Opening of our new flagship store in Barcelona’s emblematic Casa Milá


The sea breeze, the artists on La Rambla, the flavours of the Boquería market, concerts at the Apolo, strolls in Parque Güell, the runners in the Barceloneta, the tourists in the Gothic quarter… Barcelona brings this and so much more to mind, because living in this city is a unique experience, isn’t it? When we decided to open a new store in this city, we gave the idea a lot of thought. We wanted to create a more essentially UNOde50 space than ever: we knew that it couldn’t be just one more point of sale. It had to be a somewhere special.


Where to locate it?

The answer to this question was never going to be easy. However, everything fell into place when the opportunity of opening in La Pedrera came up. A daring spirit and unique style are the creative keys of UNOde50, and our brand’s new store could not have found a better location for these than Casa Milá. Which is why we decided to open there, right on the Paseo de Gracia, on Barcelona’s Golden mile, on the ground floor of the building designed by Antoni Gaudí.


How did we put it together?

Barcelona is art, culture, tradition and innovation, an international city and an icon of modernity and crafts know-how. All of this provided the perfect universe for our jewelry pieces to live in.

So, by fusing art, creation and the avant-garde, our architects designed a new store respecting the original Catalan art nouveau space, while at the same time complementing it with the latest trends in architecture and interior design, both on a creative and a functional level.

They were joined by the visual merchandising team, which has also worked ceaselessly to create a place that would ensure the client had a unique experience.


So what’s the result?

They managed it. Bright light, exclusive furnishings, two different ambiances and endless attention to detail. The effort invested by everyone has resulted in an iconic store that exudes the spirit of UNOde50 like never before, combining the Mediterranean and cosmopolitan character of Barcelona and the innate personality of this emblematic building by Antoni Gaudí.


And what about art?

More powerful than ever. This new flagship store reinforces the close relationship between UNOde50 and the art world. In fact, our own works of art have become a more essential element than ever as they reinforce the local creative value and vice versa.


¿Estamos orgullosos?

Do we feel proud?

Of course. Very proud. Like our jewelry, Guadí’s art style is unique, so with this new space we continue to break moulds. We are reaffirmed as unique and different. Just like the city of Barcelona, we are ourselves. We are UNOde50.


#UnlockYourself: UNOde50’S most international campaign


Introducing our latest, most personal and mould-breaking campaign: #UnlockYourself.

Hong Kong provides the backdrop for this fable in which the protagonist explores her limits until she finds herself. Until she succeeds in freeing herself.

The fascinating yet oppressive atmosphere of Asia. The power of images to narrate the tale through juxtaposition. The city as a character. The secrets enclosed in a relationship fed on passion alone. Ingredients to build a tale submerged in the mind of its protagonist.


Who are we really? What feelings drive us? How can we overcome all that paralyses and blocks us? Questions UNOde50 attempts to answer in #Unlock Yourself.

A total campaign with a unique philosophy. And that’s just the beginning. Imagine what’s yet to come.

UNOde50 Manifest. Unlock Yourself


If you like it, take it. Leave if you feel trapped.
Freedom doesn´t need permission. Neither does pride.
Doubt your beliefs. Believe in your doubts.
Trust who you were and who you are.
Dress the person you´ll become
Choose your place. Set your own time.
Don´t run away. Ever.
Stop sometimes.
Always stare, freeze your smile.
Do it.
Unlock Yourself


The making-of of the most essentially UNOde50 campaign

Behind this Fashion Film lies the work of an unbeatable team.

The creator, Eugenio Recuenco has stamped his personal seal on a story exuding nocturnal, urban and dreamlike images. Working hand in hand with the cameraman, Gregorio Arroyo, they have created oblique shots with movement that convey provocation and daring.


Eric Dover, responsible for the art direction and capable of finding and reflecting incomparable scenes right in the centre of Hong Kong, joins the creative team.

And of course our model, Jennifer Pugh, one of the top models of the moment with a unique ability to act out the story, her work is complemented by that of two professionals in a class of their own: the hair and make-up director Moncho Moreno and the style manager Beñat Yanci.


All of them, together with the UNOde50 Image and Communication team, travelled to Hong Kong. The team worked non-stop over a number of days in which effort was the overriding motto, but fun and the feeling of doing something worthwhile were also present.

And in fact it was. This team has succeeded in producing the brand’s most personal and adult story. #Unlock Yourself. The result speaks for itself.

10 books on art, photography and fashion that you can’t miss out on in 2016



Read? There aren’t enough hours in the day. You upload a photo on Instagram, you answer your grandmother’s WhatsApp, you read the news on Twitter, you search for ideas on Pinterest and so the days fly by. And you haven’t even joined Snapchat yet or updated your Facebook for 3 months. The fact is that you pick up a book one night out of every 50.

In an endeavour to save you from this reading crisis, at UNOde50 we will take advantage of the fact that the 23rd of April is World Book Day to suggest a personalised list of books as unique as our jewels, bearing in mind your online lifestyle. To help you remember what it’s like to touch something other than a screen, we’ve selected 10 books on photography, design and fashion from 2016 that may provide you with the inspiration to foster your ‘hyper-connected’ self and your most cultural facet at the same time. Because knowledge doesn’t take up any of your iPhone’s memory.



The best novelties in art, film, photography, design, music and fashion books, according to your style.


testino_rio_de_janeiro1.For #travelgram travellers:

Mario de Janeiro Testino, with texts by Giselle Bündchen and Caetano Veloso

The new book by the ultimate Peruvian photographer, Mario Testino, has just come out. This time on a subject matter that’s as exotic and colourful as life in Rio de Janeiro, a city that has always fascinated Testino. Photos of his muse, the supermodel Giselle Bündchen, abound in the pages but so too do images of the Rio carnival, its sunsets or its people.



MovingImage_cover_UK_FRONT2.For youtubers #videoart:

Moving Image: Documents of Contemporary Art

This text analyses the phenomenon of the moving image as an artistic format in all of its forms: film, video art, performances, installations… A phenomenon that has never ceased to grow and evolve to the point of becoming the protagonist of contemporary art.




51sVC4F9KqL3. For nostalgic urbanites #musiclovers:

Vinyl, the Art of Making Records, by Mike Evans

At this point nobody can deny that the vinyl is still alive. In fact, in recent years it has become a cult object. This book suggests a list of essential records for the music they offer, but also for their aesthetics, recovering the best LP covers in the history of records.


51ukp5B4tnL._SX365_BO1,204,203,200_4. For traditional #makers:

La joyería, by Carlos Codina

We couldn’t leave the subject of jewellery off our list with a perfect book to discover the ins and outs of handcrafted jewellery making. If you’d like to learn how to make silver rings with your own hands or cut gemstones in your living room, this is the book you’re after. Sorry, it’s only published in Spanish.




41dxSTXH4CL._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_5. For film addicts and wannabes #filmoftheday:

Hitchcock, by François Truffaut

Not a novelty but rather a special re-edition on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the publication of this text written by the French director after interviewing the British genius of suspense. It’s the story of living film on paper. In addition, a documentary by David Fincher on the encounter between these two giants has just been released in cinemas.



91PqeKB0vQL6. For those with a forward-thinking perspective #designporn:

Smart textiles for designers, by Rebeccah Pailes-Friedman

Whether your interest is professional or out of mere curiosity, this book tells you the latest novelties in textiles to create items of clothing. Fabrics with special properties applicable to haute couture, sports or medicine.





icons-of-men-style-josh-sims-photography-competition-candid-magazine-candid-style-male-icon-2016-amazon-17. For the stylish #mensfashion

Icons of men´s style, by Laurence King

The definitive guide to the male wardrobe which, unlike the female, is made up of classic pieces that evolve gradually over time. Garment by garment, the text analyses the icons of male fashion, including their origin, brand and the history of their design.




vogue_eng8. For collectors #invogue:

Vogue 100: A Century of Style, by Robin Muir

The British edition of the fashion magazine has celebrated its 100th anniversary and as a birthday gift, it has published a book that reviews the history of fashion through the decades with front covers, editorials and photographs of all sorts of figures from the 20th century culture scene. A must-have.



6178Nkogs2L._SX414_BO1,204,203,200_9. For graphic designers #drawsomethingcool:

Hieronymus Bosch: Visions of Genius

Taking advantage of the largest exhibition on the Flemish artists to open in the Prado Museum at the end of May, we recommend this art book with the complete works of the painter who could be considered the first Surrealist ever. His compositions are essential for any aspiring artist.



índice10. For cactus collectors #flowersofinstagram:

Mapplethorpe Flora, by Robert Mapplethorpe

Known for his mould-breaking way of capturing the human body and his controversial images, Robert Mapplethorpe has also taken shots of myriad flowers and plants in the course of his career. With his unique style in black and white, each of these snaps is a work of art.



Note the first weekend of May on your diary because you have a date with your Mum and she deserves the best of gifts. Not just one that she likes, but one that takes her by surprise. Keep reading because with our suggestions, you can’t fail to get it right.

  • A digital photo printer. Because she is all about modernity and updates her Instagram account daily, even if just with photos of you and her dog. And now, she can put up the same snaps all over the house. Start buying the cartridges to print.


  • A kit to plant a bonsai. Now the good weather’s arriving, what could be better than watching this tree of Japanese origin grow. The meaning of the word is a declaration in itself: eternity. They are not at all easy to care for, so you’ll also manage to boost her self-esteem.


  • A unique jewel, likeA Pearl of Wisdom’. A bracelet in leather, silver and pearls. A handcrafted piece, made in Spain, modern and oozing personality.


  • A day with a Personal Shopper to bring her up to date on all the latest trends, adapt them to her style and help her get her wardrobe ready for the new season.


  • A mini bodega that will ensure she always has some bottles of wine to toast you with.


  • A make-up class for two. For her and for you, to spend time together, enjoying the latest beauty novelties and finally learning that impossible technique: wearing make-up without seeming to.


  • A sustainable designer piece, like one of these PET lamps in palm tree fibres, so bright and summery. To give home that touch of modernity, without neglecting the sustainable philosophy.


  • A dinner with a city view. Rooftop restaurants are already hailing the arrival of summer and what better what to try out the first than in your mother’s company. Try to find a casual atmosphere that, apart from good food, also serves the latest cocktail of the season.


  • A matcha tea set for your Mum to become a veritable expert in this herbal beverage. It is the most modern Japanese drink and in Asian countries preparation is marked by a full-blown ceremony.


A set of baskets for a hanging garden. If your Mum doesn’t have much space but loves plants, she will definitely love this option.




Cooking, like fashion, changes each season, setting the trends that will reach our nearest cities and restaurants. If you don’t want to get left behind when it comes to which dishes to order or the latest trend to join, have a look at the 5 #foodies ideas we bring you in this post.

Açai berry: the favourite nutritious breakfast on Instagram


Açai is a Brazilian fruit from the Amazon and with over 230,000 photos on Instagram, it has been consolidated as the foodie trend par excellence. Bloggers and influencers have already tried it and never miss a chance to publish their breakfasts with this fruit. And the fact is that the acai is a source of fibre that strengthens the immune system while detoxing the body; it can be consumed in the form of a Smoothie, in a bowl with other fruit, as a jam…


Poké: the new sea salad from Hawaii


Pronounced as “poke-ay”, it is the first on a long list of dishes coming from Hawaii, because this year Hawaiian cuisine is here to stay. Poké, which in Hawaiian means ‘to cut’ or ‘section’ is a raw fish salad (like a ceviche or tartar) accompanied with onion, macadamia, mangos, chilli peppers, sesame, ginger or whatever you’re most in the mood for. It is served as an aperitif or a main dish, and in the USA ‘pokerias’ in which to sample this delicious dish are beginning to abound.

Avocado oil: the beauty trend that’s reached the table


It started out in Mexico as a beauty trend to apply to hair and skin, but thanks to its nutrients and anti-oxidants, it has been incorporated into numerous international recipes and dishes such as hummus, risotto, tabbouleh… Avocado oil aims to displace olive oil and it looks set to succeed, even if just on Instagram, the foodie social network par excellence.

Foodtail: cocktail and meal in one sole experience


The Foodtail trend was born in France under two major chefs, although more and more restaurants are offering this experience. It consists of creating delicious, alcoholic cocktails with gin, vermouth or champagne and mixing them with edible ingredients such as wild mushrooms, oysters, pumpkin or mandarin, among others. Those who’ve tried them cannot resist this experience, perfect for any time of the day.

Flexitarian: the new flexible vegetarian


Flexitarians are more vegetarian than carnivores, although they combine the best of both diets to obtain the optimum balance. This food trend is based on mainly eating products of vegetal origin, although every now and then they ‘break the rules’ and eat red or white meat. There are numerous national and international associations that promote this model and claim to be the most sustainable and perfect trend for healthy eating.

International festivals programme


Music is synonymous of summertime, and summer is just around the corner. Don’t think twice about it, open your diary and get planning. This year, you’ll need to be ready for anything and nothing better than a tour of the season’s most cutting-edge International Festivals to return refreshed in September. Take note and get your backpack ready to enjoy a rhythmic summer.


Sasquatch!, Washington (27-30 May)

Over half the population of North America’s west coast will be here. The Gorge amphitheatre in Quincy, Washington (USA), will play host to artists as hot as A$AP Rocky, Jamie XX and Grimes in May. A date you cannot miss out on if you want to kick-start the season in style.

More info:


Sonar 2016, Barcelona (16-18 June)

This year, Barcelona is taking a risk and adding the experimental flamenco of Nicho de Elche & Los Voluble to its line-up. The new band Underground Resistante, Timeline and the return of El Guincho complete its constantly mould-breaking agenda.

More info:


Bonnaroo, Tennessee (9-12 June)

Four days on a farm in Manchester, in the state of Tennessee (USA), never has such a rural plan sounded like so much fun. Every musical genre you can imagine, with J. Cole and Tyler heading up the list, will converge at a festival that last year had artists as famous as Stevie Wonder or Kanye West.

More info:


Found Festival, London (11 June)

A day split into six scenarios in south London, non-stop house and techno, and artists such as Derrick May, Kerri Chandler, Midland or Leon Vynehall are what the British capital is set to offer to herald the start of this summer.

More info:


Meadows in the Mountains, Bulgaria (10-13 June)

As its name implies, there’s no better way than getting lost in the Bulgarian mountains of Rhodope (close to the Greek border) to enjoy three days of live house and techno.

More info:


Wilderness, Oxfordshire (4-7 August)

Music is not all that some festivals offer. With a reputation for being posh, Wilderness includes some of the best international chefs. For those wishing to enjoy a concert with a good glass of wine in their hand.

More info:


Outside Lands, California (5-7 August)

The best of music, art and gastronomy join forces in California to usher in the month of August. The festival was designed with a strong eco-friendly philosophy to make the world aware that ecology is not just a passing fad. Its stages, for instance, work on solar power. For the moment the line-up has yet to be confirmed.

More info:


Outlook, Croatia (2-6 September)

The city of Pula in Croatia opens up its legendary Roman military installation and recycles it for this festival in which some of the stages are hidden among its multiple tunnels. And if you have any energy left over, there’s no better way than to complete it with a boat trip on the Adriatic sea.

More info:


Salt, Noruega (Septiembre (To be confirmed))

Para cerrar tu agenda festivalera, anota este festival organizado en pleno Círculo Ártico, en la ciudad nórdica de Sandhornøy. Entre concierto y concierto, no te pierdas sus performances, sus piscinas a 11ºC o sus saunas gigantes.

More info:

Trends and jewels: what’s on this spring


Spring is already here and in 2016, fashion prizes individuality above all else. Summer demands personality and we want to be all set to answer its call. We’ve put together the keys to this season and the best combinations for you. Because any trend can be a winner if combined with the perfect jewel.

 ‘Off The Shoulders’. Exposed shoulders have become the number one trend this spring. This sensual and feminine neckline leaves its most classic version behind and is reinterpreted with strategic crosses and straps. Combine it with different earrings like ‘Anemone’, open and with a raised pattern that evokes organic forms.


Denim. A regular every season, this year the novelty lies in the colours and cuts of the garments. From shirts, tops and waistcoats to maxi skirts, dungarees or dresses. The trend that continues to triumph is the total denim look, perfectly combinable with jewels in blue tones such as the ‘Knotted’ bracelet, with its crystal beads, silver and leather.


Pink Queen. Quartz pink is the colour of the year, which is why it deserves a total look. Whether in its most naive or daring version, it becomes the star of the season. To inject it with personality, nothing better than a golden detail such as the ‘Scales’ earrings.


Sparkle. The 80’s are back and they’re going to fill our wardrobes with paillettes. Adding sparkle to party or even beach dresses, sequins become the perfect escort on those summer nights this season. And we propose the ‘Wakame’ earrings to raise the tone of any eighties look.


Lace and lingerie go hand in hand this season. Show off a little bit of lingerie under your clothes, choose transparent fabrics or go risqué in the little details that show a second layer beneath the first. And since sensuality is the buzz word, the perfect necklace is called ‘Star-Bi’, in silver with two SWAROVSKI crystals in different tones.



White on white. A lack of colour becomes one of the best options this spring. Give it full protagonism and wear it cleanly and simply. And to give it force, wear the ‘Under the Sea’ necklace, an XXL piece with chains and SWAROVSKI crystal pearls.


‘Ruffles’, with a certain air of the flamenco world. In skirts, dresses and tops, frills flow elegantly to create romantic and sensual looks. Their movement will shine even brighter with the ‘Jupiter’ earrings, plated in gold in a timeless shape and unique design.


Maxi Stripes from head to toe. They are worn above all wide and horizontal; but also vertical, oblique and in more daring and colourful combinations that go beyond the sailor stripes. The perfect accessory? The ‘Star-Trick’ ring, with a unique design and SWAROVSKI crystal.




Next 22nd of March is World Water Day. Essential and mysterious, water has provided inspiration for the worlds of arts, fashion architecture… And even jewellery. Here are ten original examples in which H20 is the protagonist.

The Green Lake phenomenon, a nature reserve that is submerged by the thaw from nearby mountains at each change of season, creating a lake perfect for diving. You can submerge yourself among its trees and benches, enjoying nature in a different way.


The bikini that cleans water pollution, a sustainable fashion design. Created in California, it’s made of a spongy and hydrophobic material capable of absorbing up to 25 times its own weight in contaminants. Recyclable and with a low-cost production, it is pure fashion at the service of the environment.


The Subsix Restaurant, both inspired by the ocean and literally submerged in it. It is located in the Maldives, a forty-minute seaplane journey away from the international airport of Malé and six metres beneath the surface of the sea. The complex also has the first submarine disco in the world.


The infinite pool of Singapore’s Hotel Marina Bay Sands, one of the most expensive hotels in the world, offers a view of the entire city. Located on the fifty-seventh floor of this skyscraper, those who have swum in it claim that you can swim to the edge to experience how it would feel to fall off the top of the world.


The ‘Anemone’ bracelet from the ‘Unexplored Worlds’ collection by UNOde50. Daring and unique, its leather cord is complemented with the colour of the beads and crystals in coral, lime, green and blue tones. A mould-breaking design to pay tribute to the oceans that are a source of life.


Aurum 79, the most expensive water in the world and, by all accounts, the best too. It comes from the Fiji Islands, is packaged in a solid, 24-karat gold bottle and stored in a leather case. But it is not water alone, it also contains 5 milligrams of dissolved gold dust.


The Great Blue Hole in Belize which, according to researchers is the biggest blue hole in the world. A submarine cave that is over 300 metres long and 125 metres deep that has become the most popular divers’ hotspot.


The Japonese dessert mizu shingen mochi. A drop of water that, in reality, is a pastry. This is a variation of the traditional rice cake, known in Japan as shingen mochi. With its transparent and crystalline appearance, it is made of the water from the springs of the South Japanese Alps. It is sweetened and solidified to give it shape.


The ‘Ego’ earrings from the ‘Wild Life’ collection by UNOde50. They are silver-plated and have blue Murano crystals. An elegant, rounded piece that has been handcrafted and is 100% Made in Spain.


The Hotel Hydropolis Underwater in the Persian Gulf, designed as the first luxury underwater hotel in the world. A project that placed it 20 metres below the surface of the sea, just in front of the Jumeirah beach in Dubai.


S.O.S. Father’s Day: 10 original gifts to get it right


If you are finding it harder and harder to come up with the right gift for Father’s Day, it’s because you haven’t seen our list for UNOde50 dads yet. Foodies, music-lovers or followers of trends and elegance will be amazed by the gifts we suggest.


  1. A kit with everything you need to make a crafted beer at home. It’s never been more ‘in’ and it’s the perfect plan to share with him. Beer has become a veritable culture and your Dad has the right to keep up with the latest.
  2. The new ‘Cold and Collected’ bracelet by Unode50, a design with three rows of plaited brown leather and silver-plated pieces inserted into it. The original square clasp of this piece stands out in the centre, with the brand logo.
  3. A molecular cooking kit may become the best way of renewing himself. If your Dad is interested in cooking or even a full-blown professional, he will be thrilled to discover the latest spherification techniques, for making mousses, airs or gelatines. And, it will be more or less like having Ferrán Adriá at home.
  4. A Netflix subscription, to enjoy all his favourite films and series on streaming. He may need some basic lessons to get started, but it’s easy to use and, above all, to transport. He will be able to carry the cinema in his pocket.
  5. A vintage record player, so that your Dad can get the most out of all his LPs and, of course, the memories associated with them.
  6. The ‘2010’ keyring by Uno de 50, of clearly sporty inspiration, silver-plated and with the unmistakable brand padlock.
  7. A good wine, because the classics have always existed and, as Dads, they count too. Plus, it’s the perfect excuse to put a table between you and have a long, after-dinner chat.
  8. A flight in a light airplane for those who want to feel a jolt of adrenalin in their bodies. If you dare, go with him and you’ll have an incredible experience together.
  9. A Runner Scooter, one of the most successful sagas in stylishly, sporty and totally renewed scooters. Convenient and urban, it’s the best way for your father to whiz through the city.
  10. The A Little Moment’ watch by Unode50, with a rounded, silver-plated case and quartz crystal dial. The strap is hand plaited with top-quality leather. A unique, sporty style thanks to the two chronographs on the inside.

Unique women who have broken away from the traditional norms


They are unique, independent and imbued with a creative spirit. For the International Working Women’s Day, we would like to present 6 women who have broken free of moulds and triumphed in traditionally male professions.

Jenji Kohan: screen-writer/producer


Jenji Kohan is the creator of the series, Weeds. She has been nominated for an Emmy 12 times, the last for Orange is the new black. Thanks to her hilarious scripts that have hooked millions of viewers, she is considered one of the 100 most influential people at present according to Time magazine. Her weapons: creativity and persistence. Because to get to produce her two major series, she had to work for years as a screen-writer on occasional episodes of series like Friends.

Miss Kittin: Dj


Caroline Hervé, aka Miss Kittin, is one of the most inspiring DJs on the music scene. She is one of the few French women daring enough to DJ, undermining the idea that electronic music is just a man’s game. At the age of 22, she was already deejaying in France, Moscow and Chicago, and right now there are no festivals that don’t include her in their line-up or artists that don’t want her to work on their albums.

PUM PUM: graffiti artist


She never shows her face and the only thing known about her is her name, Jimena, although everyone knows her as PUM PUM. This Argentine graffiti artist has decorated Buenos Aires with her imagery: brightly coloured figures floating in unreal worlds. Her career began with Fotolog and small street interventions, but right now she is one of the most world-renowned graffiti artists, making a name for herself among the almost always male icons of street art.

Annie Leibovitz: photography


She is the best-paid photographer in the world, and deservedly so, as her photos have travelled the world in exhibitions, magazine spreads and advertisements. Annie Leibovitz has spent over 40 years demonstrating that photography is a form of expression and that with just a click of her camera she can transport us to anywhere, even the Disney worlds. Her work speaks for itself, and she can lay claim to being the last person to photograph John Lennon before he died.

Esther Salomé: illustrator


She is 21 years old and studying architecture, although in her Instagram account it’s clear that her true vocation is realistic illustrations. From the Netherlands, Estership has fascinated artists from around the world thanks to her pencil, charcoal and pastel portraits. Hera avid interest in the world of fashion and celebrities has drawn the attention of the most important Instagram accounts.

Tavi Gevinson: fashion editor + blogger + singer


Perhaps to be a fashion editor, a blogger or a singer is not so surprising, but to be all three at the age of 11 is. And the fact is that Tavi Gevinson has been one of the most influential people in the fashion world since the age of 11. Her blog, Style Rookie launched her to fame and her view of trends (and of what should not be trendy) converted her into a fashion icon. Now, at the age of 19 she continues to re-invent fashion, but also music and cinema because she is still proving that if you really want something you can achieve it, and that age is never a handicap.