5 jewelry gift ideas for 2017 that will be on trend in 2018

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Which jewelry will be fashionable in 2018? What are the top gift ideas for Christmas 2017? Next year is right around the corner and we not only need to be prepared to flaunt the hottest trends, but to know how to choose the perfect gift.

Year after year our favorite accessories are reinvented without following a specific guideline, which allows for more and more creativity. The same thing happens with gifts: we have to use our imagination to pick something unique every year.

Although it’s impossible to describe next year’s trends in a single word or reveal the key to successful holiday shopping in one sentence, we at UNOde50 will try to lend a hand with some suggestions. We recommend 5 pieces of jewelry that will not go out of style in 2018, and that will be the perfect surprise this Christmas 2017.


5 jewelry items that will be on trend in 2018


  1. Swarovski crystals. Swarovski elements, inspired by natural shapes and colors, will continue to be on trend and we will see them everywhere in the coming months. They will play a major role in accessories and will be a natural and sophisticated accompaniment to any ensemble.


  1. Pearls. Pearls are a jewelry classic that never go out of style. Reinvented year after year, they are the perfect gift, and in 2018 they will embellish our wardrobe as well as our jewelry boxes. This holiday season, jewelry sets featuring pearls are a sure-fire choice.


  1. Designer watches. Although this season they haven’t received the attention they deserve, in 2018 the watch will be an essential accessory. If you’re looking for a timeless, modern gift that will last, we recommend a timepiece with a unique design.


  1. Message bracelets. What beats the gift of good cheer? “Health, luck, and love” are some of the most popular messages in our range of message bracelets. Several designs also include original charms.


  1. Hoop earrings. Though reminiscent of the disco era, hoop earrings have become the embodiment of modernity. In gold or silver, these go-with-everything earrings express personality and are an ideal gift this holiday season.