On-trend colors: the summer tones that will dominate your accessories


Already know the hottest tones for summer 2018? In the warmer months, as temperatures rise, the colors in fashion and accessories grow more intense as we push the blacks and brows to the back of our closet in favor of reds, pinks, yellows, and blues. In jewelry and accessories, this season hottest shades are green, violet, pink, and blue.

We at UNOde50 reveal the on-trend colors that will dominate your bracelets, rings and earrings in the months to come.

From pink dahlia to ultraviolet: 5 on-trend jewelry colors for summer 2018


Blooming dahlia: Between pink and salmon, this tone is very flattering in the summer months. Give it a try: combine our Flora bracelet with an Ibizan sundress or denim look.


Arcadia green: A mixture of blue and green to pair with all your summer outfits, whether your heading to the office or strolling along the boardwalk on vacation. Let yourself be seduced by the arcadia in the Tarifa ring from UNOde50’s Ocean Collection.


Cherry tomato red: This year’s version of the ever-popular color is warmer.  Include it in your jewelry. Our suggestion? One of the brand’s icons: the Pedrolé ring.


Nile green: This season pastels are still all the rage, but if one shade stands out above the rest, it’s this light green, featured in one of our bestsellers at the moment: the Tarifa bracelet.


Purple tones: From ultraviolet to lavender to Spring Crocus mauve, lilac shades are a must-have this season. The Heaven and Earth bracelet has all of them and is the ideal piece of summer jewelry. Got yours yet?

I you love the on-trend colors for the Summer, discover more vibrant jewelry for summer 2018 in the Shades Collection on our website.