Mother’s Day gifts: Tell me what she’s like and I’ll tell you what to get her


Jewelry for Mother’s Day? Of course! But because she’s one of a kind, she deserves an exclusive and unique gift, like a piece of jewelry from UNOde50. To make finding the right gift as easy as possible, we have selected some UNOde50 jewels to suit every mom, whether her style is colorful and fun or simple and delicate. What’s your mom like?

Tell me about your mom and I’ll tell you what jewelry she’ll like:

Party girl: If your mom parties harder than you and has a full social calendar, she needs jewelry that can live up to those endless nights. Our suggestion? The ‘Choper’ choker.



Bohemian: She loves the boho chic look: 70s prints and long necklaces. She enjoys art and a laid-back lifestyle. The best piece for her? Eterea,’ without a doubt.


Trendy: She adores fashion and adopts the latest trends before you do. The stylish mom needs an innovative design worn by top bloggers, like the ‘Swaggy’ double ring.


Daring: Black and simple? No thanks! If there is nothing minimalist or classic in your mom’s closet, you can’t go wrong with the extraordinary ‘Magia Potagia’ ring.


Colorful: Color gives her life! The walls of the house are wallpapered and her accessories add even more color to her print dresses. She’ll be delighted with the gift of a ‘Tricola’ necklace.


Homey: More than anything in the world, your mom enjoys her home, taking care of the plants, cooking nonstop, and having people over. A surefire way to guarantee she’ll think of you every time she opens the door is with the ‘Te Doy’ keyring.


Classic: She’s no fan of extravagance and her motto is “classic is timeless.” Because the key to the mother who loves tradition is the elegance of pearls, we suggest the ‘Perlas del desierto’ bracelet.


Is your mom in a category all her own? Browse our selection of Mother’s Day gifts and you’ll surely find the right choice for her. Because your mom is unique, she deserves a unique gift.