spring pieces that will transport you into the new season.

Breezy necklaces, colorful bracelets, and bold rings: prepare yourself for this spring-summer at 30% off. Get a jump on the new season with our jewelry collections at discounted prices!

Spring means special prices at UNOde50


Colors to feel the heat: warm tones remind us of warm seasons. With flashes of color, pieces like the Llámame Rocío necklace are perfect in the run-up to spring.  IMG_3721

 Designs that transport you to the sea: we love to take inspiration from the sea. Discover our range of pieces at Special Prices, like the Colita con Colita earrings or the Tricola or Tritón necklaces that feature fish motifs.


Shimmering gold: there is nothing like gold jewelry to highlight your tan. Prepare your jewelry box for your first vacation outing with creations like our Anemona hoops or the Ya Ves ring in gold.


Shine in electric blue: this color immediately illuminates any ensemble in white, black, or in bright tones, like yellow and pink.  Discover the SuperA2 necklace, the Superunos bracelet, and much more blue jewelry at our sales.


The animal trend is for summer: animal-inspired designs will be on-trend next season, so don’t miss out on our lines depicting elephants, dragonflies, and colorful fish to be at the forefront of fashion.

Here is the complete list of 2018 Special Prices. Take advantage of a 30% discount on UNOde50 jewelry!