Jewelry Trends Fall-Winter 2016-2017: get the new must-haves


The new season is here and—to get through the back-to-work trauma after a long, lazy summer—nothing better than a shopping session that lets us revamp our wardrobe, shoe rack and modernize our jewelry collection with the hottest key pieces around.

The military, sailor and masculine looks will be taking off (again) and, to go with them, the essential jewelry pieces for Fall-Winter 2016/17 include asymmetrical earrings, chokers and layered necklaces.


7 trendy jewelry pieces for the new season you’ve got to get

 Pearls continue to be ON, but in their rebel version:


Pearl necklaces remain a hot trend for the new season, but we recommend you go for their somewhat less-than-classic version.

Asymmetrical earrings, because we love oddball things:


Wearing the same earrings is just so boring, so this year unmatched pairs are hitting the catwalks. At UNOde50, we were pioneers in this trend, but only for bold women.

XXL stones and crystals, excess is best:


One of the hardest-hitting trends for Fall-Winter are pieces with large crystals. Don’t be afraid of size when selecting pendants and rings, to flaunt your rebel look with style.

Ear cuffs, the grunge trend continues:


If you’ve still not given this ear décor a go, it’s now or never, because this season ear cuffs keep showing up on the covers of fashion magazines.

Oversized chokers in the house:


2016 is turning into the year of the choker, and for winter their maxi version is oh-so-hip.

Eye-catching pendants, say goodbye to minimalism:


Pendants are getting bigger and better, and the designs are unlimited. Animal inspiration, colored pieces and a full range of designs that will not go unnoticed. Anything goes as long as it’s big.

Not 2 but 3, necklaces don’t want to be alone:


The combinations of necklaces and pendants worn at different lengths are another hit of the upcoming winter. This is the perfect year to go for impossible mixes of short and long pieces.