S.O.S. Father’s Day: 10 original gifts to get it right


If you are finding it harder and harder to come up with the right gift for Father’s Day, it’s because you haven’t seen our list for UNOde50 dads yet. Foodies, music-lovers or followers of trends and elegance will be amazed by the gifts we suggest.


  1. A kit with everything you need to make a crafted beer at home. It’s never been more ‘in’ and it’s the perfect plan to share with him. Beer has become a veritable culture and your Dad has the right to keep up with the latest.
  2. The new ‘Cold and Collected’ bracelet by Unode50, a design with three rows of plaited brown leather and silver-plated pieces inserted into it. The original square clasp of this piece stands out in the centre, with the brand logo.
  3. A molecular cooking kit may become the best way of renewing himself. If your Dad is interested in cooking or even a full-blown professional, he will be thrilled to discover the latest spherification techniques, for making mousses, airs or gelatines. And, it will be more or less like having Ferrán Adriá at home.
  4. A Netflix subscription, to enjoy all his favourite films and series on streaming. He may need some basic lessons to get started, but it’s easy to use and, above all, to transport. He will be able to carry the cinema in his pocket.
  5. A vintage record player, so that your Dad can get the most out of all his LPs and, of course, the memories associated with them.
  6. The ‘2010’ keyring by Uno de 50, of clearly sporty inspiration, silver-plated and with the unmistakable brand padlock.
  7. A good wine, because the classics have always existed and, as Dads, they count too. Plus, it’s the perfect excuse to put a table between you and have a long, after-dinner chat.
  8. A flight in a light airplane for those who want to feel a jolt of adrenalin in their bodies. If you dare, go with him and you’ll have an incredible experience together.
  9. A Runner Scooter, one of the most successful sagas in stylishly, sporty and totally renewed scooters. Convenient and urban, it’s the best way for your father to whiz through the city.
  10. The A Little Moment’ watch by Unode50, with a rounded, silver-plated case and quartz crystal dial. The strap is hand plaited with top-quality leather. A unique, sporty style thanks to the two chronographs on the inside.