Fashion alert: The UNOde50’s New Fall-Winter 2017 Collection has arrived

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UNOde50’s new designs drink directly from the roots. The heart of the African continent and its nature inspire the jewelry firm’s universe in its New Fall-Winter 2017 Collection. Pieces brimming with an attractive fusion of colors, materials, and details with character developed in four lines: Grains, Seal and Pencil.

Discover Grains:

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The GRAINS line features natural essences that come together to create incredible landscapes bursting of life, with wheat and its evolution from seed to stalk—a symbol of the passage of time—as the centerpiece.

Discover Seal:

UNODE50_AW17-18_F02_057 copia

Because we wanted to honor the pivotal role that history plays in this collection in an artistic and exclusive way, we created the SEAL line: jewels that combine small shapes stamped in silver with handcrafted crystals and leather.

Discover Pencil:

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The PENCIL line represents the origin of writing, the starting point of creation. A sketch or a scrawl of ideas, inspirations, or thoughts that could not have materialized any other way. Our latest Men’s Collection full of amazing designs made of leather and silver.