Restaurants with a password


Are you on the list? The famous perfume ad provided the inspiration for this post. Restaurants abound, but not many are reserved for just a few. Those that go beyond, that seek that luxury in which exclusiveness is stronger than ever, are those restaurants with a password. To rebel against the norm is not necessarily a bad thing, but rather an escape from boring routine.


  • Yugo, The Bunker

Yugo Sushi & Kobe is considered one of the best Madrid restaurants for Japanese cuisine fans. So far so good: haute Japanese cuisine in the very centre of the Huertas district. But Yugo aims for excellence in all of its facets. Which is why, beneath this small restaurant lies a Japanese bunker transformed into Yugo, The Bunker. “To walk into The Bunker is to be transported to a secret destination. To cross the secret door is to enter a cave, the perfect recreation of a Japanese bunker of the time.” A space in which privacy and exclusiveness, around just five tables, are guaranteed for the club members who enjoy exclusive access.

C/ San Blás, 4 Madrid


  • Burger Joint

The unexpected becomes real in Burger Joint and its well-known secret burger. Located in The Parker Meridien, a hotel of French inspiration with all manner of details and views over Central Park, it is the perfect setting. But that is not all. After walking through the luxurious door, your tourist look included, you’ll come face to face with the curtain that separates The Burger Joint. A space inspired by the Food Truck trend which, unquestionably, is home to one of the best gourmet burgers in New York, according to the New York Post.

The restaurant décor is typically undergound and you’ll enjoy a succulent burger, a delicious milkshake or a seductive brownie: the real American Dream!

119W 56TH ST – New York


  • Mibu, – Tokio

We could be talking about the most exclusive restaurant on the planet. Right in the centre of Tokyo, in the Ginza district, Mibu is an oasis of tradition in the midst of the cosmopolitan crowd housed in one of Japan’s biggest cities. A sophisticated temple offering an experience for all five senses. A single table for a total of 300 members, rendering them unique. Hiroyoshi Ishida and his wife Tomiko Ishida are at the helm of this establishment in which tradition and a respect for ancestral techniques combine with a very select product.

Even Ferran Adriá, our chef par excellence had the privilege of dining at this select restaurant. He described the experience to “The big difference between a European chef and Ishida is that the former can cook with their hands, their senses, their brain and even with tenderness, but never with soul like he does”.

Kunio Tokuoka Tokio, Japón