Trend Power! The most popular jewelry trends for spring-summer 2017


The days are getting longer and it’s almost time for outdoor revelry and sunshine. Spring is right around the corner and with it arrives the opportunity to showcase new jewelry trends. The runways and international fairs have issued their verdict for 2017 and ruled that pearls, chokers, and XXL designs are the hottest items this season. Here are some key pieces to power your wardrobe this spring-summer.

Surefire jewelry trends for SS17:

  • The new era of pearls: In 2017, the classic accessory to compliment the face undergoes an ultra-modern reboot. This season, pearls come in all sizes, combined with silver, leather, fabric and a variety of materials. Imagine how our “Perla Mosqueta” necklace and bracelet would look on you.


  • King of the jungle: Many of 2017’s most popular items find inspiration in nature, and particularly in the animal kingdom. The “Secret Gardens” and “Wild Instinct” lines from our new collection take inspiration from the exotic animal trend of the 1970s and reinvent it.


  • Long live the choker: The 90s are back with one of the hottest trends this spring. Dust off your old chokers or grab an updated version, like our SS17 favorite, the “Choper” necklace and the bracelet from the same collection.  Are you brave enough to pair it with an off-the-shoulder top?



  • Different is better: Asymmetry continues to reign this season in both apparel and jewelry. Both single and mismatched earrings are all the rage and necklaces move away from the conventional. For a creative, contemporary look opt for asymmetrical pieces like our “Atacada” earrings.


  • Gold hoops: An unbeatable classic, gold hoops are the star earrings of 2017. Choose whichever width you prefer—just make sure they’re eye-catching. What do you think of our An,mona and “Ohmnn” earrings?


  • Chained: Chains are back this season with large links and creative designs. Rock this striking trend with UNOde50 pieces, like “Eslabón” in silver or gold.


This season is all about jewelry that makes a statement. Dare to leave a lasting impression with unique and creative accessories. You already know the trends, now you can adapt them to your style. Your unique style. Like that of UNOde50.