Yes, it is ok to gift your father jewelry for Father’s Day


You are probably not thinking about buying your Dad, husband, partner, a necklace but guess what? Men like jewelry and watches too! If you have been gifting too many ties, shirts or wallets for Father’s Day year after year, it’s time you consider expanding your gifting repertoire and explore what UNOde50 has to offer.  We have a feeling you just might end up finding something that is unique that your father will love to wear for years to come.  

Watches for him

Anyone can attest that the gift of time is one of the best gifts a person can receive and that doesn’t change for Father’s Day. With UNOde50, time is measured with a unique handcrafted design, that will match his personality. Our Watch Collection has been designed with different styles in mind and we are sure you will find an affordable and special Father’s Day Gift for Dad.



If you go the shirt direction this Father’s Day, make sure it is a French Cuff one so you can add a pair of fun-spirited cufflinks from UNOde50. Whether you wish to go with a classic style, or purchase a set for a special occasion we have a variety of styles to spice up his look.


Men’s Bracelets

Saying jewelry is not for men is like saying real men don’t wear pink, not true! Nothing is more eye-catching than the right men’s jewelry styled the right way. Real men do wear bracelets, and UNOde50 bracelets have the perfect combination of masculine and stylish. Handmade bracelets with extremely durable materials featuring leather and silver plated metal are sure to bring a touch of excitement to your Father’s Day gift. UNOde50’s men’s bracelets offer styles fit for both barbeque wear and elevated work style. Shop our men’s bracelets here and get the accessory his wardrobe is lacking!  



Yes, we know, you never thought about getting a pendant for Dad, but pendants are rising in popularity amongst the in-crowd, and your father is an “in Dad”, right? An authentic pendant from UNOde50 is just the right Father’s Day Gift. UNOde50 necklaces combine silver-plated pendants with natural leather for an authentic look.


Key Rings

If all else fails and you just can’t picture your Father wearing  jewelry without making your mother jealous, then consider exploring our Key Rings collection, for a fun thoughtful gift that will put a smile on his face this Father’s Day.


Happy Father’s Day!