New Lacre Collection: jewelry inspired by artisanal sealing wax


UNOde50’s new Lacre Collection travels back in time to a place where “savoir faire” and history play a pivotal role. Inspired by the artisanal shapes of wax seals, this collection perfectly intertwined delicate strands of leather and silver-clad metal with handmade crystals to create exclusive pieces.

As the central component of this line, the wax seal is combined with different materials where each piece transmits strength and energy in and of itself. All of the designs feature small details of messages, lending each piece personality and positivity.


No doubt you’ve heard more than once that “everything comes back in style.” And it’s so true! That’s why, for this collection, UNOde50 travels back in time to visit the past.

Style often feeds more on returning trends than on ideas conceived from scratch. This is evident every season on the various national and international catwalks, where many designers opt for both materials and techniques that date back years.


In its Lacre Collection, UNOde50 conveys the importance of a unique design and a manufacturing process that pays meticulous attention to the tiniest details. Lacre is the ideal line for women who appreciate the delicacy and charm of craftsmanship.

5 handcrafted jewelry items from the Lacre Collection

Below we present five pieces that will fill your jewelry box with history and savoir-faire.

MY SEAL: a unique, long necklace with three strands of braided brown leather. With stamped silver-clad pieces and handcrafted red crystals.


MY SEAL: be daring with red details. This triple-loop bracelet features a braided brown leather base adorned with silver-clad beads, handcrafted crystals, and wax seal shapes.


ARMOUR YOU: add a touch of flair to your look with this brown leather necklace.


CLASSIFIED: this bracelet is the perfect way to start the new season in style. Made with brown leather and silver-clad beads.


WAX SEAL: a short necklace with a very special design, featuring a braided brown leather base adorned with small, silver-clad, wax seal shapes.