Erin Wasson, that girl


Model, designer, businesswoman, muse and best friend of Alexander Wang. Yes, we are talking about Erin Wasson, even if she is one of the few people from the fashion world who don’t require any introduction.

Her rocker and urban style are the symbols of her most characteristic identity. But that rebel, bad-girl image has not dimmed the sex-appeal of the Southern belles. Because Erin is an American girl in every sense of the word, as capable of wearing torn jeans as anyone else, or giving a streetwear twist to a party dress for a Sunday trip to the flea market. Perhaps that’s why some call her the queen of effortless cool or easy wear, a mantle all of her own that functions independently of labels and is always completed with the best accessories. And the fact is that they are one of her great loves, so much so that she has even created her own line of jewelry.

That’s why we’ve chosen her as our style icon, as who better than Erin Wasson to inspire us, with her innate ability to make EVERYTHING she wears look fresh and spontaneous. So don’t miss out on this gallery, in which we’ll show you her best looks this year along with a shopping trip for accessories that she herself would choose.

London Fashion Week SS16


The London fashion week is one of the most awaited dates in the fashion world. And Erin is one of its unmissable faces, particularly when accompanying Alexander Wang. For this occasion, she opted for a total black look in which the protagonists were silver accessories, echoing one of the season’s strongest trends: sporting two different earrings.


 Levi’s Store Times Square, NY


This is one of our favourite looks. Not only because we love Erin’s long grunge hairstyle, but also because she is one of the few celebs capable of wearing jeans with a basic top while oozing all the glamour in the world. Of course it’s not just a question of attitude, you also have to be able to choose the right accessories to highlight the simplest of styles. And, to do so, there’s nothing better than gold and its combination with different textures such as leather or crystals.


Vanity Fair Oscar Party, L.A.


Dressed by Alexis Mabille, Erin was the star of the Vanity Fair party on the occasion of this year’s Oscars. As usual, the Texan managed to add her personal touch to the haute couture with a messy hairstyle and a silver choker.


Re: Denim by David Jones, Sidney


Jeans can be your perfect ally for a nocturnal look if you combine them with a lace top and gold accessories, as we saw Erin Wasson on her last appearance in Australia. Once again, excess was the key, particularly to adorn her hands with different bracelet models.


Alice + Olivia, Montauk, NY


Jeans and shirts are star garments in Erin Wasson’s wardrobe, though sometimes she leaves her boho and rocker air at home to inject her outfit with a more eighties touch. Which is why at the Alice + Olivia clothes store event in Montauk (the coolest beach in New York), Erin chose a vintage inspired shirt and cap that she complemented with minimalist pieces in silver.



Alchemist Shop, Miami


White is one of the musts in Erin’s looks and, this summer, she didn’t hesitate to choose it for the Alchemist Shop opening in Miami. A very relaxed outfit that Wasson complemented perfectly with different accessories.


Christopher Kane x Mytheresa, L.A.


Erin Wasson lives between New York and Los Angeles, so not only does she know exactly how to be the sidewalk queen but also how to wear the comfiest of summer outfits. This time, she once again surprised us with this boho-chic style we love so much, with accessories in leather and gold. And yes, it does seem that Erin has become a steadfast fan of wearing odd earrings and mixing textures, which she also demonstrated at the Christopher Kane event in L.A.


So, what about you, which of these looks would you choose?

The unique style of Ricardo Cavolo

Tattooed beings, characters exuding eyes and hearts in flames that visually strike us through their flash of color.


We are referring to the illustrations by Riccardo Cavolo, that peculiar artist who appears to be pop but isn’t. Cavolo’s style is beyond definition in spite of the unmistakable look of his illustrations. A unique style that he himself admits he never actively sought, but rather the contrary.


And, in spite of the fact that we are accustomed to seeing his colourful works on the web, Ricardo uses a crafted process based on pencils, watercolours and other traditional techniques he learned as a child in his father’s workshop, which have become his best letter of recommendation.


Apart from illustration, Ricardo Cavolo is also a painter of murals, has collaborated with a number of brands and has designed various album covers. He is also the author of a graphic novel and a fantastic “Illustrated History of Music” in which he talks about the “100 artists he couldn’t live without”.




UNOde50 gets on the MBFWM with Roberto Torretta


The beautiful work of designer Roberto Torretta, who showed during the second edition of the Mercedez-Benz Fashion Week Madrid, is a perfect introduction into the Fall Fashion season.  


While apparel is generally the focal point of the catwalk, often the accessories take center stage as well.  This was certainly the case this season, as UNOde50’s jewelry was a star of the show.


The UNOde50 pieces were perfectly designed and integrated to complement the looks designed by the Argentinian designer, to achieve a singular fashion forward and unique design statement. The jewelry highlighted the collection consisting of largely black and white pieces with touches of red, and jungle prints, lace, and retro patterns.



Maxi necklaces, link bracelets, stackable rings, and large statement earrings were the dominating pieces. Two of the oversized earring styles were exclusively designed by Torretta for the catwalk, givin an urban feminine touch to the Argentinian’s designs.


Jewels for this autumn


If you think that autumn doesn’t have to be grey… keep on Reading! We bring you the hottest trends to make you the talk of the office. Say “Hello!” to Autumn!

70s trend

They say history repeats itself, and so does fashion! That is why this year the 70s are back with its boho-chic cuts and prints! In jewelry gold and thin pieces return; they will enhance your style.


XXL jewels

We saw it at the fashion shows, and they have overrun the streets with style: maxi jewels are a must this season. Wear them in XXL size matching other different pieces.


Folk air

This autumn, the folk dress is the key piece to wear: oversized, large printed patterns added with a long necklaces to evocate ones freedom of style!


Suede and leather are back

This season’s fabric is suede, no matter the color or garment. Its texture is perfect to match it with leather and silver pieces.


Flashy colors

If you want to be the center of all looks this autumn bright colors are the way to go! Red, pink or orange are a must have in your wardrobe, and also in your jewels.


Pics source: Glamour, Glamour,  Vogue, Glamour, Trendencias

5 activities that cannot be missing from your agenda this autumn


To make the return to work that little bit easier, we suggest 5 perfect getaways. Take note!

1-Exhibition “Now’s the time” in the Guggenheim

Have you heard of Jean-Michel Basquiat? He shared canvases with Andy Warhol, was Madonna’s lover and an iconic figure in the hip hop explosion in New York in the 80’s. In short, the most important Afro-American artist of all times comes to Bilbao, and you cannot miss it! Enjoy all his works at the Guggenheim museum until 1 November. What are you waiting for? Book a weekend to get away to Bilbao and enjoy the most surprising exhibition of this autumn. You will love it!


museo, bilbao, Jean-Michel Basquiat


2-Dismaland- Bansky’s “Bemusement Park”

The most renowned graffiti artist in the world, whose identity remains hidden beneath the pseudonym Bansky, inaugurates his own bemusement park with the participation of 58 artists personally invited by the artist. So if you’re looking for something different or controversial, this plan cannot be missing from your agenda! However, you do need to hurry up because it is temporary. You have until 27 September to visit it. Book your ticket now at:


3- Berlin Art Week

If you still haven’t discovered Berlin, September is the perfect moment! From 15 to 20 of September, the German capital will be transformed into the centre of European art. It’s time for Berlin Art Week! A week to enjoy fairs and proposals linked to contemporary art. Are you going to miss out on it? Discover the Feria abc art berlin contemporary 2015 which, on its eighth edition, offers a voice to the most independent work by the art galleries. Talking Galleries Berlin arrives from Spain, a programme of conferences that originated in Barcelona and which this year will be present in the German capital. From 17 to 20 of September, the Berliner Liste Art Fair 2015 and Positions Berlin 2015 will take place; both with over 76 exhibitors from 16 different countries. Don’t wait any longer and book your tickets for a spectacular getaway!


berlin, viajes,

4- TomorrowWorld 2015

If music is what you really love, take note! It’s time for the third edition of TomorrowWorld Atlanta. A festival to enjoy a big adventure together with your friends. Why is it unmissable? Because of its unbeatable location, just a few minutes from the city, in the hills, surrounded by exuberant gardens and huge lakes, and because of its Line-UP, that covers all styles from the electronic scene. Don’t miss out on its trailer!

Moreover, it has a special sleeping area, called Dreamville!, a city equipped with everything you need for an unforgettable experience. Cafeterias, supermarkets, lunch places, lockers, showers, a post office and even a hairdressers’. These are just some of the experiences awaiting you at this edition. Don’t think twice about it! Book September 26, 27 and 28 on your agenda and get to know Atlanta in a very special way, because if you don’t do it now, when will you?


5- Festival de surf en Hossegor

Close your eyes, feel the breeze and experience all the action and excitement of live surfing! Surf League, the professional surf circuit to never leave the beach. It’s held in the village of Hossegor, in the south of France, from 6 to 17 of October. If you are an adrenaline junkie then you cannot miss this!

surf, hossegor,

10 perfect songs for your #WelcomeBack


It’s September already and with it comes a return to the city! Re-encounters with friends, weekend getaways, after work get-togethers, Friday nights that merge into brunch… It’s finally autumn, and we know that all of these new moments cry out for special hits! Let’s not stop this season’s rhythm. Raise the volume and let yourself go with the playlist we’ve put together for you!

Crystal Fighters: At Home: You must have seen them at more than one music festival this summer, which is why they are top of our list.

The Strokes: Under Cover of Darkness: the perfect soundtrack to wake up to and… Conquer the world! Good Morning world!

Anni B Sweet: Chasing Illusions: For those unforgettable moments with friends!

Flume Remix: You & Me: For that summer fling that you have to leave behind… Who says they remember?!

And for those yet to come!  Dua Lipa – New Love J

Anything can happen on your way to work, why not play BSO on your autumnal mornings?  Bob Sinclar: Fell the Vibe

We’re back, so let’s give it a swing…alt-J: Left Hand Free <3 And the week will fly by…

Claire: Broken Promise Land for any night. Can you feel it? Let yourself go…

You know that the night was young in summer, but in autumn it will be even younger with Younger: Kygo Remix

Sundays with friends will be back, with blankets and films, restaurants and markets… enjoy them with a classic  Moby: Sunday

Endless Summer

Source: PlayBuzz  vía Pinterest

It’s a fact! And if you don’t believe it, UNOde50 is here to remind you!

You haven’t had a holiday all summer… Like a champ, you’ve put up with all the selfies, beautiful beaches, food porn, and the most brutal gloating from your friends. But don’t worry. Revenge is a dish best served cold. Or better yet, during your holidays in September.

 1. You have withstood all your friends’ summer selfies: Now, it’s your turn!


2. Nothing will get in your way: The beach is all yours.

3. There are still getaways by car and with friends! It had best be a convertible!

4. You can also opt for a cruise or a tropical destination: the price is brilliant!

5. Grab your hat and put it on! We’re off to the beach for fun in the sun: Your Indian summer awaits!

6. The cool, cleansing September waters are not a myth, but a reality.

7. Still, your skin is sunkissed against the sand, and you’re swimming like a mermaid.

8. There are still festivals to go to (without having to go to the office hungover the next day): DCode, Granada Sound Festival & BSide Festival.


9. New exhibits to see.

10. The waves are perfect for surfing.

11. And the surfers, perfect for dinner out on the town…

12. Plus, no reservations required.

13. Your favourite terrace is still open.

14. And the hit of the summer continues to be played.

15. And dance all night long! You know… 


16. For dessert: nothing better than a mojito.

17. The pool is still open!

18. Finally, you can show off all those new outfits you bought on sale.

19. Your selfies will always be sporting sunglasses.

20. Sandals will continue to be your best friends.

21. No-one will wear our UNOde50 rings and bracelets better than you.

22. There are still ads for summer activities.

23. Love might be a summer thing, or it could get even better in autumn…

24. You laugh at people going back to the office. The only place you’re going back to is the beach.

25. Wi-Fi access doesn’t matter; all that’ll matter is the fun you’re having.

26. You wish your return ticket would get lost in the lifeguard’s bathing costume

27. An alarm clock? What’s that?


28. You know that getting lost isn’t always a bad thing.

29. You take advantage of your holidays to fill up your Instagram account with photos. It’s about you updated it!

30. You considering leaving it all behind, become a blogger and stay on holiday without any return date.

31. Breakfast at 12 pm is not bad at all.

32. The list of top places you’ve been compiling since July is finally going to become a reality. And you’ll post all about them on your social networks.

33. One trip a year never hurt anybody.

34. The temperature is perfect for taking a stroll…

35. Trying new flavours: You still don’t know what Açaí is?

36. Watching the sunrise on the beach.

37. Reading all the books written by your friends, books recommended to you, books you’ve bought but still haven’t had the time to read.

38. The mosquitos have already called it a day,

39. You won’t be paying tourist season prices for food.

40. The guy you fancy has asked you out, but you are not interested any more.


41. With your ring NO WORRIES everything will be just fine.

42. Holidays are the perfect excuse for not going to the gym.

43. Just you, and nobody but you, yourself, and you…


44. Your mornings, filled with coffee. And your suitcase, filled with memories. Amen!

45. Your only worry will be finding the best day plan: Beach, mountains, or city? First World Problems…

46. It’s time to make your dreams come true.

47. Everybody is talking about summer as if it were the ice age, while you read their posts from your sunlounger, mojito in hand (talk about ‘ice’!)

48. You sleep like a baby with the covers up to your neck!

49. “Love Alight” by Crystal Fighters keeps playing on repeat.

50. And because September is coming, full of new things! Like our new collection 😉


Pic source: PlayBuzz  vía Pinterest

Who wants a beach when you can have a tree house?


Summer may be your favourite time of year, but it can also become a real hell. Beaches that become anthills, terraces full of crowds … Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? After our post for Unconventional Trips we offer you an alternative plan if you are looking for a different holiday.

Imagine yourself in the middle of a forest, without Wi-Fi, where the only alarm clock is birds singing. Imagine living hanging from a tree, with no worries. Because going to a rural house is all right but who has not dreamed of sleeping in a tree house? Take note of these Tree Hotels!

Tree houses: in the north-west of Catalonia within the municipality of La Selva you will find a haven of ten tree houses which you access via a suspension bridge. Each tree house includes a 10m2 terrace designed as a space for rest and great relaxation with stunning views of Montseny or the Pyrenees.


Basoa Suites: without a doubt, this is your choice if you are a nature lover, but don’t want to miss out on any kind of comfort … In the heart of Navarra, in the valley of Ultzama there are four spacious Suites hidden in the wildest area of the forest. From spacious rooms with large windows to the eco breakfast that you yourself will bring up to the suite using a pulley, you will also be able to dine in the Casa Amati services building. “We like to work and live in nature and although we have our feet on the ground, we like to climb up the trees.”


Forest tree-houses:  A Tree Hotel in the west of the peninsula could not be missing from our selection. Specifically in Noia, the east coast of the province of A Coruña. A promise of building sustainable eco-cabins, with a firm commitment to the environment but adapted to new technologies (yes, here you have Wi-Fi to outshine all your social networks). Eight excellent tree houses where Galician glamping becomes the absolute king, this is due to the excellent quality of their facilities and perfect location to be able to organise both nature activities as well as having the sea.


Summer in the city

unode50, bloggers, streetstyle

Summer is all about casual style while travelling, but also urban and elegant while working.

For your working days in the city, we suggest an ideal outfit that can be comfortable for this warm weather as we were inspired by the fashion blogger Jessica, aka NotJessFashion.

The perfect combination to deal with NYC hottest days, a stylish outfit that screams avant-garde with key accessories such as rings with round shapes, chunky bracelets and a statement necklace as the main piece of the total look: UNOde50 around the world!

unode50, bloggers, streetstyle unode50, bloggers, streetstyle unode50, bloggers, streetstyle unode50, bloggers, streetstyle

Restaurants with a password


Are you on the list? The famous perfume ad provided the inspiration for this post. Restaurants abound, but not many are reserved for just a few. Those that go beyond, that seek that luxury in which exclusiveness is stronger than ever, are those restaurants with a password. To rebel against the norm is not necessarily a bad thing, but rather an escape from boring routine.


  • Yugo, The Bunker

Yugo Sushi & Kobe is considered one of the best Madrid restaurants for Japanese cuisine fans. So far so good: haute Japanese cuisine in the very centre of the Huertas district. But Yugo aims for excellence in all of its facets. Which is why, beneath this small restaurant lies a Japanese bunker transformed into Yugo, The Bunker. “To walk into The Bunker is to be transported to a secret destination. To cross the secret door is to enter a cave, the perfect recreation of a Japanese bunker of the time.” A space in which privacy and exclusiveness, around just five tables, are guaranteed for the club members who enjoy exclusive access.

C/ San Blás, 4 Madrid


  • Burger Joint

The unexpected becomes real in Burger Joint and its well-known secret burger. Located in The Parker Meridien, a hotel of French inspiration with all manner of details and views over Central Park, it is the perfect setting. But that is not all. After walking through the luxurious door, your tourist look included, you’ll come face to face with the curtain that separates The Burger Joint. A space inspired by the Food Truck trend which, unquestionably, is home to one of the best gourmet burgers in New York, according to the New York Post.

The restaurant décor is typically undergound and you’ll enjoy a succulent burger, a delicious milkshake or a seductive brownie: the real American Dream!

119W 56TH ST – New York


  • Mibu, – Tokio

We could be talking about the most exclusive restaurant on the planet. Right in the centre of Tokyo, in the Ginza district, Mibu is an oasis of tradition in the midst of the cosmopolitan crowd housed in one of Japan’s biggest cities. A sophisticated temple offering an experience for all five senses. A single table for a total of 300 members, rendering them unique. Hiroyoshi Ishida and his wife Tomiko Ishida are at the helm of this establishment in which tradition and a respect for ancestral techniques combine with a very select product.

Even Ferran Adriá, our chef par excellence had the privilege of dining at this select restaurant. He described the experience to “The big difference between a European chef and Ishida is that the former can cook with their hands, their senses, their brain and even with tenderness, but never with soul like he does”.

Kunio Tokuoka Tokio, Japón