Olivia Bee: from Portland with love


UNOde50 was born with the vocation to create a different brand that would break away from everything that existed, with a unique design and a daring spirit as signs of exclusivity. A philosophy we also wish to reflect in our People section: people with a unique view of life and a style and personality that make it seem more special.

This is why we’ve chosen Olivia Bee, whose dreamlike images and intimate view of youth have made her one of the most important photographers on the American scene. Let us tell you why.


She is 21 years old, since she was 11 she hasn’t let go of her camera and she can already boast being the eyes of a generation. A generation that grew up in the shadow of the Internet and for whom the immediacy of the image is natural and spontaneous. Yet, Olivia started out in the world of photography by accident, when someone from her school signed her up for photography lessons by accident. At that point, she started snapping everything around her and to feed off her friends’ lives.


Perhaps that’s why she is said to be the photographer of youth: poetically untidy rooms, teeth braces, freckles and panties. Dreamlike and self-alluding photos of her most intimate adolescence. But Olivia goes beyond her closest circle. Her photography is a sort of autobiographic practice, a self-portrait in the selfie era.


If there is one fact that has particularly contributed to her leap to fame at the tender age of 14, it’s having posted her photos online. Afterwards, one day she received an email from an advertising agency asking her to work for Converse. This was followed by other fashion giants and she decided to abandon her native Portland for New York.


Romantic, emotional, seventies and self-taught, her work for Hermès, Cacharel and Anaïs Anaïs, her exhibition in the Agnes B Gallery of New York, a front cover on the New York Times or her editorials for media monsters like Harper´s Bazaar or Vice have established her as one of the most creative fashion photographers in the industry.