The unique style of Ricardo Cavolo

Tattooed beings, characters exuding eyes and hearts in flames that visually strike us through their flash of color.


We are referring to the illustrations by Riccardo Cavolo, that peculiar artist who appears to be pop but isn’t. Cavolo’s style is beyond definition in spite of the unmistakable look of his illustrations. A unique style that he himself admits he never actively sought, but rather the contrary.


And, in spite of the fact that we are accustomed to seeing his colourful works on the web, Ricardo uses a crafted process based on pencils, watercolours and other traditional techniques he learned as a child in his father’s workshop, which have become his best letter of recommendation.


Apart from illustration, Ricardo Cavolo is also a painter of murals, has collaborated with a number of brands and has designed various album covers. He is also the author of a graphic novel and a fantastic “Illustrated History of Music” in which he talks about the “100 artists he couldn’t live without”.