Ideas for UNOde50 moms: different jewelry for that sure-fire gift


Your mom is one of a kind. She always picks up the phone when you’re desperate, she’s there when you need her, she encourages you to reach your potential at work, she’s your most loyal follower when it comes to trends. And above all, no one makes your favorite dish better. Doesn’t she deserve a gift as great as her on Mothers’ Day?

Of course she does. On Mothers’ Day and every other day of the year. But on this special day, show her how important she is with a unique and original gift from our selection of different jewelry items for UNOde50 moms.

10 jewelry items for unique moms


Eres Mía necklace: this rock ‘n roll piece won’t go unnoticed.


Duna earrings: pearls and a splash of color for her more summery ensembles.


A Pearl of Wisdom ring: XXL for lovers of statement jewelry.


What a Mess bracelet: one of our most iconic bohemian-inspired pieces.


A tiempo watch: you can’t go wrong with a designer watch like this one.


Knot Knot ring: a new arrival in stores and one of today’s hottest trends.


I give you… key ring: give the gift of wishes with this design featuring charms and messages.


Zen bracelet: a bespoke design that can also be included in the Genderless Pack.


Stalactite earrings: with Swarovski crystals and an air of glamor.


Nyota cuff: a creation that goes with everything.

Find more Mothers’ Day ideas in our gift range.

One for her and one for you: this Mothers’ Day opt for the Genderless Pack


Have you noticed that Mothers’ Day is right around the corner? Don’t let the date sneak up on you without a gift. This year, surprise mom with something unique: a gift to share, something exclusive between you and her that will become a forever keepsake. UNOde50’s Genderless Pack is the perfect option: a special set of two identical bracelets from our Genderless collection, one for her and one for you.


The Genderless line includes many of our most iconic bracelets, with designs for all styles, like the Tied bracelet from the new spring-summer collection, with an original silver-plated design, or the new Genderless bracelet available in both red and brown leather.


Another possibility is the Zen bracelet, one of our hottest items. Mix and match the gold and silver versions in the pack, according to your style.


Best of all, when buying two Genderless pieces, the pair comes at a special price in a designer gift box.

This year, you can’t go wrong on Mothers’ Day with this collection from UNOde50. Need more ideas? Check out our gift range for UNOde50 moms on our website.

17 curious facts about gold you probably didn’t know 


Because we recently presented UNOde50’s new SS18 Gold Collection, it’s the perfect time to learn some interesting facts about gold. This bright yellow precious metal with unique allure has been used in jewelry for thousands of years. Here are some curious facts about this one-of-a-kind element.

Did you know these curious facts about gold?

1 -Gold can be eaten and is not poisonous in very small amounts.

2 -Gold is present in the human body, although in microscopic quantities.

3 -The composition of Olympic gold medals contains only 1% of the precious metal.


4-The fear of gold is called aurophobia.

5 -White gold is simply an alloy of gold and white metals such as palladium, manganese, silver, and nickel.

6 -The same is true with pink gold, only in this case, the gold is mixed with copper and silver.

7 -Its symbol on the periodic table is Au, originating from the Latin world Aurum meaning “bright dawn.”

8 -Nearly half of the gold that exists today in the world was extracted in Witwatersrand, South Africa.

9 -In Dubai there are ATMs that dispense gold.

10 -It has been used in jewelry and ornamentation for millennia; there are creations that date back more than 4,000 years.

11 -Although always valuable, it reached its highest price in the 1980s.


12 -The largest statue made of gold is the Buddha of the Wat Tramit temple in Bangkok, Thailand, which is 4 meters high.

13 -Dentists around the world use several tons of gold each year for crowns and dentures because it’s easy to mold and does not corrode.

14- It is the most ductile and malleable of metals; for example, one gram can be transformed into a sheet measuring one m2.

15 -It is also a very good conductor of heat and electricity and is often used in electronics.

16 -The largest gold nugget found on Earth weighed 71 kilos and was discovered in Australia in 1869.

17 -Gold has been found on every continent, though most of it remains molten in the Earth’s core.

Did you know these curious facts about gold? To learn more, click on the link to our article on curious facts about silver and discover everything there is to know about this other precious metal.

Springtime best-sellers: check out the top sellers from our SS18 collection 


Want to know which pieces are this spring’s hottest items? Here are the top 10 best-sellers from the new spring-summer 2018 collection. Got yours?

UNOde50 New Collection, 10 Spring-Summer best-sellers:

1-Seashore bracelet:


2 – Seashore earrings:


3 – Caribean Pearl necklace:


4 – Waikiki ring:


5 – Sahara earrings:


6 – Coralline bracelet:


7 – Deserted braccelet:


8 – Little George bracelet:


9 – Green Berry necklace:


10 – Jungle Love bracelet:


Vibrant colors and summery styles are this spring’s top sellers. Check them out for your look this season and buy them in stores and online.

New Gold Collection SS18: the summer wears gold


Spring-summer 2018 continues with more of the latest trends from UNOde50. Arriving in stores this week is the new Gold Collection SS18, which joins the Ocean Collection to update the latest jewelry season with unique style.

Now that the days are longer and the sun shines brighter, this latest collection arrives with full force to add a hint of golden shimmer to your spring and summer looks. Here’s what’s new in the Gold Collection SS18 from UNOde50:


  1. Gold trends:

The latest trends in jewelry come in shades of gold. Because natural shapes and plant-inspired designs are all the rage this season, we wanted to offer them not only in silver but also plated in gold, so you can choose your favorite version of pieces like the “La Hoja” ring and bracelet.


  1. Leather details:

Jewelry combined with leather is one of our hallmarks. So this season we wanted to expand our selection of leather and gold with bracelets like “Engánchame” and necklaces like “Omariba”: exclusive designs to pair with your summer dresses or to glam-up your jeans and t-shirt.


  1. Gold icons:

Among the latest in the new Gold Collection is one of our most iconic pieces, the “Estás Grillado” bracelet. Finally, you can have this unique design in a gold-plated version to wear with your favorite spring looks.

In the new season, enjoy all of the latest Gold Collection arrivals and enhance your suntan with this unique jewelry.

Pre-summer looks with jewelry: how to wear UNOde50’s new Ocean Collection


Our spring-summer 2018 Ocean collection has just arrived in stores. Its designs, inspired by the shapes and colors of the sea, delight with their bohemian style and original charms. Will you give it a try this spring?

If the answer is yes, we’ll give you some stylish ideas about how to wear the bracelets, necklaces, and rings featured in this collection.

Stylish ideas and looks to wear with the Ocean collection


Black and white: opt for a bright, white ensemble and add a touch of color with Ocean jewelry, like the Perla del Caribe necklace. For an edgier look, throw on a leather biker jacket.


Head-to-toe black: black is always a safe bet, and if you also want to draw attention to your jewelry, you can’t go wrong with head-to-toe black, day or night. Combine it with silver and leather designs like the Deep Sea necklace or any other piece in vibrant colors.


Ibizan and bohemian fabrics: crochet, lace, knit, linen… summery, boho-chic fabrics are ideal to pair with UNOde50 Ocean collection. Its shapes and colors are a perfect match for these fabrics. Try a set of Coral and Marea bracelets with the Waikiki ring.


All white: monochrome looks work very well with bold jewelry. This white bomber jacket, white tee, and white jeans underscore the casual feel of the Ocean and Namaste necklaces.


Perfect leather look: we always suggest wearing a leather jacket with our jewelry because it combines flawlessly with all our creations. In this case, opt for the Estrella ring.

This line is also great with denim fabrics and dresses in summery shades, as well as navy tones and prints, like sailor stripes. Those are our ideas for the Ocean collection, now add your own unique style.

5 famous quotes about jewelry you should know


Jewelry is always a conversation starter and it’s the subject of some of history’s most famous quotes. You’ll have heard many of them, but do you know who said them? We’ll fill you in.

Iconic quotes about jewelry:

  1. Diamonds are girl’s best friend”: One of the most famous quotes about jewelry and one of Marilyn Monroe’s most memorable lines. The great actress popularized it worldwide in the musical Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.


  1. You can’t cry on a diamond’s shoulder, and diamonds don’t keep you warm at night, but they’re sure fun, when the sun shines”: a memorable line from the one and only Elizabeth Taylor. Throughout her life, the violet-eyed actress managed to accumulate an incredible jewelry collection that was sold after her death.
  2. “I have always felt a gift diamond shines so much better than one you buy for yourself.” The brilliant Mae West was the brains behind this quote. The actress, singer, and playwright was known for her irony and cheek.


  1. A woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls.” Coco Chanel, who uttered this famous phrase, was a great fan of pearls as jewelry and fashion statement. She applied pearls in different ways to many of her designs and the multi-strand necklace was one of the basics of her style.
  2. It is hard to be a diamond in a rhinestone world,” Dolly Parton said of herself. In addition to being a legendary American singer, she is famous for her wit and humor.

These quotes have become legendary, but there are many more on the subject of jewelry. What’s your favorite?


We hit the beach with UNOde50’s latest collection: Ocean


The first rays of springtime sun, spring break, longer days… Summer is right around the corner and we’re eager to hit the beach. Ocean, our new collection, arrives just in time to bring us the warmth and color of the summer season.

Ocean Collection: positive energy in full color


Our latest pieces are inspired by waves, coral, and colorful shells. Long beaded necklaces, anklets, maxi rings, cuffs… the new collection features a variety of designer pieces that will transport you to the seashore.

Turquoise, coral, aquamarine, and pearl tones will envelop you in a cool and relaxing atmosphere. The leather and silver details, characteristic of UNOde50, add a bohemian touch to a casual and fun jewelry line.

Original charms are the key to this line, appearing on bracelets, necklaces and earrings. Surfboards, starfish, shells, positive messages… the energy of the sea and vacations have inspired our creative team, led by José Azulay, to design these pieces with unique details.

A sea of combinations


Ocean is a collection to wear the way you want. Combine it with a colorful frock or a white Ibizan sundress. It also works as a casual accessory with a dress shirt or office attire. It’s perfect to pair with a denim look or a bikini at the beach bar on your favorite beach. And all of the pieces work together to create unique jewelry sets.

This spring, discover Ocean: irresistible designs inspired by the seabed, as always, handcrafted in Spain.

10 items of jewelry your spring break suitcase can’t go without


Did someone say spring break? That’s right, it won’t be long until we can take a few days off. If you’re one of the lucky few going on vacation in the next couple of weeks, don’t despair if you don’t know what to pack. Our advice: basic items that go with everything and some accessories to add a hint of spring to your looks. Here are some ideas to ensure the most stylish pieces of jewelry make it into your travel bag.

10 UNOde50 designs to debut on spring break


Leaves choker: embrace this trend and add a festival touch to your looks with this leather necklace featuring colorful Swarovski details.


Dune ring: one of the star pieces of our new Oasis collection, its design of rounded contours is both current and timeless.


Little George necklace: every spring break suitcase needs a long necklace. This casual model looks great with a dress shirt or plain tee.


Sahara earrings: a pop of color is essential to feel the warmth of spring.


Half-moon necklace: you never know what can happen on vacation and taking a versatile necklace that dresses up a casual look is always a great idea.


Sahara ring: too original to go unnoticed, you can wear this ring solo or in combination with others.


Oasis bracelet: a leather bracelet is another basic item you can’t go without. This Oasis model includes a pearl to add a point of shimmer.


Wild Bush earrings: a design that works with jeans or an Ibizan sundress; ideal for springtime.


Jungle Love necklace: shine bright in this piece with hints of color and enjoy your vacation.


Leaf bracelet: inspired by the leaves of the Adam’s Rib plant, this bracelet will work with all of your spring styles.

So, are you ready for vacation?


These earrings will take 10 years off your look: we’ll tell you how and why


Yes, they exist: the earrings that can turn your classic or simple look into a more youthful and dynamic one. Want to know what they are?

We won’t beat around the bush. It’s all about hoops, an earring design we all know and love that, in its medium and XXL versions, can add an air of nonchalance and sassiness to any style.

Today, the possibilities for hoop earrings are infinite. They come in silver and gold finishes, in all sizes, in geometric shapes, textured or plain, etc. It all depends on your style and what touch you want to add to an outfit.

At UNOde50, we’ve made our own list of earrings that will take 10 years off your look. Check ‘em out!

Earrings that will take years off your look

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

Swaggy: one of the stars among international influencers. This very original, modern design features an irregular finish that comes in both silver and gold. Give them a try and discover their anti-aging properties.


Ohmmm: these hoops are already one of our most iconic creations. They may be simple but their imperfect, artisanal design gives them that special UNOde50 style. They also come in gold and silver finishes.


Anemone: a creative design from our Gold Collection that is only available online. If you dare, wear two in the same ear to multiply the rejuvenating effect.


Ripples: their smaller design and double hoop effect make these earrings an original and practical accessory for everyday wear. If you’d rather not think about changing earrings day in and day out, these are made for you.

As age becomes less important, what matters is feeling good about ourselves at every stage of life. That doesn’t mean we stop toying with our style to find that perfect balance between our personality and our appearance. To discover more unique hoop earring models, like Lollypops, Knot Knot and Sunrise, visit our stores and our website.