Unique ice cream: Jewels of the ice cream world to savor this summer


Ice cream is one of the most popular desserts in the world. With endless possibilities in terms of flavors and textures, expert artisan ice cream makers are experimenting more and more with unique tastes and bespoke creations.

Because ice cream is the inspiration behind UNOde50’s latest summer campaign featuring our collection of colorful jewelry, we take this opportunity to compile a list of the world’s best ice cream parlors. Care to try one?

Bespoke ice cream: 8 of the most popular ice cream joints on the planet

Gelateria Petrini (Rome)The Italian capital tops our list and, though there are many delicious gelato shops in Rome, Petrini stands out for its tradition and meticulous preparation, not to mention the impeccable quality of its ingredients. Try the “gusto ciocolatto fondente.”

Rocambolesc (Madrid and Gerona)The Roca brothers’ pastry chef is also an expert ice cream maker. Rocambolesc is a fun place to enjoy a gourmet scoop and discover the rest of Jordi Roca’s sweets, with locations in Madrid, Gerona and Playa de Aro.

Bamas (Bayona)The brains behind this business is the maestro, Thierry Bamas, who’s won major prizes, including the Rimini Gelato World Cup. At Bamas, the standout flavor is vanilla: the chef believes it’s the best way to savor the creaminess.

Ice cream inspiration: colorful jewelry by UNOde50.

OddFellows Ice Cream (New York) One of America’s best ice cream parlors is this place in Williamsburg. Care for a scoop of beet goat cheese?

Cadore (Buenos Aires)The Italian tradition has arrived in Argentina by way of the Olivotti family, who imported the recipe from their ancestral home of Cadore, Italy. Of course, you have to try the dulce de leche flavor, the perfect union of the two countries.

Ice Cream City (Tokyo) More than a simple shop, this is a retail space with dozens of booths dedicated to the sweet concoction, located in the Namja leisure center. The range of flavors is endless and the experience is unforgettable for ice cream lovers.

Della Sera (Logroño)In Spain’s La Rioja region we find Fernando Sáenz’s internationally renowned ice cream shop, featuring innovative flavors and unbeatable classics. A visit is a must when travelling through this beautiful wine region.

Smitten (San Francisco)At this shop in the US, the flavors change according to which products are in season and the creators use liquid nitrogen in the preparation of the ice cream to enhance the texture. Technology and haute cuisine come together at this one-of-a-kind parlor.

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